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Making the Lodge a Home

One of the huge benefits that comes along with the fraternal experience is being able to live with your Brothers. Now, I know that there are some Alphas that do not have a Lodge, and I get that. 729 more words


Bro Time

There isn’t enough bro time on the social calendar. Many times a week’s social events will be packed with a date night, a mixer, and maybe even a party to top it off. 207 more words


Where do we put the Visitor?

My mother was always on my case when I had friends over to the house. She would make sure I offered them something to eat and drink in addition to showing them where the restroom was located. 618 more words


Second Semester Senior Tips

This post has been brought to you by The Onion. Not really, but you get it.

Seniors have absolutely no valuable experience or advice to contribute to an Alpha’s performance. 340 more words


Don't Send your Seniors to the Retirement Home

We have all seen the problems that senior Brothers create. The mailroom gets clogged up with AARP forms… They leave their walkers and canes around the Lodge… The Lodge Manager is spending most his budget on Depends… 443 more words


Don't Light a Cigarette While Applying Hairspray

Now I know what you’re all asking yourselves,

“Is that picture going on the cover of a charity firefighter’s calendar?”

I feel the same way. Unfortunately, the fire department has refused to include the picture… because I’m not a firefighter. 605 more words

Program For Excellence

How To Effectively Manage Your Stakeholders

As a leader in your fraternity you have several groups who care about the future of your organization. The connections between these groups and yours are vital to your well being. 252 more words

Program For Excellence