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WLFS Trailer

So here it finally is,  the trailer for our feature length film With Love From Suffolk.  The whole thing was done on under 7 grand with a LOT of input and love from local businesses. 36 more words

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Eat as the Mediterranean Do!

What we eat determines a lot of features of our life, for instance, our look, our health, our physical and mental strength and on the whole our life itself. 172 more words

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The Ways of Humanity

The Way of Humanity can be mixed with a variety of challenges both personally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually just like in life for everyone really. 592 more words
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Turn up your radio

Music was my first love. Never have 5 little words been more true. From my childhood memories of my mum listening to 60s music on the radio in the kitchen and dad pressing his trousers to classical music on our music centre in the lounge. 1,019 more words

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A Bard's Challenge #2

In 2016 I issued my first online Bardic Challenge within the Pagan community via the groups that I am a member of, which basically meant I was asking members of those groups to offer up to me a Topic or more of their choice that I would then write upon in either a Verese, Poetic or Satyrical Verse format in my own style. 131 more words

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"A Bard's Challenge" #1

Welcome to A Bard’s Challenge

I intially started this as a thought, not sure where this would go, but having had some time to think upon what this could be about and entail, I feel as a Solitary Bard that I could do this on a yearly basis within the Pagan related groups that I am in on Facebook and as I progress this idea would have to be in itself the following: 142 more words

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Freedom of speech (or JK Rowling vs Donald Trump)

Freedom of speech is mostly  described as the right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas without fear of censorship or even retaliation by government.

According to the Guardian the author JK Rowing has told Pen America during a gala that she does not agree with banning Donald Trump from the UK because, in her opinion almost everything he says is objectionable. 251 more words