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Masculine or Feminine

Ok, I am not here to teach you any lessons on genders. I am sure by now you all must be teaching others how to differentiate between genders. 308 more words

'Why boys are Stupid' by Maryam Iraj

We all know that it has always, perpetually been the battle of the sexes as long as anybody can remember: men and women, grappling the hold of dominance. 358 more words

Paragraph Writing

These Links Will Make You Think

No one is created equal.

That also applies when it comes to mental health.

Different methods of treatment work for different people, but before we get into that , take a look at how different people experience different things. 224 more words

Genders in higher education

Around 65 years after the publication of The Second Sex, by Simone de Beauvoir, women find themselves more and more in all levels of education, while some of them hold really critical professional positions, such as the current German chancellor. 345 more words


The Woman Worker Re-emerges - Lessons from Munnar

For once, the praise of the mainstream media in Kerala does not sound like empty hyperbole or sickening sycophancy. More than six thousand women workers were on strike… 1,427 more words


Is Saint Laurent Blending Genders?

I asked that for the newcomers, because if you know Fashion and I mean really know Fashion, you should know that Yves has been on this quest since the birth of his collection. 211 more words


There Are No Gender Roles, Only Roles

Someone once asked me, what is the heathen view of women? This was my answer:

Well I can’t speak for all heathens. Many people, like in any religion, gravitate to the faith for stupid reasons and never actually educate themselves. 553 more words

The Gods