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Hunger Nightmares

I hate when I get hungry at inappropriate times. Like 3 AM. Isn’t that the worst? You’re sitting on your couch, watching late night TV cause you just smoked a bowl and late night TV finally makes sense to you. 284 more words


The lasagne connection

The thing that joined my birthday to that of my now deceased beloved woman was lasagne. My birthday is in early February and hers was in mid-March.  331 more words

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Myth aside, the thing about Aphrodite rising from the waves is that she is no different from countless other women who, each in their own time and their own way, have stood, feet planted in the sand, naked and proud, while the waves and winds swirled about; women who felt strong, so mightily strong and alive. 60 more words

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Cirrus Floccus

The skies are one of my favorite things about living in Texas. They’re huge. They never cease to amaze me. I’ve always been partial to sunsets and sunrises, but the daytime skies here really are worthy a of look up. 178 more words


Mark the day

In the early dawn half-light, I lay curled up under the covers like a chongololo, and in a now familiar mild panic as I asked myself the question, “What am I going to do with the rest of my life?” I never answer this question directly, but progress to that mental to-do list of unwelcome but necessary tasks; the list although tackled with dogged determination for years, never diminishes to nothing. 96 more words

General Chatter

I Mean, Literally

As I’ve said before, I’m a fairly literal guy. If you say something, I take it as that. I can sense sarcasm, so it’s not that I’m literal 100% of the time. 923 more words