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How "Blade Runner" Became a Cinematic Classic

As the countdown to “Blade Runner 2049” continues, it’s worth remembering that the original “Blade Runner” wasn’t met with the kind of reverence it enjoys now. 442 more words


Life Itself

Long ago before Nostalgia Critic, Angry Joe, & Channel Awesome, one man named Roger Ebert, paved the way of film criticism. He and another film critic, Gene Siskel, aired a televised movie review series called “At The Movies.” During their prime, they went on to become nationwide icons. 790 more words



It was  Gene Siskel along with his colleague, Roger Ebert who asks the question, What do you know for sure? at the end of each show. 302 more words




A Secretary-General in the eighties, Javier Perez de Cuellar, was said to be so mild that he could fall out of a boat and not make a splash.

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Nostalgia Buster: Does Overboard’s Kidnap-And-Brainwash Plot Hold Up in 2017?

Overboard, director Gary Marshall’s 1987 snobs and slobs rom-com, is one of those movies everyone of a certain age seems to have seen and loved. 1,422 more words

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All Governments Lie: Documentary Brings New View to "Post-truth" Era

Photo: Screenshot from the trailer for All Governments Lie.

A film that made its initial release in Canada is proving itself to be a new must-watch in America, as Donald Trump closes in on his first 100 days of the U.S. 284 more words


Life Itself (2014)

Dir. Steve James

Like any good 20th Century icon, Roger Ebert sits on a throne of contradictions. He was half of the pair who made “Two Thumbs Up!” and a partner in reductivism, in his own way part of dumbing down the movies as much as Spielberg, Lucas, Eisner, or Katzenberg.  1,962 more words