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For guarding the harem use Eunuchs
They work best if left with their pricks
So a slide down two planks
Then they only fire blanks… 45 more words


Tom Swift

Go on. Admit you haven’t a clue what a Tom Swifty is.

I won’t help. You google it  :)

Ericka wrote (in around 2000)

“Dear Jane may I speak to you frankly? 58 more words



The Russian ladies looking for men were an early group of spammers.

In alt.jokes.limericks they were a source of inspiration.

Now you are raising my angst, 53 more words


Claire and Jack Frost

A small frozen river Claire crossed
Unaware of the wiles of Jack Frost
Until through her blouser
He quietly aroused her
As her nipples he gently accost(ed)

Ærchie 2001



A welcome to a new member of alt.jokes.limericks

Jillianne we hope you will stay
And please, just what’s that that you say?
Ah, your body is tight… 15 more words



Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to take a peek at CJ’s Custom Closet!

So, now that I’ve given you the long-story-short of how my company came to be, please stick around a little while and see what we have to offer! 73 more words

General Chatter

Cardinal Pell

28th Sept, 2003

I don’t want to sound trite and snippy
But John Paul has gone strange and dippy
He’s named old George Pell
A new Cardinal* 21 more words