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Cumulative biology and meta-analysis of gene expression data

In talks that I have given in the past few years, I have often made the point that most of genomics has not been “big data” in the usual sense, because although the raw data files can often be large, they are often processed in a more or less predictable way until they are “small” (e.g., tables of gene expression measurements or genetic variants in a small number of samples). 1,191 more words


Tighten Up or the Zombie Genes Will Get You

Tighten Up or the Zombie Genes Will Get You

by Guest Blogger,
Tyler Kokjohn, Ph.D. 

What happens when we die?  This immensely interesting question has been answered in several different ways.  689 more words

Jeremy Vaeni

Ângela França (since 2014)

Ângela was my first PhD student and graduated in 16th December 2013. She is now a post-doctoral fellow in a joint project between Minho University and the… 193 more words

S. Epidermidis

Polymorphism of IL-10 gene promoter region: association with T cell proliferative responses after acellular pertussis vaccination in adults.

Individual variation in immune responses is always encountered after vaccination. This phenomenon is also seen after acellular pertussis vaccination. The aim of this present study was to investigate whether single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the IL-10 gene promoter region (rs1800890, rs1800896, rs1800871), IL-12B (rs2546890), IL-12RB1 (rs372889), IL-17A (rs2275913), and IL-23R (rs11209026) affect the immune responses after acellular pertussis vaccination. 178 more words


Gene expression is affected not only by nucleotide sequence, but also by DNA folding

Dutch researchers from Leiden University have found that how our DNA is folded is a programmed command present in our genes, and the command varies from life-form to life-form instead of following a generic standard. 423 more words


Researchers unveil new, detailed images of DNA transcription

An unprecedented molecular view of the critical early events in gene expression, a process essential for all life, has been provided by researchers at Georgia State University, the University of California at Berkeley and Northwestern University. 9 more words

Research News From Ivaylo Ivanov's Group At Georgia State University

Does bound MS2 coat protein inhibit mRNA decay?

Roy Parker recently sent a  “Letter to the Editor“, published in RNA journal, in which he suggested that the MS2 system might not be best suited for live imaging of mRNA in budding yeast. 1,720 more words

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