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(Not quite) an ode to drifting

I was going to write something about the weekend of concerts and fencing, but am feeling too tired to string together anything too coherent tonight. Let’s see where my mind drifts instead. 75 more words

A Little Creation

The drunken Croc!

There’s a crocodile flying high in the sky,
plummeting to earth as the miles tick by.

The plane’s doors wide open,
a thrill-seeker of sorts. 558 more words

A Little Creation

How to Figure Out Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a much dreaded disorder that destructs nerves and causes serious mental and physical disability. We mostly identify it in people with the shivering movements in their arms and legs but it is not restricted to this common symptom. 130 more words

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Don't rush, be chill, live life to your fill

Life’s too short to rush, I’m not trying be profound, not aiming to astound more to confound and ..

-OKAY! enough with the rhyming already, this isn’t a damn poem! 250 more words

A Little Creation


Collaboration can be beautiful, how it can create something brilliant from two different ideas.

There are probably countless examples of this in the world or on the internet of this, but right now my mind is pretty blank in that regard. 459 more words

A Little Creation

The Travels of Deb and Brian

Deb and I are born travelers.  We just aren’t content staying in the same places and never going anywhere.  In one of our more amusing and honestly…crazy…episodes, we once drove from Minneapolis, MN to Madison, WI for lunch.   221 more words

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The Making of Mistakes

Mistakes are a part of life.  Everyone makes them, at all stages of life.  Mistakes are how we learn and grow and evolve.  Mistakes can spur us on to making changes to how we conduct certain activities, and if you’re open to accepting and learning from your mistakes, they can and will make you better at what you do. 296 more words

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