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Genealogy Roadshow

Tonight the third season of Genealogy road show premieres on PBS, below is a link to a little preview of this season.



National Treasure

No, I do not mean the movie, National Treasure, with Nicholas Cage, although it works as a fair comparison to what my blog is truly about. 258 more words

John Joseph Filleman 1861-1942

John Joseph Filleman (1861-1942) married Annie Chisholm (1864-1931) in Uvalde, Texas in 1889. Soon after their marriage, they removed to eastern Arizona. They eventually purchased a cattle ranch in Graham County, along Eagle Creek, with the Four Bar brand. 420 more words

Accidental Death

Accident permeates life. In this exploration of my ancestors accident features prominently. Miners tragically killed by roof falls and explosions. Accidents of birth. Childhood misadventures. Verdicts of accidental death that would not be acceptable today. 818 more words


Kindred...by Steve Robinson

Jefferson Tayte, an American genealogist, is on the hunt for this birth parents. His search leads him to Germany where he must untangle his family tree by delving into the horrors of WWII. 259 more words


Heavy Undertaking of a Legacy

Once upon a time, a young woman, a mother, a wife, a friend, sister, aunt, etc., decided to take up the task of genealogy in honor of her late grandmother. 755 more words