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Embrace positivity 

Here is where I am able to be an open diary and alos therapeutic for you. Its not about a love that’s not yours or a love that is unfamilar. 61 more words

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Our Initial Learning Curve

Now in our sixth week, we are still learning so much about the health system and culture here, but also trying to crack on and start ‘getting stuff done’. 991 more words

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Where Stem Cells Research Is Heading?

This very millennium, 2000s, is dominated from the start with the novel idea of regenerating living organs, tissues and cells. The idea may have existed for long but only recently it is being researched and applied practically. 165 more words

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All I wanted was what my dad never gave me, mother couldnt display to me and what all the emotional women didnt feel.

But instead Im still broken. 34 more words

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The Deadly Chain - ADHD to Substance Abuse to Suicide or Homicide!

This millennium is pretty dangerously marked with events where people have either taken their own lives or lives of others around them for apparently no significant reason. 292 more words

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Ignoring the lights.

Well we made it. Somehow.

The engine warning light came on just as we were about to enter that 17km tunnel under the Swiss Alps but Vlad kept on going and as we practically freewheeled 400 miles or so down into Italy (forgive the mixed units, I’m too tired to care), I was thinking, ‘we have to go back up this somehow … loaded with cheap wine and olive oil!’ 308 more words

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Real Lie

I could always keep a secret.

Most of my deepest secrets consisted of you. Yet you betray me?

You scream loyality as strong as I scream help. 44 more words

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