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I once read that most of Wolfe’s main characters aren’t fully aware of the true nature of their world nor the role they play in it. 333 more words



Norstrilia by Cordwainer Smith
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There’s something a bit strange about only children. Maybe it’s not polite to point it out, but not having siblings seems to leave one without context and make one a little bit more difficult to relate to. 746 more words


Updates: Recent Science Fiction Acquisitions No. CXXXIII (Vance + Wolfe + Yarbro + Malzberg)

Two more novels via Carl V. Anderson over at Stainless Steel Droppings—thanks again!  … and two I’ve had laying around for a while.  My Malzberg solo SF novel (non-movie novelization) collection is complete! 428 more words

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Recently arrived review copies

I’ve been away. I come home after six days to find a stack of review copies waiting for me. No pressure, like?

Courtesy of Tor Books, Max Gladstone’s LAST FIRST SNOW, and ARCs of David Weber’s HELL’S FOUNDATIONS QUIVER and Gene Wolfe’s A BORROWED MAN. 21 more words


The Sorcerer's House: The Old Testament and Series Conclusion

Last post, if you made it through, thanks again.

Overall, I found writing this blog series much less satisfying than “Knight Notes.”  I felt  (rightly or wrongly) that I solved just about every major question in the WK.   599 more words

Gene Wolfe

The Sorcerer's House: WK Connections

In my “Knight Notes” blog series, I proposed that the SH was a “companion” novel or unofficial sequel to the WK.  The following are connections or similarities between the two works: 561 more words

Gene Wolfe

The Sorcerer's House: Compiler's Note and Character Fates

Letter 44 is followed by a “Compiler’s Note”

The unidentified Compiler explains that he has obtained the letters that make up the SH from Millie, Madame Orizia and Tina Hawes Kojac, Sheldon’s daughter. 859 more words

Gene Wolfe