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Adventures in Cosplay

By: Erika Ashley

I have dabbled in cosplay for the last three years. I started out, like most, going above and beyond for Halloween only. After several years of going all out and I started wanting to dress up every available chance instead of waiting for that one special time a year. 614 more words

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Thursday Shout Out: ChunkyGirlUniverse & BigBeautifulCosplay

By: Ubersnaps

Ooh la la! This week we want to give a FIERCE shout out to our fellow plus size cosplayers at Chunky Girl Universe and Big Beautiful Cosplay! 320 more words

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AFK Until 9/12/16

Hey Geeks –

I want to personally apologize for lack of content this week. I had a huge week planned for you revolving around Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary. 175 more words

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Did you know they keep the nuclear wessels in Alameda?

Guys, look what I found at the bookstore today!

It’s a novel that’s a sequel to my all-time favorite Trek movie (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home… 255 more words


No Man’s Sky : Captain’s Log 2nd Entry

Night and day, as they would call it. Two weeks ago I found myself crashed on the side of a strange planet. Today I sit in my plush luxurious cruiser with enough resources and coin to do whatever at my heart’s content. 705 more words

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No Man's Sky - Kodak Club!

By: Ubersnaps

Since I have been playing a lot of No Man’s Sky I have been going full NatGeo on each planet I visit trying to find interesting subjects, the perfect lighting and perfect moments to capture. 73 more words

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Touch Screen Digitizers - Why Don't Reviewers Review Them?

As a person who used a Blackberry for many years and who absolutely loathed touch screens until recently, I have to say that I find it odd how often phone reviews don’t mention the digitizer at all. 841 more words