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The Music of One's Life

In different hours, a man represents each of several of his ancestors, as if there were seven or eight of us rolled up in each man’s skin,—seven or eight ancestors at least, and they constitute the variety of notes for that new piece of music which his life is.  

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Celebrating Hands At Home

FamilySearch Book Scanning Service

Among the many cool things in the boxes that belonged to my grandmother was a Family Record Book that her grandfather had kept.  It has a bunch of information that I already knew but it was… 532 more words


Booth Archive: Spidts Street London

The Booth Archive is a wonderful resource for those researching London history. This excerpt inspired my description of Christmas in Felix House Spidts Street in 1910, in my book. 115 more words


T/F: Historically, Children Were Named At One Year

Some people don’t settle on a name for their child until they see that wrinkly, smooshed little face. Some name their children in the womb. Yet others have names picked for their children before they are even old enough to… 540 more words

Culture And Society

A Weaver Ancestor

My 7X Great Grandfather, who served in King Philip’s War, was a farmer and a weaver.  Hooray.  A kindred soul.  Lots of my ancestors were knitters, but this is the first weaver I have found. 6 more words


Ireland Recognizes 1847 Gift from Choctaw Nation During Potato Famine

In 1847, less than 16 years after the Trail of Tears, the all but penniless Choctaw Nation donated $170 – nearly $5,000 today – to complete strangers starving in the Irish Potato Famine. 154 more words

Current Affairs

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This is so interesting but also amazing. How the Choctaw helped the Irish overseas but then held slaves in America. Well I am thankful that they did for my Irish ancestors of course appreciate it. Thanks for blogging this Dick Eastman with the Eastman Online Genealogy Newsletter, it is always my pleasure to share and acknowledge your information and commitment to genealogy.