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Why you don't need to worry about weight.

When we look at weight as a measurement we instantly think if we have put on weight it’s fat.

Then that starts a downwards spiral, you start to lose motivation, because you thought you were doing good and then that happens. 164 more words

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How to lose fat from your arms!

Unfortunately I’ve lied to you with the title.

You Can’t spot reduce fat loss and choose from where you want to lose fat from. It just happens all over. 173 more words

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What do we need to know when dropping carbs?

People seem to think that its the carbs that make us fat.

You’re not wrong.

But you’re not right either.

Carbs can be included in any diet, you just need to make sure you don’t over eat it. 209 more words

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What are the foods that hinder fat loss?

Everyone knows what foods are classed as ‘bad foods’. But do they really have to be eliminated from your diet.

The foods that you simply can’t control yourself over and the ones you know you over eat on… 170 more words

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The Body Adapts.

Your body is smart, anything you do repeatedly, and consistently the body will adapt and it will get good at it. Everyone is different with how long it takes them to adapt. 193 more words

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Why you can't blame anything else for getting fat.

People like to blame other things as the reason to why they’re fat, other than the simple fact they’re overeating.

Someone said to me “Oh I don’t eat a lot though, so it must be my thyroid” 191 more words

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One thing to understand if you are going to track progress with scales.

Scales will always be one of the main ways to track progress, even though there are things to take into account.

People are obsessed with the number they see and are rarely happy with it. 133 more words

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