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Review : Evie Finds Her Family Tree

Recently I visited my nephew and niece and together we made family tree posters. A fill-in poster came with the children’s book Evie Finds Her Family Tree… 155 more words

Genealogy Resources

Friday Follow ~~ Following the White Rabbit...again!

This week I took a little tour and once again followed that white rabbit to distraction!

~ Kingston Penitentiary Inmates, 1913-1916 ~ This was too fun to resist!   199 more words

FrankenGen's First Year in Review

Happy New Year, readers!

FrankenGen began in January 2014. Following are the most popular posts from FrankenGen’s first year:

1. Did it rain on Grandma’s wedding? 82 more words

Genealogy Resources


In previous blog posts you’ve heard me talk about 2nd cousins, 8th cousins, cousins that are once or twice removed, and so on. What does this genealogy jargon mean and how do I figure out the relationship between all of those cousins? 817 more words


My Desk

Just for giggles I thought you might like to see my work space. This is where I do family research, work on the Genetti Family Genealogy website… 163 more words

Genealogy Resources

Surname Saturday : Geogen Surname Mapping in Germany

Geogen Surname Mapping is a website created by Christoph Stöpel that graphically displays the current geographical distribution of surnames in Germany based on telephone book data. 142 more words


Gaenovium – Keys to Open Data and Open Standards

On 7 October 2014, a group of genealogy technologists gathered in Leiden, The Netherlands, for the first Gaenovium conference. Although small with around 25 delegates, it was certainly forward looking and shows promise of things to come. 667 more words

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