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What is a gene?

I remember one of the first biology-based debates I found myself in was in some random message board devoted to music. I can’t for the life of me remember what the board was, and I doubt it still exists today anyway, but I recall music being central to what brought me there. 237 more words


A computer program inside our body

When we think about a computer program, we elicit images of cryptic language written on the computer screen. However, it is also present in our body. 154 more words

Future Of Computing

Week 4/9/18

This week we stepped up our knowledge of DNA and genetics by learning about the central dogma of biology. The central dogma describes the process of turning DNA into RNA, then into specific proteins. 296 more words

Week 12 Reflection

Hi all! Happy spring!

This week in AP Bio, we learned about central dogma among other things. Lots of notes & labs!

So here is the quick rundown of central dogma! 761 more words

Sweet Tooth Gene Helps Lower Body Fat, But Has Downside

A common version of a gene that makes you eat more sugar also plays a role in reducing body fat, surprised researchers report.

“This goes against the current perception that eating sugar is bad for health,” said study first author Timothy Frayling. 248 more words