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Work, Martine's, and Pippin

This morning I went to an athletics meeting downtown. It meant that I didn’t have to go into the office first, so I took Gene to work. 321 more words


10 fingers and 10 toes

Most living things come from seeds or eggs. A fertilized egg or seeds has all the information in it to generate the organism that springs from it. 1,256 more words


Tina's a Riot Grrl!

I don’t think that there’s anything else to add to the title apart from Sleater – Kinney’s new music video “A New Wave”.

Oh yes there is!  9 more words


Googly eyes and walks

Staying up past 11 PM to play games and chat with best friends meant that I did not post yesterday’s picture. My evening was well spent though and I have no regrets. 331 more words


Run/ Don't Run - Civic Theatre - Review

It is 1999 and a hot summer in New York. Gene is an Irish American living in Spanish Harlem with a Dominican girlfriend Perdita. When his Irish cousin Eoin turns up on his doorstep, it is something of a surprise. 372 more words


Gene Swapping via Sperm Absorption of DNA

On one hand, this is an important step forward in genetic engineering that will make it easier to develop farmed organs for transplant.

On the other hand, it’s fairly creepy as a technology and making genetic hybrids with farm animals is likely to ‘have issues’ such as moving animal diseases into human hosts. 2,144 more words

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