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RIP Malcolm Young

I heard it on the radio. I cried. I’ve loved his music since I was 8. Thirty years his music has been in my life’s playlist. 17 more words

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Happy Birthday!

Here’s a trick question. How many birthdays have you had?

The answer is one! Cause you were only born once. Our birthdays are just days to celebrate that one day. 1,276 more words


Prophet Update!

If you have been following the comic for a while you know that I started it with the help of several of my friends.  They put together the avatar, we set up photo shoots and I did the rest. 456 more words

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Ariel White Out

I decided to take a non-traditional approach to the ‘black out’ method of poetry writing. Instead I have chosen to ‘white out’, this is effective on a white background because it can give the illusion that there are no words concealed and that the poem was intended to look the way it does. 59 more words


I Forgot The Title To This Post

Maybe I’m just getting forgetful in my old age. Maybe the famous side effects of marijuana are taking their toll.

But I’ve been driving my current car for almost a year, and by now you’d think I’d be used to it and everything about it. 636 more words


While Out Today...

My brakes went out on my car, like, overnight. No squeaking was involved, no warnings. One day they were good, the next day they were grinding. 755 more words

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To all that may ever stumble across this dreadful excuse of a first blog post, hello!

I am aiming to use this space as essentially a brain vomit for all of my writing, and general life related bits and bobs. 47 more words

General Chatter