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Ovarian Cancer Risk Genes

                                              (Ovarian cancer cells,  Science Photo Library)

An article posted this past January on The Guardian website states that researchers have identified six ovarian cancer risk  genes, a big milestone in cancer research that could help treat and prevent ovarian cancer which is often referred to as “the silent killer.” 433 more words


Biopsy #1

It’s 2015 and this girl got her health insurance rockin’, After some hiccups, I had my first mammogram on February 17th. The theme of my mammogram appointment was, “Well, that escalated quickly.” I went from a health insurance covered  796 more words


Designer Genes

Today I had my first consultation with a genetic counselor.  I think many women who are diagnosed with breast cancer, especially those with a known family history are recommended by their surgeons and oncologists to see one.  959 more words

AAPS Pharmaceutical Science Roundup, January 2015

This month’s roundup features stories about a measles outbreak at Disneyland, drugs from dirt, drug resistance, and more.

Have a perspective on one of these stories?  147 more words

PharmSci Roundup

Scientist Cures DBA in Mice

It sounds like an incredible headline from a tabloid, but its true:  Scientists cured DBA in mice!  (click to read the research article).

It is the best news from the biomedical front I’ve heard in years, ever since the hematologist told us he suspected Adahlia suffered from bone marrow failure due to genetic condition, and that we were in for a marathon, not a sprint. 1,097 more words

Healing Journey

Positivity + Realism

Going beyond physical attributes, I would dare to say that positivity is attractive. So much so, that the response to anything is to “be positive” or at least, “don’t be so negative.” Negativity is frowned upon and most of the time, realistic possibilities are skewed as negativity and therefore frowned upon. 765 more words


Out of the Closet

I’ve started talking about the BRCA-1 gene mutation to folks in my outer networks. In the beginning, it felt very private & intimate, and it still is, but I’m more comfortable accepting my life for what it is. 1,411 more words