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Bits and pieces

I miss my truck. Well, it was not mine. It was the company vehicle assigned to me at my last job in Zimbabwe before I emigrated. 608 more words

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Hotel oranges

The grapefruit tree in my garden is bearing fruit for the first time.  Two grapefruit are almost ripe for the picking. Judging by the abundant flowers on the tree, there will be more. 379 more words

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Mild Spoilers - More Scenes!

I spent Sunday working on the next set that is needed.  The homestead of Boyd and Eudora.  So many of my writing teachers have said “show, don’t tell.” so that is exactly what I am going to do. 115 more words

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The Process of Creating a Comic Part 2

So I have the raw photos from Second Life, the graphic program I use to make this comic.  They look fantastic, right?

Not usually.

They  usually are too dark, or missing props, or I like the look of one pose in one picture and the face in another picture, or the sky isn’t right, or the lighting is off. 382 more words

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Day #4 attempts derailment

Today had an interesting start.

I woke up really stressed having had a really complicated bad dream. I’d been doing battle with my bicycle as I had a puncture, and my chain had come off. 584 more words

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People sometimes say that I am strong because I seem to cope quite well with my life. I am not strong. I have buffers.

Buffers mitigate the shock or damage caused by incompatible or antagonistic forces. 173 more words

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Ichor of heaven, dewdrops. Sometimes I say silly things out loud to myself. That phrase implies that Greek gods have been awfully busy spilling their immortal lifeblood. 166 more words

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