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Dispossessed of Tribal Traditions, the Fishery at Clackamas Village 1860s

A letter addressed to J. W. Huntington, Superintendent of Indian Affairs for Oregon in 1862.   The letter was from John Campbell who had worked for John McLaughlin and was making an appeal to grant the Clackamas Tribe rights to return to their traditional village and fish for salmon. 1,004 more words

Best Wishes, Chuck

Over the past 12 years I had been in a continuous dialogue with my friend Chuck Williams. We shared a past history of living in or growing up in Petaluma, California, (he lived there with his parents when growing up, I lived there from 1983-1988, and have a long family history there), and we shared an interest in researching and producing tribal histories. 1,849 more words

The Eastern Purchase

Taking up just one page in the printed Huntington Town Records, the so-called Eastern Purchase seems straight forward enough. But this simple document spawned a dispute with Huntington’s eastern neighbor that would not be finally resolved for over two centuries. 3,277 more words

Eastern Purchase

23 Cents Toward a Cherished Doll

By any standard, it was a pretty smooth sales job. In early December 1920, little Nina Treutel of Vesper, Wisconsin, was writing one of her regular letters to her Aunt Emma (Treutel) Carlin. 387 more words

Family Tales

REVIEW: The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Host: Peter Adamson

Format: The episodes are formatted to focus on one influential philosopher or idea per episode in a mostly chronological order. They typically last approximately 20 minutes. 432 more words

REVIEW: In Our Time

Host: Melvyn Bragg

Format: In Our Time is a weekly, thematic exploration of the human experience, broadly understood, under the headings of history, culture, science, religion, and philosophy.   408 more words