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Further Diet Restrictions

A few weeks ago, my doctor put me on a lactose-free diet. She suspected I was lactose intolerant despite testing negative to a milk allergy (if you’re curious, a milk allergy is referring to the milk protein, while a lactose intolerance is referring to the lactose enzyme). 184 more words

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Want To Look Sexier?

Start lifting weights then!

Losing weight you do achieve this by doing cardio, but then what? You will have no definition no muscle tone, and you will have a skinny look appearance, which then puts you at the other end of the spectrum to losing weight. 194 more words

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A few tips if you are aching from the gym.

After an intense gym session or the first gym session for a while we ache, everybody knows this now, but some people are a bit wary than others because they think it shouldn’t last as long. 309 more words

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How to Eat Healthier on a Budget

One of the biggest challenges I hear from people when they switch to eating a healthier diet is that it’s so much more expensive then what they normally buy. 848 more words

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Should You Really Train on an Injury?

Training on an injury has many benefits, but obviously there are risks, however not many people use exercise as a form of recovery, and end up taking more time off, probably making the injury duration a little longer. 211 more words

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'Stubborn fat'- How to get rid of it?

There’s always that ‘stubborn’  bit of fat that we have that we cant seem to know why its still there and it always seems to be in the places we don’t want it most, back of the arms, tummy area, inner thigh or the butt. 137 more words

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