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Epigenetics Points to Lifestyle Choices as Key in Gene Expression

Located in the beach town of Tijuana near the Pacific Coast, Oasis of Hope Hospital is recognized for its leading-edge approach to cancer treatment and research. 164 more words

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MS2 mRNA imaging in yeast - problem solved

Previously, on the story of MS2 labeling of mRNA in yeast: Roy Parker published a short letter to the editor, indicating that the MS2 system might cause accumulation of 3′ fragments. 455 more words

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EDITOR’S CHOICE – Integration of DNA Methylation Data and Gene Expression Data for Prostate Adenocarcinoma: A Proof of Concept – Current Bioinformatics

Journal: Current Bioinformatics

Author(s): Arpit Singh, Razia Rahman, Yasha Hasija

Graphical Abstract:


Background: Epigenetics is gaining rapid recognition as it accounts for heritable changes that do not involve changes in the coding sequence, but influences change in gene expressions. 292 more words

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How diet can change your epigenome and affect cancer and chromatin of DNA

Food that shapes you: how diet can change your epigenome

Cristina Florean

You are what you eat – quite literally. Our diet can influence the tiny changes in our genome that underlie several diseases, including cancer and obesity. 1,610 more words


Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles of Dendritic Cells infected by Measles Virus and MERS Coronavirus

Group Members: Harshini Chandrashekar, Chendi Jiang, Jiani Long, Sarthak Sharma, Qinwei Zhuang


Gene expression patterns provide us with insights on how viruses and host cells interact. 2,862 more words

Differential Expression Analysis of genes of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells in patients with Myelodysplastic syndrome and Primary Myelofibrosis

Group 4 Members: Nirav Shah, Shrey Mathur, Kunal Agarwal, Yiqiuyi Liu


Bone marrow transplants are usually successful when the transplants are carried out within closely related individuals to avoid GvHD [1]. 1,315 more words

Microarray Data Analysis