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Active Recovery : Making The Most Of Rest Day

For those of us absolutely obsessed with training, taking a rest day can seem like a curse. We could be done for the week, finished with our… 958 more words


9 Reasons why you shouldn't stop training because summer is over.

Why stop training now the summer is over to undo all of the hard work you’ve put in to just do the same thing next year? 147 more words

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A question I always get asked.

‘How have you got to where you are today?’

Consistency and patience.

I posted a picture on Facebook/Instagram of my progress over 5 years and this questioned was asked by many people. 152 more words

Fat Loss & Toning

Think Core Strength; Not Six Pack

You’d think that having a six-pack is the epitome of a strong core. Truth is, having a washboard abs isn’t necessarily an indicator of real, brute core strength. 765 more words


Mindset and beliefs affects on training and nutrition goals.

Mindset and Beliefs.

These are so concepts that people will have when it comes to setting and achieving their goal.

Now in order for anyone to be able to achieve their goal they mindset and belief need to be in alignment. 133 more words

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Why a bowl of cereal isn't the best for brekky.

‘I have a bowl of cereal every morning, that’s healthy isn’t it?’

Cereal is one of the most common breakfasts people have. Reasons why, it’s easy and quick to prepare and yeah some of them do taste amazing lets be honest. 202 more words

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Why a diet tends to fail.

When it comes to dieting, people see that they need to eliminate certain foods because, they’re the foods that are causing them to gain weight. 213 more words

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