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The Morning It Got Real - Surgery

So the day of surgery finally arrived.  I have never been into hospital properly for anything and the thought scared me.  The night before I tried to put it out of mind knowing that I needed a decent night’s sleep. 655 more words

Breast Cancer

Have I Mentioned My Cervical Cancer?

A few weeks ago, I was officially diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer. Apparently it’s easily treatable, but fuck me, it’s still cancer, right?

In the excruciating four months I’ll have waited between first finding out there was something a little bit cancerous going on in my vagina, and eventually getting my results next week, life has totally stalled. 1,739 more words

The Cone of Surrealness Closes In

My world has narrowed to a singular event. From this rather unique perspective, all that has gone before fades into a rainbow-ish mist. Anything ahead is obscured by the singularity … slated to occur 7.30am tomorrow morning. 207 more words


Shouldn't I have a brain MRI, doctor?

Migraine is extremely common, with a lifetime incidence of 43% in women and 18% in men, and a median age of onset of 24-5.

The vast majority of headache patients have migraine and need a careful history & physical examination, followed by appropriate treatment, … 221 more words


Cancerous thoughts

Today was a Marsden day. Vega had her lumbar puncture under general anesthetic to receive her intrathecal Methotrexate. All went well. All her oral chemotherapy, supposed to be taken every night has been stopped for the week because her blood counts had crashed and she is neutropenic again. 467 more words

On Treatment

D and C

I’m choosing to believe that the fact that it took my body so long to abort my failed pregnancy means that my body was so awesome at being pregnant that it refused to give up trying to incubate my embryo even after it died. 487 more words