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Poor Communication Is Costing You More Than You Realize – Part 2

After laughing at the cartoon above I want to consider why we laugh. Do we laugh because this is far from reality? Do we laugh because this is how our competitor operates? 933 more words


7 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Your Content Marketing Drive Sales

Content marketing is in that awkward position. It’s been around long enough that everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon, but not around long enough that everyone knows just how to do that. 443 more words

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Where should you focus your HR Efforts in the future?

We all want to predict the future. I want to know which company will be the next AOL, or the next Apple. I want to know where to tell my kids to put their money so they can take care of me in in my old age in the same lifestyle they have grown accustomed to under my roof. 799 more words

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Poor Communication Is Costing You More Than You Realize – Part 1

Communication. This one single word touches every part of our lives, business or pleasure. With interpersonal relationships, it is essential that communication be above par. Communication is a make or break in any business. 1,321 more words


Buying Sight Unseen

Purchasing a car and life insurance online have many similarities.  People buy cars regularly sight unseen. You can go to Ebay or a national dealer like CarMax and find a car and have it shipped to you from anywhere in the United States. 1,169 more words

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Let Us Help You Show Off!

Let us give you the tools to showcase yourself!

Founded in August of 2016, Stumptown Studios is committed to bringing affordable digital media solutions to Portland, Oregon and elsewhere. 402 more words


Five Business Books That You Can Really Learn Something From


I’ve found that one of the great ways to learn is to learn from other people’s success and mistakes.  That’s why I love to read a good business book. 692 more words

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