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This is most probably the most mainstream it could ever be but these are my personal experiences which I have no shame in sharing.
What was your first car? 1,143 more words


This Gene Might Affect How Much You Like to Drink

It was so much fun — you sang. You danced. You were the life of the party. Now you’re looking at the pictures and really wish the margaritas and champagne had not been quite so delicious. 813 more words

Daily News

The Founder Principle: A Wonderful Idea from Biology

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We’ve all been taught natural selection; the mechanism by which species evolve through differential reproductive success. Most of us are familiar with the idea that random mutations in DNA cause variances in offspring, some of which survive more frequently than others. 1,237 more words

Money Matters

A Voyage of Viral Discovery

Richard Dawkins’ Selfish Gene came out 40 years ago, so it is only fitting that I get to write about the most selfish genes of all: viruses. 930 more words


It's All in The Genes

Fact: Tomatoes have more genes than humans.

We think of humans as the most complex and advanced of all living thing on this planet – so naturally you might think that we require the most genetic material to make such a complicated animal. 260 more words


Gene's birthday and sewing my shirt

Today is Gene’s birthday – woot! This year I FINALLY bought him presents (I usually don’t). I got him a bike rack and a backpack to go with it so he will no longer have to carry his backpack on his back while riding to and from work. 255 more words

Inform AU Podcast Ep 2!

In episode 2 of the Inform AU Podcast I’m joined by Zoe Rae and we talk about using CRISPR to modify peoples genes to put pack into them and how Bruce Banners pants don’t rip.