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Fitness does not = Wellness

It’s easy to get caught up in trying to lose that last 5 pounds or get that one pose in yoga. Remember that exercise is an investment in your future self. 13 more words


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This is NOT one of “those sites” where the author gives advice without evidence or confuses their opinions with fact. My name is Nicole Mims. I am a Physical Therapist living in Austin Texas. 165 more words

General Health And Wellness

Meditation - Benefits and Basics

In my lifetime eastern practices have become more common with concepts such as mindfulness, meditation, feng-shui, and yoga entering the mainstream.  I imagine that this stems from a western need to unplug from our fast-paced techno-driven lives. 1,341 more words

General Health And Wellness

Perception changes experience. How do you view you?

How I see myself vs. how others perceive me has always been a topic of interest.  I love to have people tell me their first impressions of me later on in a friendship.  302 more words

General Health And Wellness

Keeping your heart healthy during the heat!

With daytime temperatures in the mid to high 90’s and “feels like” temps into the 100’s, it is especially important for you to be careful and exercise caution when outdoors during the day, ESPECIALLY if you are a heart patient, over 50 or overweight.  61 more words

General Health And Wellness

Straight, No Chaser: In Honor of Mothers and All Women

At Straight, No Chaser, our posts aim to inform and encourage you to manage your health. In doing so, we would do well to learn about early recognition, diagnosis and management of conditions that are beyond our control. 950 more words

The Straight, No Chaser Guide to Health Screenings for Women

This Straight, No Chaser looks at current health screening recommendations. Whether it’s an ounce of prevention or early detection, you’re much better off knowing what your health status is. 1,028 more words