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Whoa! What a Talker....

Our local library had a free program about DNA testing for genealogical purposes tonight. We went because the girl as she put it tonight after we basically ran out of there…” I just want a simple pie chart that tells me how much of each nationality I am.”  Don’t get me wrong this guy was super informative and if I was still working on the family history, I would have been hanging on every word. 291 more words


Making Old Documents More Readable

Old documents are hard to read. The handwriting is usually an archaic form of cursive which takes some study to learn how to understand, and the spellings aren’t standard. 524 more words


A Death Notice and a Sign!

“Result of Accidental Burning…”

Once again I found myself exploring the British Newspaper Archives, specifically for Leah Love, when I came across a publication which, to me, was like a gift from the universe. 655 more words

Family History

Sad Burning Fatality at the Waterside!

Starrett of Derryview Terrace…

“On Friday a very sad burning fatality occurred at the Waterside, resulting in the death of a little girl eight years old, daughter of Samuel and Ellen Starrett, of Derryview-terrace, Waterside, lately of Rosemount…” 868 more words

Family History

Indiana Room

The next section of the library after the reference books is the Indiana Room. The view above is a panaromic view of the Indiana Room. Part of the Reference Department, the Indiana Room offers many amenities. 265 more words


And You Are...?

St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday and I’m happy to report that besides my name (which actually means Ireland), fair complexion, and green eyes, I actually have Irish ancestry on Mom’s side. 252 more words

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