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Accounts payable controls 

I can remember my time working in a manufacturing company as a financial controller and later a systems manager like it was yesterday.  One of the great experiences I had was working with and configuring SAP. 88 more words

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How to get Your Mobile Marketing to Perform

We all know that mobile devices have become the preferred media for prospects looking to buy. Given this, it’s important you have a mobile marketing plan that is responsive to this fact so you can effectively reach your prospects where they are. 434 more words

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An Update on Nintendo's Universal Studios Theme Parks

Several months ago, we learned that Nintendo had partnered with Universal Studios Theme Parks to create a Nintendo-themed set of attractions. Since this news was revealed, not much has been shared about the project, beyond the fact that Shigeru Miyamoto has been working closely with the designers to create the experience that Nintendo wants for their IP. 486 more words


SEO and Content Marketing: Your Dynamic Lead Gen Duo

You know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You’re creating content for your marketing plan. But, are you connecting the dots between the two? SEO and content marketing must be viewed synergistically. 438 more words

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Check me out in Dirge Magazine!

I had the privilege of writing for Dirge Magazine!

I talk about ectoplasm, the white stuff that leaked out of mediums during seances. I specifically explore how this otherworldly substance baffled the men of science and medicine, and how it was created by the sly women of Spiritualism. 33 more words

Paranormal History

The Numbers Support That 2017 Is The Year Of Video Marketing

I came across these statistics the other day about the value of video marketing. I wanted to share them on today’s blog and encourage everyone to keep them in mind as you’re working on your strategy for 2017. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Nintendo Announces The "Defenders of the Triforce" Puzzle Tour

Nintendo has announced a new multi-city experience centered around their beloved The Legend of Zelda franchise. The company has partnered with the renowned “escape room” designer, SCRAP. 566 more words