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Does muscle soreness mean growth?

People see muscle soreness as a necessity for development and muscle growth. It’s understandable as it makes us feel like what we have done has worked. 140 more words

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WANT A DEADILY DEADLIFT: 5 must do exercises to improve your deadlift.

All three of the big lifts (squat, bench & deadlift) require a fair amount of technical prowess and a lot of specific strength. By specific strength I mean being strong in individual exercises that are specific to the deadlift. 2,239 more words

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Are these 5 reasons familiar to you?

1.  Your calories are too low, you have gone with the concept of lowering your calories by a large amount, will help you lose fat quicker not understanding the repercussions of this. 108 more words

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What should you do first lose fat or build muscle?

Quite a common question from gym goers and it it does depend on the composition of the person and if they have a lot of fat to lose. 169 more words

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A little bit about me and how I became a PT.

I have now been in the industry for coming up 3 years in December.

I started out as a fitness instructor back in December 2013, and couldn’t quite get my head around that I had set myself a career path so early on I was 17. 301 more words

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Just because it's healthy or organic, doesn't mean you can overeat it.

Foods that are deemed as ‘healthy’, low in sugar and saturated fat etc. doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any calories. So if you still over consume these foods and it takes you into a calorie surplus, if you aren’t putting those calories to good use, you will still gain weight. 126 more words

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Do you really gain weight because of quitting smoking?

This is a phrase I heard not so long ago when I was grabbing a coffee from Waitrose.

You can’t blame the fact you quit smoking has caused you to gain weight, there’s no way of you gaining weight without you consuming more calories than you need, it just simple won’t happen. 119 more words

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