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Dishonesty and Being Triumphant – Direct Relation Found

Dishonesty is a behavior that you can expect from nearly all of the people who surround you. Regardless of how much you know anyone, you can never be sure how that person would act in various situations – especially in uncommon scenarios. 130 more words

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Driving In Blizzard – Important Tips to Help Stay Safe

Snowstorms are taking a toll in the US this January and forcing everybody to stay back at home. Thanks to the weather updates, all stocks and supplies necessary to stay safe have been gathered. 178 more words

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ONLY four rules for true happiness

I’m a cut through the chase kind of guy so I won’t try and hype this up, I am just going to give it to ya straight as I have found it to work for me. 324 more words

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Osaka, soy factory, irie shrine, Japanese BBQ and sadly home 

So our last day crept up upon us without us even realising! With such a busy week of activities it came round so fast and onto our last days activities. 524 more words


Ama divers for pearls, nori seaweed, chef masterclass Japanese techniques

Thursday planned to be an amazing learning day jam packed with activities and traditions that we were always going to remember.

First of all a visit to the harbour where the local ama divers dive for pearls. 574 more words