ON THE ROAD: Graveside visits to Mary Croy and three of her children in Ohio

An Account of a Novice Tombstone Hunter

On my first day in Ohio, I set off, directions in hand, to visit three cemeteries, two in Union County and one just over the boundary into Madison County. 542 more words

Croy Family History

Mapping London's Past

A top tip for genealogists researching family from London. Charles Booth, the philanthropist, funded research into London’s poor 1898-99. The London School of Economic… 145 more words


ONE FOR THE ROAD TO OHIO: breaking down brick walls…

I head to Ohio this coming week for the Ohio Genealogical Conference and two weeks of research and discovery. At the conference, I will be inducted into the Society of Civil War Families of Ohio. 397 more words

Genealogical Research

Rummaging Historical Records

Genealogical research can sometimes hit a brick wall.  But never despair, walls can fall.

Ancestors sit in my family tree, discovered through diligent research, usually online. 270 more words


Continuing Adventures of Neighborhood Land Search Part 2

I’ve finished reading through vol. N online, but haven’t platted more deeds since then.  Instead, I looked through what deeds I’ve found including those from my visit to my local Family History Center and looked through what tracts I’m missing by using the spreadsheet I’ve created of people enumerated in the 1870 Hardeman County, TN census. 407 more words


The Ohio History Connection: Thumbs Up!

When I go to Ohio at the end of April, I have only two weeks. So, in the interest of saving time, I sprung for the $25 dollars required to do a single land search through the… 244 more words

Croy Family History

The Origin of Last Names

Find out where your ancestors came from. Did they tell you that you are British, Irish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Greek, Spanish…? But Italy, Germany, as all of Europe, is the outcome of hundreds of years of migrations, struggles between invaders and invaded and as a result ‘peoples’ were crossing not only culturally but also ethnically. 728 more words