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Las diferencias entre familias, clanes, razas y tribus

El Problema:

La regresión constante de la calidad de los hombres por debajo de la media y las desviaciones estándar crean la necesidad para que existan presiones persistentes que mantengan una necesidad genética en los grupos humanos. 1,033 more words

Español (Spanish)

Men, walls, and women: Part 1/3

In our society, there is an impenetrable wall between men and women. Climbing it to reach the other side is not an option, because others will be watching. 169 more words

Falling Into A Pit

Our Perception of Reality is Overdue for a Reformation



  1. The state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

Allow this simple definition to be the premise for the following rant. 715 more words


Didi, I Want to Learn the Harmonium and Roam Around Freely: Samhita Barooah


During a visit to the Kishori Mandal at Apne Aap Women Worldwide’s Uttari Rampur Centre in Forbesganj I met some lovely girls. 1,692 more words

Bad Ideas

Dangal and the Phogat Sisters - A Tale of Many Struggles: Praveen Verma

Guest post by PRAVEEN VERMA

Dangal literally means the Indian style wrestling competition for male pahalwans (wrestlers). Dangal has been an important form of entertainment for ages, especially in rural (north and west) India. 1,679 more words

Everyday Life

Glucose Guardian

Hey, so I’m Rachel and I’m a girl. Cool? Cool! And you are (insert name) and you’re a (insert whatever here). Ah, righteous. Glad we got that out of the way… 339 more words