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Editing and Interpreting Chromatin Modifications

Molecular tagging of chromatin marks structural and functional genome regions, enhancing transcriptional responses to distinct signaling cues.

A useful conceptual model for epigenetics is that of writers, erasers, and readers of… 397 more words


Meiosis is the process of copying, pairing and separating chromosomes to make reproductive cells such as eggs and sperm. Organisms that reproduce asexually use a form of cell division called mitosis to reproduce. 555 more words

Gene Expression

From Sites to Cytes in the Diabetic Vasculature

Life threatening cardiovascular complications of diabetes derive from the formation of fibrofatty atherosclerotic plaques in major blood vessels. Chromatin modifications that sensitise the genome to cardiometabolic risk factors of the diabetic milieu are now widely considered as promising therapeutic targets. 372 more words

Dominance (Genetics)

A dominant gene, or allele, simply means a gene that alters the phenotype in such a way that it masks the effects of another gene from the same locus. 339 more words

Gene Expression

Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is “the deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material.” In other words, it is now possible to alter the phenotype of an organism by changing its genetic code. 298 more words

Gene Expression


Epigenetics is the study of external modifications to the genetic code, as well as their impacts and affects. It is “the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.” 407 more words

Gene Expression

SysGen/CBRI Seminar - Jean Yang - 21st October, 2016

Integrated single cell data analysis reveals cell-specific coactivation networks

Prof Jean Yang
University of Sydney

Friday 21st October
ESJ King Theatre, Medical Building, The University of Melbourne… 308 more words