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What To Do, What To Do...

So, as some of you may recall, I put up a poll not that long ago asking the readers what I should cover/discuss next for Gabbing Geek since the “Road to… 260 more words

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Our New Ultimate Geek Calendar Will Help You Keep Track Of This Golden Age Of Geekdom

There is no denying we live in a golden age of geekdom.  It wasn’t so long ago that geeks would long for a single superhero movie to be made.   123 more words

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Oscar Isaac is the Only Thing Keeping Me In the X-Soup Camp

I am skeptical the more they announce new additions to the next X-Men movie, but the amazing Oscar Isaac playing the titular villain keeps me coming back to excitement. 100 more words

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Afternoon Funnies- Disney Edition

Also known as “Watson Didn’t Want to Write an Article today and Just Dumped a Bunch of Pictures Off His Phone”.  Click on for a mild chuckle.

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Some thoughts on Stannis

Tonight I was thinking about writing something about what has happened so far in Season Five of Game of Thrones, but then Kelly and I had a conversation about Stannis that made me think I should do a post about him. 712 more words

Ryan's Soul Is Torn In Half, Star Wars Rogue One Is A Prequel

As much as he hates books being adapted and split into multiple movies, he also hates prequels.  I’m sure he’ll find a way to give this one a pass, but the announcement at Star Wars Celebration that upcoming… 159 more words

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