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Men Vs Women... Women Vs Men

Gender stereotypes… We think that they haven’t been mentioned since the times of Hobson’s Choice and his shoe shop, but we can’t deny that they aren’t happening today… 671 more words


Love In The Same Gender

When two hands are precisely made for eachother;

intimate and full of love; making the passion go further than before..

Maybe there isn’t distinction between mine and your features, but all I tend for is to make this work with all of our believes and our common futures.. 101 more words


2 Days Remaining!

I’m debating whether to be nervous or excited!
To those who don’t follow me on Twitter, Path or Facebook – my hair is blue, purple and pink now! 48 more words


Skirt power

So, yesterday I got a skirt, and immediately, an idea rose for a blogpost. I wanted to give you reasons why skirts are completely awesome. But, now I tell myself to hold my horses, and think a bit deeper. 439 more words


Exporting Quizlet to Excel

Before we get too far into German, and its lovely genders (that make no sense to an English speaker), we have to realize that some people that post Quizlet decks have done the dirty work of putting genders before nouns, for us. 5,206 more words


Women’s Mosque of America - Women Carving Out Spaces of Prayer: Azza Basarudin and Khanum Shaikh


In the past decade, the efforts of women in communities of Muslims to claim leadership roles within their communities of worship have animated heated debates around the role and place that Islam ascribes to women. 2,470 more words

Everyday Life

Bisexual Introductory Information

“So what’s with the whole bi thing? I just don’t get it.” It’s not the first time I’ve gotten that question.Straight people all get curious about it eventually. 656 more words