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Edward Breck 1595-1662 Early Ancestor

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1638 Edward Breck, land purchase from William Hill

Great Migration Begins “William Hill”

On 20 July 1638 “Mr. Hill merchant of Dorchester” sold to… 151 more words


The Disturbing Truth of History Part 2

In our oh-so-sophisticated modern minds, we like to think of people in the 1940s (or any previous era…except the swinging 60s, of course) as being unsexual, and prudish.  455 more words

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Digital Preservation Exhibit Creation Using Glogster

In order to create a digital preservation exhibit for our ‘Digital Humanities’ class, I chose to use the website Glogster. The website, aimed mainly at students and educators, seemed like an appropriate choice because it: 398 more words

At The Cemetery Visiting Those We Will Always Love

It has been over two years since we finally held the unveiling for my parents and brother in law. They died over a difficult 15 months. 997 more words


Published by Dick Eastman: Published by Dick Eastman: Hands on with Google Photos using Unlimited Storage

Have a lot of photographs? If so, would you want to save backup copies of them in the cloud? Would you like to optionally share some of those photographs with friends and family? 27 more words


Published by Sourceline: Family Reunion – Finding Artifacts from the Past

Summer is family reunion time and it was for our ancestors too. What records and artifacts might our ancestors have left for us to find? Photographs: The most obvious and prevalent artifact left for us are photographs. 24 more words