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Throwback Sunday to GoT S7E02: All the FEELZ

The Verge on S7:02:

  • . . . who can I give a -500 for the utterly ridiculous sequencing of this episode? Jorah is writing Daenerys a rueful love letter, and it’s unclear who is going to agree to mail his toxic germs to the new self-proclaimed Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.
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A Return to the World

Hello, it is I! It’s been, what, three months without writing a single post? But the long holiday is over, and work calls. 290 more words


A Guide To The 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Who Might Be Dead

Season seven of Game of Thrones might be over but the fates of a few characters are still up in the air. Sure, this year was dedicated to tying up storylines, bringing major characters together, and slitting a few throats (really just one in particular), but more than one player in the game of thrones has vanished, gone off the grid, or been locked in a dark dungeon somewhere. 1,138 more words


Finding Gendry (in 2017) And Losing Him Again

I’m worried about Gendry, bc if they left him on the Wall, SWEETIE NO

Is Gendry out rowing again?

Pod’s drinking with Bronn, Gendry’s at . 324 more words


War, By the Numbers

First order of business: Self has been perusing Gendrya and found a really badass one-shot. An excerpt:

She wielded two swords when she reached the tower.

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Game of Stone's Throw

The common wisdom is that in order be a good writer, it’s essential to read widely. I would like to argue that it’s also important to be an avid viewer of films and/or TV series. 439 more words


Game of Thrones S7 EP6: Beyond The Wall

Game of Thrones series seven had its penultimate episode last night and as we all know the second to last episode is when major things go down and this was no exception. 520 more words

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