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Rewriting our code

Some time ago I received a message on writing… and just to.  Oh many of us do write – the love/passion/it just flows.  I though never thought or intended to be a spiritual writer… it just happened.  1,001 more words

Spiritual Writing

DOWNLOAD Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, 7th Edition


The Foundations of Biochemistry

Cellular Foundations
Chemical Foundations
Physical Foundations
Genetic Foundations
Evolutionary Foundations



Weak Interactions in Aqueous Systems… 688 more words


Collective Intelligence and Individual Differences

Recent research in the biological sciences is evidencing the role diversity plays in collective intelligence. Findings on eusocial insect colonies and schools of fish have suggested that collective intelligence is supported by a diversity of foraging strategies and group valuations, and offers massive ‘ 2,044 more words

New Paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA

Congratulation to Tom Dodd, Chunli Yan, Kurt Martin and Brad Kossmann who published a new paper in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA.  35 more words

Research News From Ivaylo Ivanov's Group At Georgia State University

Why Grandmothers are Important...The answer Will Surprise You!

Why are Grandma’s so Important?

If you ever ask the question why Grandmothers are important, you are likely to hear answers such as:  “Grandmothers always seem to have the patience that mothers don’t” or “Grandmothers let you get away with just about anything!” Although true for most, the real reason that they are so important may be a little surprising. 340 more words


How does your DNA test affect your dietary choices? A Holistic Nutritionist explains how to tailor your diet around your DNA results.

I’m not referring to your ancestry DNA test, although those are super cool.  This somewhat new, diet-focused DNA test focuses on how your body metabolizes macronutrients by testing the key genes responsible for metabolic processes within your body. 497 more words


Express Yourself: Replication, Transcription, Translation

Some athletes are believed to be predisposed to certain characteristics that make them suitable for a specific sport. For example, it’s believed that some athletes express more fast twitch muscle than slow or are better at utilizing certain energy sources (Hall, 2011). 645 more words