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I See You Found Me

Evening all who found my site

This will be a short introduction to who I am and what (should) follow on this site in the next coming weeks. 189 more words

General Blogs

Memory can’t be trusted!

Coming across the fact that most of the memories you cherish may not even be true makes you doubt your entire memory lane. Dr. Kimberly Wade conducted a study on false memories. 233 more words

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Effects of Staying Up All Night!

For good health sleep is extremely essential. Like food, water and oxygen, sleep is significant for human survival. Still many people don’t get enough sleep. A survey was conducted by National Sleep Foundation (NSF) through which it was noted that almost 40 million people living in America suffer from over 70 different sleep disorders. 185 more words

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I'm not dead...

So, I’ve been quiet on the radar for a couple of months.

Let me start by saying: school is hard. I’m going back to college to get my associate of arts degree and I’ve only had one class (Psychology) and it was running me ragged for the better part of October and all of November. 544 more words


Build Yourself Up with Chin-Ups!

There is nothing more motivating than to build muscles in the gym. Those who have not tried it can never understand what it feels like breaking barriers on weights and machines. 164 more words

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Why I love the Victorians

The Victorian Slum was an emotive series touching those who know little about the era as well as those who know much more about it. As I tweeted at the time, this programme should be on the school curriculum. 889 more words

General Blogs

It’s the First Impression That Matters!

Appearances may deceive but whatsoever; it’s the first impression that really counts.  Studies now prove that the impact made by appearances is more effective even when compared to face to face interaction. 212 more words

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