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Published by Genealogy Blog: 23andMe – DNA Tests That Are Being Using For Far More Than Just Ancestry

I ordered a 23andMe DNA test yesterday. Yes – I’ve taken one from Sorenson’s, and later AncestryDNA, but I’d like to see how the test done by 23andMe matches up to the earlier tests. 26 more words


Published by Dick Eastman: Recent Updates to the Calendar of Genealogy Events

The following pages have recently been updated in the Calendar of Genealogy Events: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington Some of the above changes may have been deletions of past events. 25 more words


Published by Dick Eastman: Preserve Your Data for Millions of Years in a Sapphire Disk

Many of us are disappointed in the limited life spans of today’s media. Paper and film fade with time. Floppy disks, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM disks, flash drives, and other media also all have limited lifespans. 24 more words


1 July 2015: City Directories (a look inside the Wells house of 1924/5)

So have you discovered cities directories as a great resource into your family history yet?  I love them because you can really track people’s movements on the census off years.  328 more words


Published by Genealogy's Star: The Elements of Research -- Part Twenty-one: What if I want organization?

Despite their limitations, genealogical database programs have evolved to organize and store family information. Although researchers may disagree with the utility of any particular program, there are enough programs out there that nearly all researchers can find one that suits their particular needs. 23 more words


Grave Yard Fitness

Yesterday I told you how important it is to stay fit so you are able to go for walks through your ancestors last resting place. 285 more words

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