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Trusted Medicine Education: The Role of the Selfish Gene

Conventional thought about genetics is that a gene will be carried through successive generations if it confers a benefit to a species survival. So for example, a gene that reduces the risk of a heart attack will be carried on. 583 more words


The uncertain future of genetic testing

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Bringing genetics into medicine will lead to more accuracy, better diagnosis, and personalised treatment—but not for all. For Mosaic, Carrie Arnold meets families for whom gene testing has led only to unanswered questions. 1,291 more words


NSAI Welcomes EPO Ruling on Biotechnology Patents

Plants or animals exclusively obtained by means of an essential biological process patents will not be granted by EPO. The EPO’s new ruling offers clarity on product and further defines “the new variety” developed through breeding, which is an essential biological process. 161 more words

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New gene mutations found in white blood cells in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Gene mutations accumulating in cells are typical of the development of cancer. Finnish researchers found that a similar accumulation of mutations occurs also in some patients with rheumatoid arthritis. 651 more words


Unlikely drug may block breast cancer in high-risk women

Scientists might have just pinpointed a nonsurgical way for women at a high risk of breast cancer to minimize their chances of developing the devastating disease. 101 more words

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GENE MUNSTER: Tesla’s Model 3 launch will be as big as the introduction of the iPhone

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Longtime Apple analyst Gene Munster said the launch of Tesla’s Model 3 will be as big as the introduction of the iPhone. 517 more words

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