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Ah what the heck! It’s a gorgeous day outside… just decided to come in for a bit to get away from the sun and save my skin. 246 more words

General Chatter

My Favourite Italian Words and Phrases

My favourite words or phrases in Italian for the way they sound written here in no particular order. Some are the way that Francesca says them to be honest, so seeing them written down takes away her dramatisation of the phrases! 71 more words

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Looking Forward Though the Darkness

So for those who don’t know.  I have rather severe anxiety attacks.  Shaking, posturing and blackouts happen if I don’t catch them in time.  It was pretty scary when I first started having them a few years ago, now it is just painful.   425 more words

Things I Love

My candy cart 

I love to bake, it’s one of my favourite hobbies even though I have not nearly done as much baking as I’d like recently, however, I also have something else I enjoy too – having my own sweet (or candy) cart! 234 more words

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What better way to welcome a hot Monday afternoon following the hottest day on record this summer in my corner of the Algarve than to witness an Irish bride and bridesmaids alighting from hired vintage cars at the door of the São Sebastião Church – which dates back to 1759, by the way – in the village of Boliqueime? 647 more words

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Happy Canada Day everyone! I know this is kind of late but I wanted to talk aboot it anyway. I’ve been living in the UK for 4 years now and there’s just something special about celebrating Canada Day in another country. 208 more words

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Restructuring My Perfect Plan

I went to school to sit prettily at my desk in expensive heels and perfectly manicured nails and tick away on my keyboard while my personal phone rang and I told my assistant to take a message because I was far too busy meeting a deadline to take a call. 866 more words

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