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toy hall of shame

Earlier this week, a big vote (of which I had a lot of stake in) ended with unexpected results. The Toy Hall of Fame (yeah, it’s a thing) inducted a new toy into their pantheon of the greatest toys in history and it was… 861 more words


Magic the Gathering Cross Stitch Pattern Black Lotus Card

Cross Stitch Pattern of the Black Lotus card from Magic the Gathering. This is the Chris Rahn version. Go to www.rahnart.com for the full image. Download the PDF here:  161 more words

Black Lotus

"Can You Hear Me?" Introduction by Emily R. Saunders.

Can you hear me? Of course not, but thank you for stopping by. My name is Emily, but I like to go by 4AlarmFire as a reference to my favorite show (PERSON OF INTEREST). 297 more words

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About The Blog's Long Hiatus...

Blame World of Warcraft. And Real Life. But mostly WoW: Legion.

Geeky Voyage is still sputtering along, I promise! It has been several months since the last post appeared, and Real Life is the main culprit for that. 227 more words

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Adventures in Cosplay

By: Erika Ashley

I have dabbled in cosplay for the last three years. I started out, like most, going above and beyond for Halloween only. After several years of going all out and I started wanting to dress up every available chance instead of waiting for that one special time a year. 614 more words

Pop Culture

Thursday Shout Out: ChunkyGirlUniverse & BigBeautifulCosplay

By: Ubersnaps

Ooh la la! This week we want to give a FIERCE shout out to our fellow plus size cosplayers at Chunky Girl Universe and Big Beautiful Cosplay! 320 more words

Pop Culture

AFK Until 9/12/16

Hey Geeks –

I want to personally apologize for lack of content this week. I had a huge week planned for you revolving around Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary. 175 more words

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