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Tough Girls in a Rough Game: Normalizing public discussion of ‘She things’ in Bangladesh -- Nazia Hussein

Guest post by NAZIA HUSSEIN

On 28- 29 May, 2015 the play titled It’s a She Thing was first staged in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Inspired by Eve Ensler’s… 2,069 more words


Matt "Kroc" Kroczaleski - World Champion Powerlifter - Transitions to Janae Marie Kroc

Out Sports — World record holder and world champion power lifter Matt Kroczaleski has transitioned genders and has selected the name Janae Marie Kroc.

Kroc labels herself on her Instagram account: “Transgender/genderfluid Alpha male/girly girl Lesbian in a male body.” She has been posting photos of herself on that Instagram account for over a year. 49 more words


Feminism ... Equality for the Sexes or Bollocks to Men?!

‘Equality for the Sexes’ or ‘Bollocks to Men’? Both are answers I received today (true story) when I asked people the question;

“What is Feminism?” 

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Transexuality - Why?

What is transsexualism? Well, the answer is quite easy, yet it holds more than what meets the eye. Transsexualism is the fact that you don’t identify yourself as the sex that you were given at birth, but what defines a gender other than their organs? 420 more words


Textbook Notes - Unit 8

Unit 8 – Notes

In German, all nouns are masculine, feminine or neuter. They can be identified by the definite article (‘the’ in English) which is different for each gender: der is for masculine nouns, die for female and das for neuter nouns. 193 more words

Schenke Text Book

What I Learned About Girls: The Early Years

©2015 By Bob Litton

During a recent reverie I wished I could recall the moment when I realized the difference between boys and girls. Life has taught me, though, that such enlightenment is similar to another momentous event: exiting the birth canal. 2,451 more words


Why is She Cutting the Grass?

It was a typical day. Drop the T’s off at daycare – work – pick up the T’s from daycare – head home – repeat. However, something caught the eye of my oldest son Tallen on our ride home. 206 more words