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Mr. Walter Melville Choppen's Maltan Autograph Book

About 3 weeks ago, my nan uncovered some documents which pertained to my great great grandparents – Walter Melville Choppen (1904-1990) and Hilda Morey Hamper (1905-1992). 1,543 more words


Genealogy… The Four Groups of Vikings. Don’t You Wish

My old encyclopedia says that the Scandinavian sea rovers of the 700s can be placed into four groups. Don’t think that makes it any easier. They’ve already lost me when they say that the first two groups are the Swedes and Goths. 177 more words


#NuttiestNuts Charles Ross Wininger

The Wininger line is only a part of my family tree through marriage x 2. Meaning the niece or nephew of the wife or husband of one of my cousins, but I will claim them just the same because let’s face it they have some good stories and maybe my family line is a little too boring at the moment. 425 more words


Arriving in Ponta Delgada

So, there I am in July 2019, with my 2nd Cousin, Ann Boyer, and my 4th Cousin, Jose Bela Morais standing beside the statue of Thomas Hickling – my grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather – at Thomas Hickling’s country residence, in Furnas, Sao Miguel, Azores 274 years after his birth, and 183 years after his death. 984 more words


From Appleby to Welburn

This isn’t a post about a journey from Westmorland to Yorkshire but the change of name when two young APPLEBY women married two men called William WELBURN. 490 more words


Double Birthday Bonanza !

On 16 July 1771, 248 years ago, my 4 times great grandfather, William Lee was born in Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut, to William and Eunice Hotchkiss Lee.  216 more words


16 July 19: Justice reversed & The Emperor & The Tower

Heads are gonna roll. 3 out of 3 Major Arcana is a big-screen event. But then there are big screens and bigger screens – I suppose it’s all relative. 556 more words