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Most Accessed Article – “Tet-On Systems For Doxycycline-inducible Gene Expression"

Journal: Current Gene Therapy

Author(s): Atze T. Das, Liliane Tenenbaum and Ben Berkhout


The tetracycline-controlled Tet-Off and Tet-On gene expression systems are used to regulate the activity of genes in eukaryotic cells in diverse settings, varying from basic biological research to biotechnology and gene therapy applications. 145 more words

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Current State of Research on Biological Effects of Terahertz Radiation

Authors: Gerald J. Wilmink (gerald.wilmink@us.af.mil), Jessica E. Grundt

Dated: 2011

Source: Air Force Research Lab, Fort Sam Houston, USA

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Abstract: 209 more words

Biological Effects

MS2 mRNA imaging in yeast: more evidence for artefacts

Previously, on the story of MS2 in yeast: Last year, Roy Parker published a short article, in which he claimed that using the MS2 system in yeast causes the accumulation of 3′ RNA fragments, probably due to inhibition of mRNA degradation by the 5′ to 3′ exoribonuclease Xrn1. 1,229 more words

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NanoStringDiff: a novel statistical method for differential expression analysis based on NanoString nCounter data

“considers a generalized linear model of the negative binomial family to characterize count data and allows for multifactor design. 57 more words

Why/How do we age? Apoptosis and Necrosis explained. How to slow the damage.

Our DNA is immortal and it creates our bodies, and yet our bodies are not immortal. We age, we create diseases in our body and we die, and usually well before our time. 1,315 more words