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Color Revolution Technology Isn’t Just Black And White

Color Revolutions have brought destabilization and destruction to a growing number of victimized states ever since the US unleashed the first modern one against Serbia in 2000. 5,084 more words

World At War

[Book Review] স্বৈরাচার থেকে গণতন্ত্রঃ একটি কার্যকর বিপ্লবের গাইডবুক

বই পড়ে পড়ে কি বিপ্লব শেখা যায় ? বিশেষত একটি স্বৈরাচার সরকার যখন জগদ্দল পাথরের মত চেপে বসে একটি দেশের উপরে, সেই দেশের মানুষ কি বই পড়ে সেই সরকারের পতন ঘটাতে পারে?


Video: The Revolution Business: Does the USA Sponsor “Color Revolutions” and “Regime Change”?

IS YOUR COUNTRY MARKED FOR A COLOR REVOLUTION? Democratic change has been demanded across the Middle East. But was what seems like a spontaneous revolution actually a strategically planned event, fabricated by ‘revolution consultants’ long in advance? 2,702 more words

World At War

Backroom Maestros Target Trump in US Elections: Soros, Rove & Gang -- Wayne Madsen

Who Is Fueling Anti-Trump Protests?
Soros Disruption: American-Style
By Wayne Madsen for SCF

Strategic Culture Foundation
Posted at Quemado Institute
March 24, 2016

Eastern Europeans and Arabs are all-too-familiar with the political street hooliganism sponsored by global «provocateur» George Soros and his minions. 1,206 more words

Donald Trump

Donald Trump and the limits of protest

I admired Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when he was alive.   I admire the thinking of Gene Sharp.  I think civil disobedience is justified when all else fails. 347 more words


Gene Sharp - De la dictatura la democratie. Un cadru conceptual pentru castigarea libertatii

De mai multa vreme ma intrebam cum este posibil sa nu existe inca in limba romana excelentul text al lui Gene Sharp, From Dictatorship to Democracy… 344 more words


2016 Moldova: Color Revolution Or Something Else?

Moldova is a country full of internal contradictions, be it the ongoing dispute about its identity or the political divisions within it, and these divisive forces look like they’re finally about to spill over into a large-scale destabilization. 2,164 more words

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