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Cooking and Baking in Modena

From March and into April, I have been having a go at cooking and baking things by myself from scratch that I have either been shown how to do by Valentina or with the baking; watched a YouTube video of! 446 more words

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28) How's CK?

How’s ChemoKid? ┬áIt’s a good question, always relevant.

Cancer a bit of a twat, but, it does make people look up and take note. People tend to appreciate things more. 634 more words

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Batgirl Jada Lynn

I’ve been on a mad hunt for the perfect animal that would serve as an Emotional Support Animal for Bug and a perfect completion to our family. 106 more words

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Postal Surprise for Easter

After returning from my trips to Verona and Trento, the family had returned earlier than planned as they had booked a last minute trip to Vienna, Austria for the Easter weekend so were back home for a night. 178 more words

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Blogging from bed

Ever since that silly advert claiming that smartphone and WiFi technology combined meant that because translation is such a straightforward activity requiring so little effort it could be accomplished while sitting on the toilet, I have found myself from time to time wondering about where exactly my friends post their Facebook and other contributions from. 612 more words

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Swap Party Social in Modena

Social media is impacting everyday life in many ways as we are all aware. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages but I recently used Facebook as a way to connect new people and meet up in person with them. 583 more words

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