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The Language of Weimar Democracy

The new collection of articles Demokratiegeschichte als Zäsurgeschichte is bringing together historians and linguists investigating ‘discourses of the early Weimar Republic’. They explore the historical break of 1918/19 as a linguistic transformation: terms like ‘democracy’ and ‘popular government’ ( 17 more words

German History

Freely given: Ethnographic collections and their Informants

Tribal traditions, languages, ethnography are integral to research on the cultures of tribes. These are part the libraries of tribal knowledge that are somewhat preserves and lost over the past 200 or more years. 1,054 more words

Marriage Kinship among the Willamette Valley Tribes

Much is still not known about how marriages were arranged among the Kalapuya-Mollala-Clackamas tribes. Hints appear in ethnographic literature that still needs to be tracked down to greater specificity.  745 more words

Discovering the stories behind the Parks & Sporting Fields of the Parkes Shire

Within the Parkes Shire there are a plethora of parks, gardens and sporting fields. The history of each park is interesting and unique – whether it was named after a former Mayor or the place where locals took on Sir Donald Bradman in cricket! 247 more words


Diaries from the Battlefield: Memories from Bogan Gate's Major Sydney Walker Part 2

Major Sydney Walker’s experiences continue to be ones of trying conditions. Yet he manages to write them down, something that all of us can read to get a better understanding of life for a soldier during the Great War. 2,409 more words


The Magna Carta: 800 years old today

The Cotton MS. Augustus II. 106 of the Magna Carta. One of only four surviving exemplifications of the 1215 text Source Wikimedia Commons

The Magna Carta: “The greatest constitutional document of all times; the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot.” 11 more words


The Evolving Plans For West Hill

West Hill is, in a sense, Ithaca’s final frontier. The least developed of the hills, it isn’t nearly as built out as South Hill or East Hill, and what is there are mostly single-family homes. 791 more words