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Forced Recovery

I train everyday. At least I aim to. Today was an example of why  I aim to do this and don’t plan in a rest day. 278 more words

Fitness Tips

High Intensity Interval Training

I’ll blog in more detail about HIIT later.  But for now, rejoice in looking at my face after 20 minutes HIIT sprints. It was not pleasant.   19 more words


Keep smiling, keep going, keep moving forward

I hope you’re all doing well, chasing your goals and fired up for your day.

Just remember that nothing in strength or fitness comes easy. You’ve got to work tirelessly for it. 21 more words


About my trip to Costa this afternoon.

So right now I’m in Costa and I hear the 2 ladies behind me in the queue chatting and discussing what cake they’re going to have, there are some big and delicious looking cakes out today, let me tell you that! 190 more words

Fat Loss & Toning

When You Train You Focus.

Today due to some conflicts in schedules I missed my 6am Monday workout and attended the evening class instead. I’ve spoken before about the benefits of rising early and training  232 more words

Fitness Tips

Clearing the Air on Fitness Myths for Ladies

Ladies this is one you may want to take notes on.

It drives me nuts when I hear women talking about the gym, and how they don’t want to lift weights because they are afraid of getting big and bulky, instead they just stick to the elliptical and expect results…. 446 more words