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The sequential art of dolls - Scott McCloud's Making Comics

I read Scott McCloud’s “Understanding comics” years ago, when I was thinking of making an adventure game. It’s a high-level look at the art of comics – well worth a read if you’re doing anything in the realm of sequential art. 680 more words

Fashion Dolls

Dank Means

Todays post is phoned in.

My computer is waiting for a new battery, so I’m using my phone. Be grateful I’m a caereful editor.

In the past few weeks, the tone of communications amongst human interfacers has continued its downward trend from hostile to beligerently unyielding. 225 more words

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Discovering the Potential within Yourself

Discover the potential within yourself to spiral up into greater coherence at a physical, mental, emotional and spirit level. What holds us back from attaining what we truly want in our life? 495 more words

The Healing Journey

Give Your Business an Acupuncture Tune-Up

Using the 5 Element Theory of acupuncture and the related business qualities of each meridian as presented in Chloe Wordsworth’s “Transforming Five Element and Meridian Patterns with RR” you can reset the energy for any aspect of your business.   588 more words

5 Elements

The Continuation of Campus Protests

College campus protests are becoming more and more routine, like death, taxes, and LeBron James getting out of the first round of a playoff series. 941 more words

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Stress & the power of the Inner Tradition

…of Chinese Acupuncture to help us evolve to a higher understanding of our present circumstances

By Chloe Faith Wordsworth November 20th 2016
(reprinted with permission) 1,389 more words

5 Elements

Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach reblogged this on Repatterning Journal and commented:

Do you remember that absolutely wonderful repatterning Chloe facilitated at the last RPA Conference? This was the source article for her presentation http://www.rpamembers.com/RPAAnnualConference2017

Never give up!

The world is sometimes cruel and it can hurt you in ways you may never be able to recover from. However, despite how bad things might look you can never give up on what you truly believe in or you may never know what you are capable of. 349 more words

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