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Delhi University’s Students Union Elections and the Discreet Charm of Exceptionalism: Rina Ramdev

This is a guest post by RINA RAMDEV

Public discourse on Delhi University’s staging of student union elections typically picks the ubiquitary narratives of money, muscle power and its floutings of Lyngdoh guidelines, year after clamorous year. 1,341 more words


Family Fundamentals

Wow!  What a busy week!  Besides cleaning my house, I did other things that make my life so wonderful!  I booked Workday Wednesday off to visit with my friend.   756 more words

Funny Thoughts

Expanding Connections: Bodies in Transit 2

by Dr Maureen O’Connor, UCC

In 2015, the Spanish government funded an international research project, “Bodies in Transit/ Cuerpos en Tránsito”, involving a number of scholars interested in representations of gender and difference in the present moment, using theories of posthumanism (especially those of Rosa Braidotti and Donna Haraway) and globalisation and the transnational, with special emphasis on the implications of neoliberalism for conceptualising subjectivity. 507 more words

Network Blog

Genders: masculine or feminine?

In Portuguese, there are two possible genders: masculine and feminine. Gender is a noun feature, and articles, adjectives and pronouns will agree in gender with nouns they complement. 446 more words

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Gender Roles in Fairy Tales

Preface: A recent class I took regarding writing, interpreting, and understanding fairy tales was the motivation for this piece. My instructor asked me “Would the gender stereotypes and differences of men and women in fairy tales relate and carry over to the real world?” I never got around to submitting a good answer to him, so this is my way of answering it even though the class has ended at this point. 1,402 more words

Random Ramblings

No to 'Geri Route', Bekhauf Azadi/ Reclaim the Night in Chandigarh: Janaki Srinivasan


If you are a resident of Chandigarh and came across pictures of the Bekhauf Azaadi Reclaim the Night and the Streets march of August 11 in the newspapers, it is most likely that you assumed it to be just another routine protest.  1,253 more words