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12 Years of Blogging About Nothing

Today marks the 12th anniversary of this humble blogging establishment. I’m celebrating 4,380 days of writing about nothing. And by nothing of course, I mean whatever-the-hell-I-want-to. 640 more words


My reason, 2017 New Years Resolution

Welcome to VueRichInitiatives — 

Since this is my first official post, I thought I would start out by sharing a few of my motives for the content I will produce. 535 more words


Psychotherapy Needs Modernizing!

Treating young people with behavioral disorders can be pretty difficult, especially if they are suffering with complex issues. Therapists have been keeping busy in counseling through discussions and verbal engagements with their patients but it has mostly proved to be a hard job. 175 more words

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Hit the gym, improve your memory!

Exercise has always been vital for our health. But do you know it can also help you increase your short term memory? Studies now prove hitting the gym can raise the capacity of memorizing. 186 more words

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Stress and Heart!

Everyone feels stressed in different ways and their reaction to it varies from person to person. Stress can lead to many health problems. When stressed some people panic, smoke, drink and overact and react.  169 more words

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How To Beat Your Booze?

Holiday season is at its peak and one day after the other parties keep coming up. Even if you have planned for it, get-togethers are hard to avoid. 170 more words

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Christmas in South Africa

Dan and I have been looking at all the recent Christmassy pictures from home and this Christmas, we are having a wonderful time, but rather missing you all and our typical English Christmas! 1,024 more words

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