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Health Benefits of Deep Breathing

When we are stressed, angry or anxious, we might experience rapid, shallow breathing, tightened muscles, and other negative symptoms. Not only do these unpleasant symptoms feel bad, they may also lead to heart problems, sleeplessness, increased blood pressure, infections and autoimmune diseases in the long run, if experienced repeatedly. 161 more words

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Hull Christmas Light Celebration

Once again I have taken time from University to work with a local company to set up and take down all the lighting equipment for the Hull Christmas Lights. 106 more words


Lahat ng bagay ay mayroong simula at wakas, wala namang permanente sa mundo.

*cries in the corner*
*insert dramatic music*
*music fading*

Hephep! Bago tayo magdrama, may tanong muna ‘ko sayo..

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High Protein Intake Aggravates HIV

Today, 1st of December, is observed as World Aids Day to support the people suffering with AIDS caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). For the last few decades there has been great attention given to HIV/AIDS with focus on its occurrence, causes, growth, harmfulness and possible preventions and cure. 146 more words

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Natural Ways to Keep Teeth Healthy

Avoid Fizzy Drinks

Soda is delicious but also equally dangerous for your teeth. In fact, the two ingredients, phosphoric acid and citric acid, that give soda its flavor also softens teeth enamel that makes teeth more vulnerable to cavities. 208 more words

Louvre Abu Dhabi Visit

  Have you ever wondered if you can discover art from the ancient ages to our time? Well, i think now you can do this. One week ago, i visited The Louvre Abu Dhabi museum. 458 more words

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And so it begins...

Well hello there fellow Christians. I am hoping that this will be something that brings others together. My sole purpose in this blog, is to show those of all denominations and religions the views of an ordinary everyday Christian man. 149 more words

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