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You can have redemption too, here's how.

You can have the grace of God and be strengthened by His Holy Spirit just as I have been. It feels like the greatest love that you have ever felt, like the first time that you fell in love only better, MUCH better! 299 more words

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Urge for Coffee Controlled by Genes!

There is barely a being in the world who is not fond of coffee. Most people consume more than two cups a day especially when they are working in offices. 122 more words

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How to be Happy?!

Happiness is the simplest, most important ingredient for good life. It is supposed to be an involuntary feeling that arises without our efforts. It is mostly based on our surroundings, events and happenings. 206 more words

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Scuba Diving Does You Wonders!

It is absolutely enjoyable to dive deep into the water and explore the world beneath. People love to have this experience and spend big bucks on planning vacations to scuba diving holiday spots. 215 more words

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Writing - handwriting or typing 

Writing is one of the most enjoyable things to do in life. Blogging is one thing but what about sitting at a nice desk and have a fountain pen and paper to hand. 103 more words


Good and bad days

Like every human being there are good, not so good and even bad days for me.

Today is a not so good day but I realise that me feeling not so well is not all that important at all. 180 more words


Writing about what matters to me.

Whilst writing every day in a notebook, publishing a blog is something different.

Do I want to do this and is there anybody out there who might be interested. 192 more words