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How GE Tests its Turbofan Engines

The engines used on commercial airliners operate in an extremely harsh environment, sucking in -50°C (-58°F) air at 850kph (520mph). The tests they perform on these engines are simple and rigorous, they run the engine and then throw whatever the engine could be expected to encounter into them; birds, water, ice and extremely cold air. 219 more words


Read Thomas Lockwood: 5 Key Trends In Design Leadership 

General Electric, the nation’s largest industrial company, recently announced it will relocate its headquarters from suburban Connecticut to tech-centric Boston. Intriguingly, of the 800 employees going to the new headquarters, only 200 will be top executives. 622 more words

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That time when we ate super-powered hot sauce live on Facebook

I’ve officially been at TechCrunch for a week and a half now, which I’ve been informed is the hot sauce anniversary. You know, the one where Thrillist sends you a bottle of scientifically-engineered hot sauce made from peppers with names like the Trinidad moruga scorpion, Carolina reaper and the only slightly less ominously named ghost pepper. 441 more words


GE union members hold nationwide protests

WATERFORD, N.Y. (NEWS10) — GE union members nationwide held rallies Wednesday protesting changes to the company’s retiree healthcare program.

Former and current GE employees are holding rallies similar to the protest held at the Schenectady GE site April 21. 113 more words


GE negotiating with foreign oil company in Egypt to participate in developing offshore Mediterranean oil field

General Electric (GE) plans to invest $340m in the Egyptian market this year, $200m of which will be directed to establish a multi-modal manufacturing and training facility in Suez. 1,309 more words

GE Continues Quirky Image Do-Over With Hot, Hot, Hot Sauce

General Electric continues to rebrand itself from an industrial power of the last century, into something hipper, newer, and um, hotter.

It has introduced a line of hot sauce. 360 more words


FAA Says Boeing 787 Dreamliners Have 'Urgent Safety Issue'

The Federal Aviation Administration is ordering fixes on General Electric engines used on some Boeing 787 Dreamliners after it found that an icing problem can cause the engines to shut down mid-flight. 242 more words