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Being able to to become stronger isn’t just throwing weight on a bar and lifting it. It requires some degree of skill. Some exercises require more skill than others. 382 more words

General Fitness

My Fitness Plan

I don’t know whether my stars finally aligned and everything started to fall into place, but I’ve made fitness plans (some might say quite ambitious ones) and I intend to stick to them. 701 more words

General Fitness

Pssst! Do You Want to Know the Secret to a Killer Core, a Slimline Waist and Abs of Steel?

So you are here to learn the secret to killer Abs? Want me to let you in on the secret that the whole fitness industry knows about and doesn’t want you, the average Joe to know about? 1,242 more words

Introducing Trav Fit

Like many personal trainers, I had a strong interest in all things sport and fitness, having been involved in some form of sport his whole life; from competitive swimming and gymnastics in my youth, through to currently holding a first-degree Tae Kwon Do black belt. 93 more words

Personal Trainer Moana

Top 10 Mistakes Made in the Gym and I Don't Just Mean the Beginners

Okay, I’m starting off by saying beginners in the gym but being a Personal Trainer working in a gym, I’m going to put this out there, this blog post is not just aimed at the beginners, it’s aimed at every single person who uses a gym. 2,227 more words

Top 6 Training Myths for Men Debunked, How You can get an Amazing Body and What or Who is the Biggest Gym Problem?

Who wants a bet that more women will read this blog than men, especially those men who think they know everything when it comes to training in the gym, those men who think they are gods amongst mortals, we all know who they are. 1,642 more words

Women and Training Myths

The fitness industry screws with women, you read those fitness articles in women’s magazines and they tell you how to get the body that you’ve always wanted in 6 weeks, that you can look like that girl in the picture and you’ll be ready for that holiday. 2,345 more words