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My opinion on FEMINISM

Hey! I know I haven’t posted anything here in… um… 3 years… but I got inspired to get back at it! I’ve made some new categories and have planned to write a bit differently than I did before. 635 more words

My Opinion On...


I am icecream gender—
both chocolate and strawberry!—
All you other drips can be it, too
(unless you can’t eat dairy).


My balls are very heavy,

they’re pendulous and big,

My balls inform my gender,

go on–laugh, you cishet pigs.


I’m a little gender sponge,

my term is easy to define:

I assume other peoples’ genders

and pitch a fit if they assume mine.


I started learning Spanish 

in the 11th grade,

and though I got all Cs and Ds,

a great discovery I made–

Three hundred years or more ago,

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I identify with the gender

the doctors said I was,

But if you dare to call me cis

you’re a transphobe because

though I am a woman–

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I am super into vore

and my kintype is a deer;

I’m sick of tumblr ignoring me

because I am not queer.

But I just found the perfect thing…

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