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Don't know much about history, don't know much geography..

Can you list the first 13 states of the Union?  Without googling them! They don’t have to be in order.  And no peeking at the picture.   734 more words


Pacanow — Indexes & Metric Stats #Genealogy #Polish #Kielce

Stanczyk is  stuck on Pacanow. So I thought I would collect the metric statistics for all events (Births/Marriages/Deaths — Ur./Mal./Zg.) and  individuals from the marriages. 160 more words


Data Clean Names: Finally Getting Organized


Data Clean Names; Getting Organized

Yes, today is a day of rest. A genealogist never has a total day off if they want to continue researching and organizing their data. 212 more words


Hannah Keeps Her House

When Hannah (McManus) Merryman died in 1889, no obituary appeared in the Brunswick Telegraph. Her children, though, engraved her epitaph on the family monument in Varney Cemetery. 1,472 more words

Brunswick History

The many parents of Matilda Stoaling

I came across Matilda Stoaling in my Rowe family searches around her mother-in-law Catharine Rowe. Normally when sketching out the story of a distant-in-law I would just make a note of their or their parents’ professions and location and return to the person featured in the blog post, but the myriad of step-parents involved here – and the hardships some of them must have endured – made me want to commemorate them this way. 1,276 more words

Family History

Unique website reveals military and repression era information from Russia

Finding a website that is easy to use and filled with information for Russian genealogy takes a lot of patience and time to uncover.

Погибшие 381 more words


Lessons from the Old Country

A village in the Carpathian foothills of Southern Poland – June 2007

The mountain that towers over the villages of my maternal grandmother’s family is called Babia Góra. 1,814 more words