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Light relief

Quite clearly, this image reveals that I have mastered the art of levitating in an upright position above an arbitrary, somewhat smudged mandala. Nonsense. It is another of those examples of… 665 more words

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All About Jen

Jen wanted me to write a blog about her, so I am.

I love her a lot. She’s the one for me. I’m not joking. If I wasn’t married to her, I’d be married to someone who made me more miserable than she does, and that wouldn’t work out. 419 more words

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The fact that there exist machines which can make images of the soft tissue surrounding one’s vertebrae, for example, is amazing. That when one gets the radiologist’s report in duplicate, and finds not one but two CDs (one compact disc for each copy of the report) is also surprising. 615 more words

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Between the lines

The village train station is testimony to the potential of buildings to crumble if not inhabited. I was surprised therefore to see that that such order and solid strength was built into the re-purposed railway sleeper crossing which led from one side of the tracks to the other. 981 more words

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This Sucks

We went out drinking last night. This is not something we do. Ever. Last time we went out drinking was probably 7 years ago.

I got a decent buzz, but didn’t drink like I wanted to because I had to drive. 273 more words


Swollen Taste Buds

Have you ever had a swollen taste bud? Man, those things suck. They hurt, but only slightly. Kinda like some really tiny dude is standing on your tongue, but he’s also pinching it with his tiny dude hands. 703 more words


Now is my chance

What a silly saying! Now is always my chance. There is no other time. Only now.

Only, now is my chance, before other things take up my time, to squeeze in a quick blog, because there is only so much learning about terminology management that any sensible soul can take. 208 more words

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