Top 10 tips for beginner genealogists

So, you want to start a family tree? Here are my top 10 tips, gleaned from many years of trial and error:

  1. Go ahead and sign up for Ancestry.ca (or the .com equivalent).
  2. 500 more words

Lessons from Doing Genealogical Research

I’m told that March 11 was Genealogy Day. (Yes, I know that I’m a little late in getting this date mentioned, but. . . . Better late than never!) 635 more words

Ancestry - White, Black or Shades of Grey?

Let’s talk about Ancestry a bit. For many genealogists, especially amateurs like me, Ancestry is the place to create and research your family tree. Ever since the demise of Family Tree Maker, which was taken over by Ancestry and then mothballed after the trend towards online storage and sharing of family trees became apparent, Ancestry has become the premier place to create and investigate your…well, ancestry. 1,102 more words

Missouri Bound: Out of Rockbridge County, Virginia Part I

I was Just Plain Wrong

In my New Year’s quest to review all my family records for accuracy, I turned to my grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Ison’s ancestry. 1,388 more words

Croy Family History

Be Open to What You Don’t Know…in Genealogy, in Writing, in Life.

I haven’t posted anything for a while, but not for lack of research or ideas…just busy with it all. Over the past month I have been both working with Huston family researcher, RBryant, and the chair of the First Families of Ohio, Margaret Cheney. 1,025 more words

Genealogical Research


” Memories are timeless treasures of the heart…”

Recently I had the good fortune to reconnect with a cherished friend. As we sat and reminisced and shared our lives for several hours, the 35 years since high school seemed to just melt away. 516 more words

For Inspiration...

Family history at the library; unravelling the mysteries

I’ve just completed a six-week course on family history, ably run by colleagues here at Christchurch City Libraries. It’s been fascinating and I recommend it for anyone with an interest in history and/or their family. 640 more words