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Reporting in After a Busy Weekend

This weekend was spent running around in the woods with 70+ other people, trying not to get eaten by zombies, or have raiders steal what little resources our ‘town’ has.   254 more words


Blogmas Day 6!

Ho ho ho whadya know it’s me again! It’s hard writing for blogmas when you have a full time job. Nothing really festive happens at work… we’re revving up for Secret Santa at work. 375 more words

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Blogmas day 5

Happy 5th of December!! 20 more days til we wake up and open presents! There’s not much to talk about today. We went to the Oakham Christmas Market this evening and enjoyed a pink lady cider from The Grainstore Brewery. 62 more words

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Blogmas Day 4

Yes I treat my dog like a child. The whole house is festive and cute but Grace’s blankets were still in autumn! Not to worry… I bought her a duvet set from ASDA today! 228 more words

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Blogmas Day 3

Oops so major fail. I didn’t blog the first 3 days. I thought I’d take a stab at blogging even just a few sentences every day this month! 269 more words

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Xmas diy

With the reconnaissance and planning underway for decluttering the spare room I decided to take a short break and embark on a new and exciting project – 181 more words

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Happy Thanksgiving

I don’t really celebrate Columbus and pilgrims and all that jazz.  Not when there are Native Americans have suffered and continue to suffer because of this weird mindset that we are allowed to take what we want and ignore the suffering of those caught between us and our prize.   252 more words

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