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3 Post Holiday Training Tips.

So you may or may not have known I went away to Croatia for 10 days, what a holiday that was. (10 days is the longest I’ve gone without training). 266 more words

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What 'Pokemon Go' has done is smart.

Pokemon Go a new game that people have gone mad over.

A little too mad if you ask me seeing some of the stories that have happened over the last few weeks. 180 more words

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Open for Business

As of July 20, 2016, Blaine is currently accepting clients for…:

and is available for those appointments: 22 more words

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My Favorite Running Gear

Every once in awhile someone asks me what sort of gear I’m using, so today I’m dropping some links and talking about what I use and why I like it. 1,167 more words

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This is the BEST supplement to take.

Whatever your goal is, there is no number one supplement for you to take that will get you there any quicker.

The thing you need to focus on most is… 186 more words

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Can you have too much caffeine?

Are you having too much caffeine?

Are you a regular coffee drinker?

Do you love an energy drink or a pre-workout before you train?

To be fair I do love coffee too. 195 more words

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You & Your Posture

Posture is a huge factor when it comes to what we do with our lifestyle, it affects our performance in the gym, how we move and most importantly how we look. 337 more words

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