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The PEACEMAKER has arrived. New Reloaded Brickarms!

We’ve received a few of these handmade works of art from the legendary weapon smith Will Chapman. Each individual Reloaded BrickArms is loaded into two different molds to achieve two (or more!) different plastic colors on one weapon. 70 more words

General Awesomeness

World War Brick Anaheim After Action Report

World War Brick Anaheim was an unqualified success. Total attendance 890 people! $4900 raised for Wounded Warrior Project. An awesome good time was had by all. 6 more words


Micro Tank Battle Tabletop Wargame - Deluxe Game Set Out Now!

Micro Tank Battle is fast-paced table top game developed for 1:100 scale armor models and extensively play tested at World War Brick events.  The Deluxe Starter Pack includes everything you need to play the basic game, including 784 LEGO® bricks to build the models and a heavy duty 30×60″ vinyl play mat with pre-printed terrain features and hex grid for quick game play. 111 more words


Special Edition WWII Jeep with 101st Airborne Figure

We made a special edition of our WWII Jeep kit with a 101st Airborne Soldier for our WWII in LEGO tour. A few of them managed to make it back to the Brickmania HQ and we are offering them up for grabs via our web store. 27 more words


Limited Edition BrickArms' Private Carpetti Minifigure

Bring the battle to the frontline with BrickArms Private Carpetti!  These were made specifically for World War Brick Anaheim and we brought a few home for our web customers. 49 more words


BrickArms MG 08/15 Overmolded Edition Available for Limited Time!

The MG08/15 is a man-portable version of the famous German Machinengewehr 08 warter-cooled machine gun of World War I. It was destringuished by it’s wooden stock, pistol grip and reduced size of the receiver housing and water sleeve diameter. 126 more words


BrickArms M1917A1 Machine Gun Now In Full Production

Released at World War Brick Anaheim and now available for everyone world-wide (but only through Brickmania first!) The full production BrickArms M1917A1 machine gun includes a tripod and buildable bullet chain. 57 more words