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Published by FamilyTreeGirl Blog: People of Color Genealogy Research, can it be done at the DAR Library?

Who is DAR? It is the National Society of the Daughter’s of the American Revolution, known as DAR. It is a lineage society and membership is open to any female 18 years and older regardless of race, religion or ethic background. 18 more words

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Published by Genealogyblog: Sacramento Archives Crawl This Saturday

The following is from the September 29, 2015 edition of sacramentopress.com: In celebration of American Archives Month, archives and special collections libraries from throughout the region will showcase their rarely-seen holdings during the 5th annual Sacramento Archives Crawl on Saturday, October 3, 2015 from 10am to 4 pm. 12 more words

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Published by Genealogyblog:Croatia is About to Make Yugoslav Spy Files Public

The following excerpt is from an article posted September 28, 2015 at balkaninsight.com: The Croatian security and intelligence agency, SOA, said on Saturday that it has given secret service documents created between 1937 and 1990 to the state archives, which will ultimately allow them to be seen by the Croatian public for the first time,…


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Published by Dick Eastman: Canadian Genealogy at the Maine State Library

An article in the August 2015 Edition of the Maine State Library Genealogy Newsletter caught my eye. Canadian Genealogy at Maine State Library describes the many resources of that library for anyone researching Canadian ancestry, especially those who migrated to Maine. 20 more words

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Published by Dick Eastman: Providence, Rhode island, House Directories Now Available Online

The Providence City Archives has announced the completion of a project to scan the Providence House Directories. The directories were published between 1895 and 1935 and are an invaluable resource for those conducting genealogy research, house research, neighborhood demographic change, and occupancy patterns. 16 more words


Published by Dick Eastman: 14 Volumes of Genealogical Lists of Irish-Jewish Families Presented to Dublin City

Fourteen rare volumes of genealogical lists of Irish-Jewish families in Ireland were presented to Dublin City Council’s Library and Archive today. The volumes were gifted by Stuart Rosenblatt, President of the Genealogical Society of Ireland. 24 more words

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Published by Dick Eastman:Introducing SNAC

The Social Networks and Archival Context (SNAC) Project is addressing a longstanding research challenge: discovering, locating, and using distributed historical records. Scholars use these records as primary evidence for understanding the lives and work of historical persons and the events in which they participated. 16 more words

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