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Passage of time takes no prisoners

It’s easy to take things for granted when things are going well. The dynamic of how you act and think changes drastically when things start going sideways, especially when it’s not happening directly to you, but to everyone around you who you care for deeply. 571 more words

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3 things I've learned after 3 months as a houseparent...

I’m just a couple of days short of my 3 month adventure as a houseparent, and there are some things that I’ve learned about house-parenting that I had not considered when I worked with PC’s. 993 more words

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The Driving Dilemma

Although there is some science that suggests that teleportation is possible, that science isn’t available to me. And that’s unfortunate because being a houseparent would benefit from such technologies. 838 more words

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New chapter in my life...

I found myself telling an executive manager this in the middle of a meeting: “It’s not that I’m right and you are wrong, although I am right, and you are painfully wrong. 592 more words

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Happy New Year

So it would seem 2017 has snuck up on us and has presented itself with a load bang (both figuratively and literally)!

As we have the kids our New Years isn’t all out partying any more but instead we usually have a family games night! 139 more words

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