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Beyond Violence and Nonviolence

It is not about which team wins symbolic points in the violence-nonviolence debate; it is about how different groups’ tactical approaches can work in harmony to build power.

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Book review: Nonviolent Resistance to the Nazis by George Paxton

Book review: Nonviolent Resistance to the Nazis by George Paxton
by Ian Sinclair
Peace News
June-July 2017

“But what about Nazi Germany?” No doubt many… 390 more words


He Said That? 3/31/17

From Gene Sharp (born 1928), founder of the Albert Einstein Institution, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the study of nonviolent action, retired professor of political science at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth,  45 more words


Advancing 'just peace' through strategic nonviolent action

By Dr. Maria J. Stephan
U.S. Institute of Peace

Note: The following article was submitted to the Nonviolence and Just Peace conference in Rome in April 2016 as one of the… 417 more words


Learning From Civil Resistance Around The World

…activists and organizers in many countries tell me that they understand they can no longer operate based on trial and error. This is especially true because they’re increasingly facing opponents who have massive resources at their disposal, including manipulation of the media, banks, and transportation systems, as well as the tools of violent repression — the police, military, and prisons.    1,583 more words


Dissident's Toolkit: Like what subversive activities?

The Dissident’s Toolkit

Like what subversive activities?

Over the past few years we’ve grown used to the iconography of protest.

In the wake of the Arab Spring, images of angry young street demonstrators shouting slogans, wielding signs, and confronting security forces have become almost commonplace. 1,335 more words