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Got 20 minutes? I can give you abs!

Stardate: 30th August 2015

Ok, ok… maybe that should read: “Got 20 minutes, a lack of fear, a vomit bag, a box of tissue for your tears, 2 spare t-shirts, and maybe a change of underwear? 916 more words

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And So The Fitness Came To Me

I’ve made a wonderful discovery: there is a yoga studio exactly (according to GoogleMaps) 1 mile from my front door. Can you imagine my excitement?! The studio offers a variety of yoga classes for walk in or unlimited classes with a monthly membership. 159 more words

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Why would ANYONE spend money with Corey Springer?

Stardate: 21st August 2015


I think I’ll let my client Kerry answer that today.

Kerry’s Testimonial:

This year I turned 40! With my birthday approaching I realized I wanted to start my 40s being fit and healthy, removing the excess weight that had crept on over the past couple of decades.

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Breaking the Cycle of Insecurity

Stardate: 21st August 2015

Hey all!
Sometimes, I find myself wondering what the conversation would be like… if the current me, met an older version of himself. 691 more words

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Some thoughts on forgiveness

Stardate: 19th August 2015

Hey all. I had an amazingly cathartic experience, that I’d like to share with you.

This isn’t a religious post, but it did stem from a counseling session I had with my pastor yesterday. 311 more words

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Fitness - Where do I start?

Disclaimer: Everything I write here is purely from personal experience. The content of this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. 1,061 more words


High-Protein Smoothie Recipe of the day: Spiked Strawberry Soursop Punch

Stardate: 14th August 2015

Hey all.

I’m popping through the door at present. Absolutely overwhelming day thus far… and hardly any opportunities for meals. As many of you can relate to this state of being, I figured you’d be interested in one of my quick-fix meal-on-the-go smoothie ideas. 121 more words

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