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Is the caterpillar alive?

That was the question a student had this morning.

The caterpillar was wiggling a bit, but didn’t look so good. Upon closer inspection, it appeared it had burst open, and something was actually… inside of it. 64 more words


General Entomology 2014

The fall semester has started, but instead of mourning the end of summer break, I’m quite excited to be teaching again. I am the TA for general entomology this fall, with my advisor as the instructor. 245 more words

General Entomology

Bad beetles

Dermestid beetles (family Dermestidae) can either be a useful ally or a nuisance, depending on your point of view. There are several hundred species worldwide, and many have found ways to either enrich or aggravate our lives. 514 more words


Great Mountain Forest

Last weekend we took the general entomology class to the Yale Camp at the Great Mountain Forest in Norfolk, CT. We joined up with the general entomology class from Yale. 213 more words


And a new adventure begins

Classes started this week – how did that happen so fast??

I am the TA for general entomology. Somehow ended up with four students from field entomology (you mean I didn’t scare them off?), which means they already know my tricks, which means I’ve got to come up with some new material (lectures, quizzes, jokes) this semester. 141 more words

General Entomology