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In Memoriam: My WW II Soldiers - Part 1

It is estimated that 15 million soldiers died during the Second World War — 416,800 from the United States, according to one source.

It’s no wonder my family history contains the stories of so many cousins who were casualties of World War II.   1,267 more words

Sausage Links - 1909

In the happy chain of Memory regard me as a link.    American Series 6134

Post mark has faded.  Addressed Lemuel L Weaver, Detroit, Michigan  94 Tireman… 30 more words


My Ancestral Journal

So when I merged the blogs together I lost all the personal genealogy posts from my ancestor blog. I’ll be redoing those posts in this blog over the next few months. 50 more words


FamilySearch Adds Civil War Records

Family Search has added a bunch of new records from the US Civil War. “The FamilySearch Civil War page also provides records from the Freedmen’s Bureau, including marriage and bank records and letters, making it possible to locate and learn about African-American Civil War-era ancestors.”

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Model T Ford 1920

This donated photograph says on the reverse,”George M. Ainsworth and his Model T about 1920, Chester’s grandfather, Joe’s grandfather.”

I am having a hard time pinning them down.   74 more words

Elation and Frustration: The Reality of Family History Research

Another day, another archives visit. Off I went to the aptly named “Discovery Museum” in Newcastle which houses the Tyne and Wear Archives. Filled with anticipation and enthusiasm, I was on the trail of my one-handed gypsy 5x great grandmother Charlotte Burnett. 650 more words

Family History

Germantown, TN's Resident Traveler

Tina Sansone & Sheri McNeil Savory are researchers for ResearchDNAWriters.com. During one of Tina’s research cases she came across a fascinating lady, Frances Stuart, that taught her the importance of having an open mind during the research process. 506 more words

Sheri McNeil Savory