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Part 2: More Clarity on Cholesterol

I strongly suggest you read Part 1 before reading Part 2 – the post for February 2015


In Part 1 we covered how cholesterol travels in the blood, and what the… 1,104 more words

Chronic Disease

Study Finds Genetic Clues to How Plants Adapt to Climate

Using supercomputers to analyze hundreds of thousands of genetic markers in a thousand plant samples, scientists say they have found how a common weed uses its genetic code to adapt to changes in its environment such as cold temperatures and drought. 487 more words


Ana Freitas PhD graduation

Ana joined my research group as a research fellow hired in the scope of the project entitled “Characterization of the molecular interactions between Staphylococcus epidermidis… 169 more words

S. Epidermidis

Genes: How Your Lifestyle Choices Could Affect Your Children...

For the first time, we have a mechanism that could explain how your lifestyle choices may impact the genes of your children and grandchildren.

Mounting evidence suggests that environmental factors such as smoking, diet and stress can leave their mark on the genes of future generations. 219 more words

Anatomy & Physiology

PrediXcan: Trait Mapping Using Human Transcriptome Regulation

PrediXcan: Trait Mapping Using Human Transcriptome Regulation

Eric R Gamazon, Heather E Wheeler, Kaanan Shah, Sahar V Mozaffari, Keston Aquino-Michaels, Robert J Carroll, Anne E Eyler, Joshua C Denny, Dan L Nicolae, Nancy J Cox, Hae Kyung Im, GTEx Consortium… 205 more words

Gene Expression

Understanding translocations in 22q13 deletion syndrome: genetics and evolution

My dad

That’s my dad.  No, not the dapper gentleman standing in the back.  He is the diapered baby sitting in front.  One interesting thing about this circa 1924 photograph, I can tell  you unequivocally, is that both males in the photograph are carriers of 22q13 deletion syndrome.   1,396 more words