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Views On The news: 17th of April 2015.

Its been a big week for PC gamers, with the release of Mortal Kombat X and GTAV. It’s also rumored that Star Wars Battlefront 3 will be officially announced today. 455 more words


Deals of the week.

Humble Bundle is back on form with my favorite deal of the week, the Origin Bundle is chock full of top class titles. But it does mean you need to use Origin for most of the games, but for the deal its well worth it. 342 more words


Bundle Stars Factions Bundle.

Just to give you guys a heads up, Bundle Stars has a great Factions Bundle right now and it only has 5 hours till it goes up. 69 more words



So while I was at work my other half came in (she had just finished work herself) and gave me some flowers. I’ve never been given flowers before and it was rather sweet. 118 more words


Why Bloody Try...

So I’ve been trying to help a few people out as of late and I’ve had nothing but crap thrown in my face while trying to help. 96 more words


Views On The News 10th of April 2015

Videogame Publishers: No Preserving Abandoned Games, Even for Museums and Archives, Because All “Hacking” is Illegal

The Entertainment Software Association doesn’t want anyone to restore the functionality of older videogames that are no longer supported by their publisher, because, says ESA, this is “hacking,” and all hacking is “associated with piracy.”

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