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Getting bored?

Training is one of those things people feel like they need to do, and not really wanting to do any more.

I see some people actually dread coming to the gym, they walk through the door and pull the I cant be bothered face. 186 more words

A Belated Welcome to 2016

Hello 2016! Can’t believe I haven’t posted a single time since the New Year! Much has happened since my last post:

  1. New House: I moved! I love my new house and best of all it has a bigger kitchen ;) It also has more walking trails (which my pup is loving) and more space for things like yoga!
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General Fitness

Wearable health devices: proceed with caution

I’m glad to see this article in ScienceDaily (below).

Fitness is a HUGE business.  One that benefits me personally as well as financially.  So I don’t begrudge other trainers or businesses trying to get in on that, especially when the consumer benefits by becoming fitter. 743 more words

General Fitness

Boycotting The Super Bowl

Not watching the Super Bowl this year. Curmudgeon, contrarian, Patriots aren’t in it, fair weather fan, check all the boxes.  The NFL sucks. It’s a millionaire’s club where the rich get richer, the hypocrisy gets more hypocritical and my conscience can’t take it anymore.   1,581 more words

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How does one gain or lose a pound?

וויאזוי נעמט מען צי אדער פארלירט מען א פונט?

ווען א מענטש עסט, איז דא דעראין א צאל קאלאריס וואס די קערפער פארברענט כדי עס צו ניצן פאר ענערגיע.

Consistency Rules!

Consistency Rules!

One of the differences between ordinary and good players is consistency.

It’s a boring sounding word with a big effect.

Let’s look at few different kinds of consistency. 535 more words


HIT Body Weight Training

Not up for personal one-on-one sessions with Jean?  No worries.  Our HIT Body Weight Training Classes are 45 minutes of energetic high intensity training in a small group setting using nothing but your body as the mechanism for change. 208 more words

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