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Quilts and Ancestry

The flea market is a wonderful place. Look what my mother found for me at the flea market:

A vintage case full of knitting needles and other little knitting goodies. 789 more words

Bringing "The Story of Life" to Life

Everyone likes a good origin story, how did it all get started? The company TSOLife was incorporated in Sept 2014, but the concept was inspired decades before. 327 more words


Sisu . . . to do what must be done

It is a Finnish word that cannot be translated directly into English, but we understand the concept of Sisu.  It means having the courage to do what must be done… 1,206 more words


Dowsett's War - Part 2

Once I had the tip from my mother that my great-grandfather may have served in the Boer War, I went hunting for any records.  Sadly, I found no record of him in any of the records at either the National Archives or the War Memorial.  432 more words


Their past and our present

When a movie star lies about his past to protect his image, it’s usually a non-story. In fact, in Hollywood, it’s probably considered PR 101. But Ben Affleck went way over the line when he persuaded the PBS genealogy program “Finding Your Roots” … 364 more words


Dowsett's War - Part 1

A couple of years ago while watching the late news one evening I caught the TV spot for Ancestry.com’s free trial membership. Having had more than just a passing interest in my genealogy and heredity since doing a high-school research project on my family tree, I decided to sign up and look into it.  649 more words


There's so much more than just the "begets"

When I was younger, I used to skip all the “begets” when I was reading my Bible. I really didn’t see the point and found all those… 1,270 more words