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Federal Income Tax:  How To Steal From a The Poor And Give To The Rich

While the average American citizen is gearing up to spend their income tax return, companies like General Electric and Verizon Communications paid no federal taxes in 2014. 50 more words


How Companies use Instagram

With social media becoming a larger part of companies’ success, there is a pressure to have an account on every social media platform. While Facebook and Twitter are the first sites a company joins, Instagram has finally come into play in regards to companies and their products. 461 more words

General Electric invests in Italy, short interest declines

General Electric has  announced its recent business agreement in Italy to improve the research and development  projects in the oil and gas section which cost $600 million and will last for five years. 557 more words


Jack Welch: Supreme Manager

Fortune Magazine named him the greatest manager of the Twentieth Century. He took a well-managed and moderately successful corporation and grew it for 100 successive quarters, transforming it in the process. 900 more words

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Google's Parent Seizes Apple's Crown As Most Valuable U.S. Company

(Reuters) – Alphabet surpassed Apple Inc as the most valuable company in the United States in after-hours trading on Monday, knocking the iPhone maker from the top spot that it has held for the better part of four years. 521 more words


GE Is Going to Stop Making This Lightbulb

It’s lights out for the compact fluorescent lamp.

General Electric on Monday announced that it will stop producing its coiled CFL lightbulbs this year in the U.S. 155 more words


The Real Story: CT's budget, taxes, and GE's departure

HARTFORD – With the 2016 state legislature about to convene on Wednesday,  Senators Rob Kane (R -Watertown) and Cathy Osten (D –  Sprague) offer a preview of the debate to come, as they square off over the budget, taxes and GE’s decision to leave Connecticut for Boston. 19 more words

The Real Story