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Nineteenth-century Cape Breton: a historical geography

“This thesis is an historical geography of Cape Breton Island in the nineteenth century. It aims to provide a geographical synthesis of the Island over a hundred years, elucidating the changing relationship between the Island’s population and their environment. 231 more words


52 Ancestors - #27 Joseph B Culpepper, Patriot

This challenge is set forth by No Story Too Small and this week’s theme is Independent.

I guess there is no better example of Independent than one of my grandfathers who fought for American independence in the American Revolution. 284 more words


Family History Research Guide

If you have ever wondered where you or your family originated from, or how you got to where you are today, you are probably interested in finding out more about your family history. 156 more words

Find Friends And Family

Published by Dick Eastman: Recent Updates to the Calendar of Genealogy Events

The following pages have recently been updated in the Calendar of Genealogy Events: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington Some of the above changes may have been deletions of past events. 25 more words


Published by Dick Eastman: Preserve Your Data for Millions of Years in a Sapphire Disk

Many of us are disappointed in the limited life spans of today’s media. Paper and film fade with time. Floppy disks, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM disks, flash drives, and other media also all have limited lifespans. 24 more words


Published by Geneabloggers: Genealogy Blogging Beat – Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June 30, 1917. Born at Brooklyn, NY, Horne began singing with the chorus line at the Cotton Club in Harlem at age 16. A career on Broadway and in Hollywood followed in rapid succession and she soon became the symbol for African-American actors and singers trying to break the color barrier. 13 more words