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Unique thought.. and a Lord of the Rings musical! (Saxy Gimli)

How often do you have a thought in your mind and then think to yourself;

I wonder has anyone else ever had this same thought before? 1,159 more words

A Little Creation

The blog created, a name finally forged.

Christmas 2016, I had a self realisation that I often don’t do the things that I enjoy, I manage to spend much of my time essentially doing nothing of note, nothing which brings any benefit to my life in any way. 1,329 more words

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I Think I Get It Now - Trump and Russian Dots Connected

These articles, plus the ones out there about Robert Mercer, put the bow on it all. I’m unsure how much more simple understanding Trump’s rise could be. 319 more words

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Pain, the reminder we're not home yet

Almost three years and my heart still races with love! God’s love is so clear yet bubbly, filling my heart when He comes to mind, which continues to be nearly every moment. 179 more words

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Brain Cells and Inheritance of Genes!

For every newcomer to the world, family and friends instantly begin to speculate who the baby will be like – mother or father! This speculation has proved unanswerable for the reason that one can never guess the outcome. 140 more words

Bentham Science Publishers

DNA - a tall story

No other words for it – I’m excited! Part of my Christmas present was sending off my DNA kit to AncestryDNA and six weeks on, the final part of my Christmas present has been dropped into my email account – the results. 651 more words

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