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What does training to failure actually achieve?

Another great one from Chris Beardsley at Medium.com

Over the last few years, researchers have discovered that it is possible to achieve meaningful muscle growth when lifting light weights, so long as sets are performed to muscular failure.

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to High Intensity Resistance Training (HIT): What it is, how it compares to other forms of exercise and the results you can expect to get (part 1) - HITUNI

HITUNI has a well researched, succinct 3-parter about what HIT is and how to use it.  I’m so glad they wrote it.  I really hate the more “marketing” side of the training business, and these guys do my work for me.  416 more words

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50 Reasons Why You Should Exercise

Everyone knows you should exercise but why should you get out and start moving about? Here are the top 50 reasons why exercise is good for you! 228 more words

New challenge

I’d intended to do a blog post about Tough Mudder, but I never got round to it and now it seems a little dated.  I’ll summarise that it was loads of fun and a little muddy (and was tipping it down almost all day!).  168 more words


Healthy Hip Protocol Part 2

Healthy Hips are important to your overall health! Learn the second protocol in our three part series.

In the first part of our Hip Protocol, we talked about the importance of having mobile, stable and strong hips.  157 more words

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Healthy Hip Protocol Part 1

The Hips are a powerful set of muscles. Make sure you can use them!

Whether you are a general fitness fanatic, endurance based athlete, team sport athlete, crossfitter, or weight lifter, the hips are one of the key areas you need to have an adequate amount of mobility, flexibility, stability, and strength.  436 more words

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