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In Memory: "Once a regime is no longer able to frighten people... then that regime is in big trouble.”

“Once a regime is no longer able to frighten people and people then act wisely and keep nonviolent discipline, which is extremely important, then that regime is in big trouble.”

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1973: 198 Methods

Gene Sharp  died last week.

Sharp was a prolific theorist of nonviolent action whose writings have influenced anti-government resistance movements around the world. His work was profoundly shaped by the study of Gandhi and the labor and civil rights activist A. 845 more words

All students of nonviolence are familiar with the important work of Gene Sharp.  He founded the Albert Einstein Institute in 1983 to study the use of nonviolent action around the world.   

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Gene Sharp: The "father" of Colour Revolutions has died, but methods live on

Vesti – translated by Inessa Sinchougova | February 4 , 2018

On January 31, the Boston Professor Gene Sharp died aged 91. In his youth, he refused to serve in the American army and fight in Korea.

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Gene Sharp, agent provocateur

By Richard Hugus | February 3, 2018

Recent newspaper obituaries and articles on the late Gene Sharp are a classic case of misinformation, and a good example of why so many people don’t trust the mainstream news.

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RIP Gene Sharp, Author Who Analyzed Strategy And Tactics Of Nonviolent Action

Gene Sharp, who died a few days ago, wrote the books on nonviolent political struggle.  In Waging Nonviolent Struggle (Boston: Extending Horizons Books, 2005) and his three-volume work on… 241 more words

Non-violent civil resistance: 13 films, from Gandhi to Barcelona


The first day of October (2017): Catalans attacked by the Spanish armed forces during the referendum day in 1‑10‑2017.

A Force More Powerful (1999): Gandhi and the Indian independence, Anti‑Apartheid Movement in South Africa, Civil Rights in the United States, resistance to Nazi occupation in Denmark, Solidarność in Poland, protest movement against Pinochet in Chile.

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