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DNA - a tall story

No other words for it – I’m excited! Part of my Christmas present was sending off my DNA kit to AncestryDNA and six weeks on, the final part of my Christmas present has been dropped into my email account – the results. 651 more words

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Divided by a common language - us & US

What every traveller or communicator between the US and UK needs to know – the language differences… You could be forgiven for thinking that English is a one-size-fits-all. 295 more words

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Did I take a wrong turn in my career? Is a wrong turn ever reversible?

Back between the 1970s-90s I found it relatively straightforward to get employment. I lived in a big city, was young, and had a variety of roles from IT Training to database work. 1,168 more words

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Broke a Fucking Milestone & It Doesn't Even Matter How Long It Took

Hello and welcome to VueRichInitiatives — 

Today I broke a personal milestone and I’m really excited to share the story with you all! I learned something about myself and took a workout to a whole different perspective. 557 more words

The Dishonest Crooked Fake Media Masters

On top of The Media being dishonest, crooked, untrustworthy and FAKE (according to El Dictador anyway), they also wear the Cap’n’ Obvious hat far too often these days. 100 more words

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This is it...

Hey everyone, it’s VueRichInitiaitves here —

Today’s post is going to be slightly different.. Just a heads up.

This last week had been a rough week for me. 632 more words

The Busy Life of a Sorority Girl

I am a sorority girl and I belong to the amazing Alpha Sigma Alpha.

I honestly can’t imagine what my college life would be like if I hadn’t joined this sorority. 217 more words

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