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What Is Strength

I have a whole lot of drafts on this blog- partial posts I started writing and never finished. Trying to go back and actually finish and post some of them, starting with this one. 690 more words

Weight Lifting

6.28.15 - Speech! Speech! Speech!

Sometimes you just need a little motivation. Whether it’s the life lessons of our society’s most successful people or fictional characters lifting up those around them in their moments of glory, a good speech has the power to stir the soul. 190 more words


10,000 Steps A Day!

We understand…  10,000 steps a day sounds like an awful lot (it actually equates to about 5 miles); but this is the number of steps recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention based on recent studies.  500 more words



Gym Playlist for today… 💪😸😎😎Cardio Day. Next time, more Paramore. 😁I had put my iPod on shuffle until I got to Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen. 65 more words


6.21.15 - Don't Quit

Sometimes there is no fix. It’s not about adjusting or tweaking or changing. There’s nothing you did wrong, nothing to learn from. Sometimes the world just piles it on. 223 more words


Breaking It Up... 

Well, changes to my gym routine. Yesterday was cardio day 1, today was weights day 1. I am not going to lie though, breaking it up into each day is hard. 30 more words


6.14.15 - Open or Closed

Open or closed? Which are you? To feedback, to opportunities, to ideas and to others. Is your mind open and embracing or hunkered down in defense? 341 more words