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Looking ahead to 2015

Another year gone… How did that happen? They say time flies when you are having fun. I find it flies when you are busy. And 2014 sure was busy for me, many life changes and major projects happened for me. 507 more words

Genealogical Goals

2014 In Review

At the start of 2014 I posted my goals for the year. They were pretty simple:

1. Get my BCG portfolio turned in (My deadline is December 15, 2014!) 419 more words

Genealogical Goals

New Goals for 2014

As we look ahead to the new year, we tend to plan for new adventures, things we’d like to improve, goals we’d like to reach and a year better than the last. 152 more words


Year End Recap - Unplanned Goals

We can plan and plan, but life always has a plan of its own. Sometimes things come up that take you off course of your own goals, and sometimes that is for the better. 211 more words

Genealogical Goals

Year End Recap - Short Term Goals

While long-term goals can carry over a period of time, I generally expect my short-term goals to be smaller and easier to accomplish. Let’s see how I did this year. 430 more words

Genealogical Goals

Year End Recap - Long Term Goals

When I create goals, I like to create two kinds of goals, long-term and short-term. Generally the short-term goals feed into the long-term goals. Also, short-term goals tend to be smaller, easier, things you can take care of quickly whereas long-term goals take more time, planning, determination, and consistency. 349 more words

Genealogical Goals

Year End Recap - 2013

December… this is a month of mixed emotions for me. I love the holiday decorations, the sparkly lights, trees, snowflakes, and especially snowmen (they’re cute). But it also involves a lot of busy-ness, places to go, kids’ programs and parties to navigate, gifts to buy, wrap and deliver. 218 more words

Genealogical Goals