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'Listening' to single cells may uncover cancer origins

Listening to a single voice in a crowd can be difficult. In a similar way, determining gene expression in single cells has posed quite a challenge.   518 more words



Sleep is the most obvious case where the state of our consciousness is altered, yet it remains very poorly understood. In the first place, nobody is really sure why we need it? 823 more words


Podcast: Bone microRNAs and Aging

Author(s): Janja Marc, Barbara Ostanek, Tilen Kranjc

For article details, visit: http://www.eurekaselect.com/node/149728/article/bone-micrornas-and-aging

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First use of bioRxiv: Reconstructing Promoter Activity From Lux Bioluminescent Reporters

Today I have made a new publication foray and submitted a manuscript to bioRxiv. This is the main paper to have come out of work on our… 288 more words


Defense responses to short-term hypoxia and seawater acidification in the thick shell mussel Mytilus coruscus

The rising anthropogenic atmospheric CO2 results in the reduction of seawater pH, namely ocean acidification (OA). In East China Sea, the largest coastal hypoxic zone was observed in the world. 228 more words


Life is Context: The Nature of Gene Regulation

“How fleeting are the wishes and efforts of man! How short his time, and consequently how poor will be his results, compared with those accumulated by Nature during whole geological periods!”

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The Physics of Epigenetics

Epigenetic regulation of gene expression involves silencing, i.e. a permanent and heritable inhibition of gene transcription (transciptional gene silencing) or translation (post-transcriptional gene silencing). The current paradigm is that gene silencing is achieved through chromatin condensation, in a so-called heterochromatinization process. 98 more words

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