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**SPOILERS** Person of Interest "A More Perfect Union" Recap and Review

Not dissimilar to “6,741“, “A More Perfect Union” starts with Shaw still in Greer’s custody, though the number of simulations have now climbed to 7,530―7,530 times that Shaw killed the others and herself instead of Root. 474 more words

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**SPOILERS** Person of Interest "ShotSeeker" Recap and Review

Opening with Reese trying to track down the latest number at the Real Time Crime Center, “ShotSeeker” could almost be mistaken for a number of the week episode. 811 more words

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Hobbies, Elite Dangerous, and Making Games...

Time, there’s only so much of it and they ain’t making any more of it. Or so I have heard.

Part of why I don’t post much (and why I stopped hosting my own site and moved it into a free WordPress.com blog) is because any time I spend posting things here is time I am not spending doing something else. 1,554 more words

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**SPOILERS** Person of Interest 5.07 "6,741" Recap and Review

If you thought that you had Shoot feels from “If-Then-Else“, then allow me to introduce you to its meaner younger cousin “6,741… 1,796 more words

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**SPOILERS** Person of Interest 5.03 "Truth Be Told" Recap and Review

Departing from the highly serialised “B.S.O.D.” and “SNAFU“, “Truth Be Told” harks back to the more procedural days of… 1,489 more words

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**SPOILERS** Person of Interest 5.02 "SNAFU" Recap and Review

Taking place two months after where “B.S.O.D.” left off, “SNAFU” immediately opens with what seems to be the new opening sequence. Finch’s “You are being watched…” is present but quickly cut off, slowed down, and spliced around. 1,378 more words

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going once, going twice...

This weekend was…interesting. And it started with a bang.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been helping my dad prepare for a garage sale. Our first joint business endeavour. 1,068 more words

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