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here are the questions

1. can you tell us about yourself, and what kind of music you do: I am an outspoken person, love to have fun, do  exotic stuff, currently single no kids never been married hopefully one day never been arrested no type of background criminal record whatsoever always been a hard worker went out for what I want call myself trying to be helpful took people to work with me and that didn’t work out people want to fight me about the jobs employers was blessed me with for them to have bread in their pocket thank what broke the camel back was that they love the streets more than they love to work I am 28 years old going on 29 on May 6 always call myself helping people but never really paid attention that they didn’t want no help and when they come around I welcome people in with open arms but when I realize that they don’t mean me no good that the cause is pointless i remove myself from them and all hell breaks loose this is a little inside about myself I do R & B soul pop rap hip hop jazz blues pretty much anything I have yet met my match on any song I am unable to put my vocals to God has blessed me and I will use my voice to express my joy rather if it’s in the rap life are the gospel life I will use my voice passionately even on my deathbed if God is willing I have been raped by a female male at the age 8 a lot of stuff ask God why but truly the good ones through the crowd I helped was able to tell them my life story the hand what was dealt to me in my life was able to help some people who wanted a change in their life I did not run into all bad apples but God allowed me to be around people like that so I won’t allow it in my life ever again everything that had happen to me did not enable me to fall back but only push forward of filling a pain that I could not express until my light says to express it on the mic where I know this about all will be able to relate to a lot of my words that I am so grounded with in my life… 823 more words


Why Super Heroes Are Mainstream Now

Something has happened this decade, something that made every jock cry out “Nerrdsss” only to be silenced by the roar of the crowds.  Something has happened which has led to celebrations among nerds and the occasional lament from conspiracy theorists.  418 more words

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Well hello, who are you?

Custodian of the #younghygienist blog! Well I cannot guarantee I will be as funny, however I will exhaust all effort to be as enlightening as our #hygienegodintraining… 511 more words

Best Job In The World

Mmwhaaa Goodbye!

It’s been a while between posts. It’s been a nice break, but I have missed you my blog!

2014 was a great year. Over 730 people started following this blog from over 20 different countries (and counting). 295 more words

General Entertainment

When A "Joker" Speaks On Love

Today, in the late afternoon, I was at a cafe having my chocolate cupcake (the same one that I once jokingly said was a gift to… 439 more words


The Harms of Fame

A post that was shared on my Facebook news feed today. I read the full article as well, which can be found here.

It’s intriguing how I randomly stumble across these reminders or advice, when clearly I’m not the one that needs them. 1,488 more words