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They Keep On Crafting In Suffolk

A while ago I received an invitation to complete a workshop for the All Counties Challenge from the lovely Mandy at Keep On Crafting in Bury Saint Edmunds. 559 more words

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If You Go Down To The Woods Today ...

… you’re in for a little surprise.

For the filthy minded the title of this post, and its content, probably won’t match up to your expectations. 151 more words

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Into The Woods


Even though I had a massive de-clutter before leaving my home there were a few things that I didn’t get rid of, despite them still being unfinished. 159 more words

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All Counties Craft Challenge Diary - Getting Crafty In Essex

Hello my blog chums. How on earth are you? Well, I hope.

Now, in my last post I left things on a little cliffhanger, so in traditional style I should recap what that was… 1,359 more words

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All Counties Craft Challenge Diary - All About The Admin, Almost

Well hello there my cheeky little blog hoppers. How are things with you this week?

*awaits response*

Quiet today, aren’t we? Well, while you think of what you have been up to, allow me to fill you in on the jaunts of Maisy and John. 944 more words

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All Counties Craft Challenge Group Workshop - Clay Cross, Derbyshire

Woohoo! Another one confirmed!

This time I shall be winging my way over to Clay Cross in Derbyshire to visit Hinge and Bracket! 156 more words

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