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Researchers unveil new, detailed images of DNA transcription

An unprecedented molecular view of the critical early events in gene expression, a process essential for all life, has been provided by researchers at Georgia State University, the University of California at Berkeley and Northwestern University. 9 more words

Research News From Ivaylo Ivanov's Group At Georgia State University

Does bound MS2 coat protein inhibit mRNA decay?

Roy Parker recently sent a  “Letter to the Editor“, published in RNA journal, in which he suggested that the MS2 system might not be best suited for live imaging of mRNA in budding yeast. 1,720 more words

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Imaging with CRISPR/Cas9

The hottest buzz-word in biology today is CRISPR: an adaptive immune system in bacteria and archea. At its basis is a nuclease, named Cas9, which is targeted to DNA by a short single-guide RNA (sgRNA). 1,810 more words

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Class Prep for Apr. 6th: the central dogma

To prepare for class on Wednesday 4/6, please read one of the following

  • EO Wilson’s Life on Earth chapter 10
  • Raven’s Biology 15.1-3, 15.6-9 and…
  • 73 more words
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Whatcha gonna do with all that junk-all that junk inside them genes?

Imagine if all the music on itunes was interrupted by blocks of white noise that you had to manually edit out every time you downloaded a song. 593 more words


Snapshots of Life: Fish Awash in Color

If this image makes you think of a modern art, you’re not alone. But what you’re actually seeing are hundreds of live cells from a tiny bit (0.0003348 square inches) of skin on the tail fin of a genetically engineered adult zebrafish. 609 more words


Confirming that autism and epilepsy genes are expressed in specific brain areas

Recently we presented on this blog a quick-and-dirty analysis of genes with the keyword “autism” from the GWAS Catalog at EBI. But recently, Jabbari and Nürnberg have published a more thorough study of autism and epilepsy candidate genes: 175 more words