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3 Day Weekends

Well, clearly I’ve lost track of my blogging ambitions, but I can’t be the first or the last. It’s not for lack of want, I’ll say that much. 666 more words

Well Then

Hi y’all! It is I, your Supreme Being Overlord!

I only announce myself as such, because it’s comical how far from the truth that actually is. 57 more words

General Chatter

Shore to shore


While I sprinted barefoot into the curve of the bay on the hard beach sand pounded flat by the ebbing tide, that’s what my beloved who stayed behind wrote on the shore with—just in case— the one crutch that accompanied us on holiday. 106 more words

General Chatter

day 18: musings at a laundromat

I probably haven’t even mentioned the animal situation at home, since so much of it has changed in the past eight months. In August of 2017, I noticed that our 10 year old dog Daisy was having difficulty breathing, and had lost a scary amount of weight. 774 more words


Another ode to time

There was a life, somewhere between the coincidence of stepping on a manhole at the precise moment all the lights in the neighbourhood went out at once—oh, so briefly– while walking back from an… 342 more words

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A Simple Place to Start

Dear Elwen,

I’ve never been especially talented at consistently publishing blog posts.  You probably shouldn’t anticipate that to start now, but we will see what may be accomplished with this most recent attempt.  412 more words

General Chatter

How Fast?

For many decades car manufacturers have been putting complicated, expensive technology into cars just to let us know how fast we’re going. And it’s right there in front of us on the dash, showing us how many miles or kilometers per hour we’re going. 557 more words