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Ways to tackle depression | peeruloveseverything

​Hey everyone,

Today’s topic is something that has consciously or unconsciously become a part of our life and is significantly affecting us.


It is the most common words listened nowadays. 511 more words

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A Glimpse Inside The Art Of Fire Emblem Awakening

The Art of Fire Emblem Awakening, brought to us by Dark Horse Comics, was released to the states recently featuring a wide variety of artwork and drawings from all aspects of this amazing game. 753 more words

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Mi Kee is something I haven’t really explored beyond original ideas and that I have several books in mind.

Mioned and the bandages needs to stay within the story and not external politics as I keep taking the plot into the UK bunch of idiots… 135 more words

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Why choose a career in Cyber Security , Specially in a country like Sri Lanka

Are you expecting a bit different career from other IT professionals?  Waiting for something new? This is a great time to consider a new career as a cyber security professional. 209 more words

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We Are Being Controlled And Brainwashed

Imagine a country with no Bill of Rights. Imagine a country with no Constitution. Imagine a country where the rich and powerful get away with heinous atrocities, and the proles who attempt to speak out are silenced or thrown in jail, expected to “know their place”. 690 more words

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Nintendo Is Releasing A Pikachu Card In Pure Gold

Pokemon is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary and The Pokemon Company is going big with the merchandise with the plan to release a golden Pikachu card. Unlike the gold plated pokemon cards that Burger King released years ago, the Pokemon Company claims that this card is made of “Pure gold.” 109 more words

Three Games That Could Evolve With Virtual Reality

We’ve only taken our first steps into the massive world that is virtual reality, but even so we can clearly see how it can evolve our gaming experience. 458 more words