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The Orphan

Freddie Redlake fled the north and came south to the city. He had to. It was that or be beaten to death, or be starved for days on end. 2,428 more words

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Zany, 100 words - #AtoZ Challenge

“You know,” I began. My brother doesn’t know anything, so it was a rhetorical statement. “If you cross a giraffe with an elephant, the result will just be a scaly grey giraffe. 132 more words

Flash Fiction

My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante

I began this book with great anticipation.  It had been recommended to me by a few different friends, each of whose opinions I respected, and the setting was even in Italy, where I’d just been fortunate enough to have visited only a few weeks before. 283 more words


Book Review: Self Defense by Uriel Lynn

Book Synopsis:

Five teenagers in a terror stricken country take courageous measures to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Youth is supposed to be fun and carefree. 460 more words

Standard Delivery by Claudine Cain

The ache my father left fled one day when I wasn’t paying attention. Perhaps it’s because we didn’t bury him. We couldn’t afford priority shipping so after a thirty year absence he arrived via USPS, on a Saturday morning, in a box sealed with tape that read “human remains” in blue block letters.  876 more words

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Xerox - #AtoZ Challenge

“Some gay people are sooo cool, you know? I mean, I like so many of them.”

“I know, right? They’re so easy to get along with.” 183 more words

Flash Fiction

Saint Frances Everlasting by Leila Allison

Charleston’s White Pig Tavern became legal at the end of Prohibition. Built on the outskirts of town along an old wagon trail later to be named Corson Street, and not far from the Philo Bay docks of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, the Pig began as a “gentlemen’s club” whose sawdust floor often collected the blood and teeth of erudite scholars whose learned observations ran contrary to those of their colleagues. 3,027 more words

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