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Ready Player One

So I am not much of a reader but this book is fantastic, I got this book in a Loot Carte about 3-4 months ago but never read it. 778 more words


Carrot Thief

Over the last few days a few people have reported all their carrots have been dug up. The culprit has yet to be identified but the suggestions are rabbits, squirrels, badgers or foxes. 41 more words

General Chat

The Classics - Terminator

Last night I didn’t managed to get online for my usual races as I was at the cinema watching a classic film.

Due to the new, Terminator Genisys been released they have fully remastered the original film and boy does it look good. 358 more words


Grand Theft Auto 5, How they got it so right.

If you follow me on twitter, you may know I finally got my hands on a copy of GTA5 on the PC. I may review it at some point, but with so many reviews for it already out, I’m unsure what I could add to those previously written. 628 more words


Build Suggestions For @V3IN_ On Twitter.

@V3IN_ contacted me on Twitter asking if a PC he had been offered would be good for gaming and rendering, it was running an old Radion 7770 which is the equivalent of a R7 250X and an older A8 CPU. 653 more words


Negative Space Embroidery

My earlier blog on this wonderful negative space design by Follow the White Bunny got me thinking about negative space embroidery.

I knew this would happen – you see a great idea on someone’s blog and can’t get the concept out of your head all day. 78 more words



I love reading other people’s crafty blogs, do you? I have a list of around 10 in my favourites bar and I love nothing more than grabbing a cuppa on a Sunday and having a peek at the crafty shenanigens they’ve all been getting up to in the past week. 93 more words