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A Mixed Bag of Results....

So this blog is going to develop in the form of a rather random diary I think, mostly because I didn’t get his big and this unfit overnight so guys n girls we are looking at a long old road here, hence the target of 40 giving me just under 3 years, well no 39, 18 months to get this weak body into some form of strength, perhaps not strong man kind of strength but enough to kick butt should I be suddenly taken ill. 948 more words

Workout Creativity

Many workouts have variations that can be done to create more resistance, build strength, or workout longevity.

These can be done with variations

Push ups-Try using one arm on each side to finish the workout… 27 more words


A Better Life Comes From Taking Action

It is the process of action that changes the natural state of things. For the most part the universe is dark and cold. It is the action of the sun that warms our planet. 440 more words


Musings of an overweight....fit for 39.

Overweight and unfit, this time last 18 months ago I could run 10k, what’s changed I hear you ask? Illness? Drastic change in circumstances? Nope none of them I just stopped, I didn’t find the time. 841 more words

Unpredictable Speed

Speed is best utilized in training on your own timeline and pace. It can develop fast or slow depending on the response to workouts.

Recommendations… 20 more words

General Fitness

Building Blox Fitness

The focus is on health and fitness in a creative, personalized fashion that inspires motivation and growth.

Choose an artpath in the menu for sports, fitness specialization, or other routes chosen. 19 more words


Hello! My name is Juliet and I’ve a story to share.

When I was much younger, I was considered ‘obese’ and put into a physical fitness club at school that consisted of skipping tea breaks, and while my entire school had tea breaks, I, with a group of other prepubescent teens, had to run in front of the entire school. 414 more words

General Fitness