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Rep Routines

Rep routines are where you count out a number of repetitions for a total number of sets, as you get stronger you increase the number of reps while keeping the number of sets the same. 188 more words

Keeping Cool

By Sherry Steinman

Break out the blender and clean out the cooler! It’s summertime. There are many things we can do to keep cool and avoid heat-related stress when temperatures and humidity are high.  640 more words

General Fitness

Misconceptions About General Fitness-1

Skipping meals makes you lose weight fast

People who skip meal tend to be heavier than people who don’t as they overeat later              

 Starches are fattening… 31 more words

Food Facts And Issues

The 5 Benefits of Online Training

Online Training has become a cost effective way for anyone who cannot afford to meet a trainer face to face to have one in their pocket, literally!  409 more words

General Fitness

Deadlift Combo

Exercise of the week: Deadlift Combo

This weeks chosen exercise is a combination of two great exercises that rely on the most basic of all movement patterns, the hip hinge. 202 more words

General Fitness

Your Fitness and Diet Programs Don't Matter

Allow me to ask a simple question: How many fitness plans have you started? How many diet plans have you started?

Did they work?

A follow-up question: How many times have you said to yourself, “This time I mean it! 1,467 more words

General Fitness

Pyramid of Fitness

Often times when someone approaches me to help them in their fitness journey, I’ll prescribe exercises and movements that they may not have expected. For instance, someone interested in weight loss might expect to be doing circuit training to increase their heart rate, or a combination of diet and cardio training, which I would usually recommend. 1,015 more words

General Fitness