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A third option

All or nothing has pretty much defined my life. Unlike someone who is a huge risk-taker, I often ended up on the nothing end of the scale. 476 more words


Brick Brigade Toylabs is has Joined Team Brickmania 20% off Introductory Sale

Brickmania are pleased to announce a wonderful addition to our team; John Canepa, the creator of Brick Brigade Toylabs!  We are excited at the new ideas and themes  to be added to the already all-star Brickmania line-up. 118 more words


Moderation is overrated

Have I mentioned that I suck at moderation? I really do. And now that I’ve decided hiking is my jam, I can’t stop thinking/planning/dreaming. Which would be fine, if I didn’t live on the Surface of the Sun. 222 more words


Wave Cave, Superstitions

I’ve mentioned before that one of the best parts of my hiking, has been seeing other people’s photos on Instagram and Facebook. A trail I really wanted to experience was the Wave Cave trail, in the Superstition Mountains. 211 more words


There's a verse for everything...

Hello readers.  I know you come to this blog because of my deep spiritual insights (not that I would ever say that about myself, but it is widely known around the world that others say that about me). 202 more words

General Awesomeness

Horton Creek Trail

Last weekend, we drove to Payson, to do the Horton Creek Trail. I had seen photos of this trail on some of the awesome Instagram accounts I follow, and was looking forward to the pine trees and sounds of running water. 52 more words