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Young Frankenstein...

…is awesome, as always. Since I’m watching it now, I think I want to warm up by sketching Gene Wilder. Gonna use more white charcoal today than usual, too. Wish me luck!


De ciocolată

E normal
Să-mi orbești genele
Când privești,
Să-mi tremuri degetele
Când îmbrățișezi,
Să-mi furi zâmbetul
Când te-apropii,
Să-mi umpli sufletul
Când vorbești?

E normal să-mi topești… 17 more words


Does having a specific gene mean you are going to have cancer?

Having a specific gene that increases the probability of a cancer 
does NOT mean having the cancer.  Only certain “percentages” of 
patients with identified genes actually get the cancer.  267 more words

Asthma: genes vs the environment

The prevalence of asthma varies greatly across the world. Is this down to your genes, your environment or both?

In rural areas, the prevalence of asthma is usually much… 369 more words


Top Ten Songs In Kendallworld This Week:

1. White Jazz – Jack

2. Air Hostess – Busted

3. For The Dead – Gene

4. Every Day I Love You Less And Less – Kaiser Chiefs… 22 more words

Another Piece of the Alcohol Puzzle: Worms, Genes and Tolerance

So, genetic factors have been found that show that genes affect what drugs alcohol actually turns into before reaching the brain, and what drugs a person responds to. 282 more words

Alcohol And Alcohol Culture

Catch up time

Catch up time!

On Friday, I tried out a new recipe: creamy tomato tortellini soup. Made some grilled cheese with it and boom, I had a meal. 542 more words