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So you have your ancestry DNA results now what?

It can be time consuming to research your ancestry. An ancestry DNA test will give you pages of results. It can seem impossible that you will ever trace those ancestors that connect you to your matches. 193 more words

The Match Game

My parents always joked I should be a lawyer or a politician. After this crazy adventure, I think I should be a detective or maybe even a genealogist. 747 more words

Budding Detective

Second Guesses

So there always comes a time (hell, multiple times!) during one’s genealogy journey where one realises that perhaps the ancestors¬†they *thought* were theirs were in fact NOT. 722 more words

Oh Hello...

I’ve been debating whether or not to do this for a while now…”Do I create a separate blog for my genealogy obsession, or…?” And I’ve come to the decision that perhaps it’s time…it’s a good thing to share bits and pieces of one’s personal hobbies with clients via the business blog, but only to a point! 97 more words

Getting Started

With St Patrick’s Day just gone it seems like an appropriate time to talk about Irish ancestors. They say everyone is a bit Irish on St Patrick’s Day but how do you find out? 782 more words


Saint Patrick's Day

by Bill O’Reilly

My Dad was the eldest of 5 kids. 4 of the 5 married and between them had 26 children.  However in the mid-1950s they took family planning to a new high. 59 more words