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Friday the 13th !

By Alberto Pupo

Today is Friday the 13th. A day surrounded by myth and superstition. A day that many feels are cursed. Where fact and fiction. 241 more words

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Tamed Fantasies (tiny tale)

The world was beautiful.

The road was clean.

The air was fresh.

He stumbled, fell and tasted dirty water.

The world was grey.

The road was damaged. 24 more words

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Superficial Toys

The world we live in is such that we happily discuss reality shows, but get bored if the discussion turns towards the ‘real’ reality: the social, political and economic problems we are facing today. 78 more words

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A Return to Fantasy

By Alberto Pupo

The fantasy genre is one that I frequently read growing up. Stories which involve magic, knights, kings, and queens, battles, dragons. All of these things I find utterly fascinating. 273 more words


Blog ::: What to do if you have Borderline Personality Disorder?

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a severe mental disorder symptomized by a recurrence of constant volatility in state of mind, behavior, self-perception, and functioning. These experiences frequently result in rash actions and unbalanced relationships. 203 more words

Lighting Times in Hospitals Affect Patients’ Health

Human beings are used to a cycle of light timings with light in the day and dark in the night. Accordingly, our mind and body feel active in daytime and laze afterwards. 181 more words

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Rabies: Zero by 2030

Rabies is a transmittable viral illness that nearly always results in death after the beginning of clinical symptoms. In majority of cases, home-bred dogs are to be blamed for spreading the virus to humans, although both domestic and feral animals can be carriers of the disease. 218 more words

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