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Mistaken Identity, Bushy Beards, and a Cool Discovery

It was a simple little mistake.

A simple mistake that cost me hours of research. This one simple mistake was responsible for countless all-night online searches, numerous (unanswered) email queries, my superhuman bladder control, and quite possibly, permanent brain damage from multiple concussions sustained from repeatedly banging my head against the wall. 2,176 more words


Rainbow of Places--My New Favorite Thing!

There’s been a colorful chart (#mycolorfulancestry) making its way through the genealogy social media world over the past weeks, thanks to J. Paul Hawthorne’s creativity. It’s a fun, simple way to visualize the birthplaces of five generations of ancestors by color-coding.  113 more words


Six Sioux Chiefs in the Jail Yard Part 10—The Trial

Six Sioux Chiefs in the Jail Yard
Part Ten—The Trial

On October 10, 1879, Agent John D. Miles arrived in Lawrence, Kansas, for the trial of… 2,563 more words


Genealogy Do-Over

Beginning my genealogy adventure consisted of scanning everything my mom and aunt had collected over the years. They each had organized binders for each branch of our family. 812 more words

Six Sioux Chiefs in the Jail Yard Part 5

Six Sioux Indian Chiefs in the Jail Yard
Part Five: The Fort Robinson Massacre

After the group separated, Dull Knife’s followers continued towards where they thought the Red Cloud Agency was located. 1,513 more words


Six Sioux Chiefs in the Jail Yard Part 4

Six Sioux Chiefs in the Jail Yard
Part Four: The Last Indian Raids

In the dark of night on September 9, 1878, three hundred Northern Cheyenne followed chiefs Dull Knife and Little Wolf and began their 1,000 mile journey from Indian Territory in Oklahoma to their homeland in present day Montana. 1,889 more words


G is for Genealogical Societies & the genealogical community

My A2Z 2016 theme is how to pursue an interest in family history/genealogy – I’d love you to join me on the journey.

G is for GENEALOGICAL SOCIETIES… 564 more words

A To Z 2016