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How to Pack for Hiking and Camping

Spare Your Spine This Summer:

Throngs of Vancourverites spill into the mountains during the summer months to enjoy the natural bounty of beautiful British Columbia. Unfortunately, for most of these weekend warriors, their much-anticipated romp in the wilderness often culminates in their bodies wishing they’d just stayed poolside. 966 more words

General Health And Wellness

Mental Health for Athletes

The diagnosis and treatment of athletic injuries has been finely tuned into a well-oiled machine. When a high-level athlete injures themselves, they usually have abundant access to doctors, either on the field or in a clinic, a plethora of therapists and sport specialist clinicians and athletic trainers or coaches to help them navigate their recovery and return to play. 349 more words

General Health And Wellness

Keep Striving, You'll Get There

At some point everyone has had goals that seemed impossible. Keep moving forward and eventually they will just be milestone in your rearview.

With love,

Dr. Mims

Fitness does not = Wellness

It’s easy to get caught up in trying to lose that last 5 pounds or get that one pose in yoga. Remember that exercise is an investment in your future self. 13 more words

About the Author:

This is NOT one of “those sites” where the author gives advice without evidence or confuses their opinions with fact. My name is Nicole Mims. I am a Physical Therapist living in Austin Texas. 165 more words

Meditation - Benefits and Basics

In my lifetime eastern practices have become more common with concepts such as mindfulness, meditation, feng-shui, and yoga entering the mainstream.  I imagine that this stems from a western need to unplug from our fast-paced techno-driven lives. 1,341 more words