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Book Review: Born Anxious

I enjoyed Born Anxious more than I expected to but less than I hoped. Written by Daniel Keating, a psychology professor at the University of Michigan, it synthesizes over a decade of research on how stress affects the course of our lives. 449 more words


Proximal and Distal Regulation

Functional Architectures of Local and Distal Regulation of Gene Expression in Multiple Human Tissues

“Analyses of the genetic correlation of gene expression across tissues confirmed that local regulation of gene expression is largely shared across tissues but that distal regulation is highly tissue specific. 173 more words

'Listening' to single cells may uncover cancer origins

Listening to a single voice in a crowd can be difficult. In a similar way, determining gene expression in single cells has posed quite a challenge.   518 more words



Sleep is the most obvious case where the state of our consciousness is altered, yet it remains very poorly understood. In the first place, nobody is really sure why we need it? 823 more words


First use of bioRxiv: Reconstructing Promoter Activity From Lux Bioluminescent Reporters

Today I have made a new publication foray and submitted a manuscript to bioRxiv. This is the main paper to have come out of work on our… 288 more words