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Pride for the True Americans

As I re-discover the early history of athletics in Oregon, and found out that these early years were full of native people participating in the early rules and policies of numerous intramural sports, and contributing to the early successes of college athletics. 1,184 more words

Because they are Wasting the Lands! Colonization of Federal Lands by the Malheur Militants

The situation on the Malheur Reservation is very reminiscent of what happened to the tribes in the 19th century, when thousands of acres of Indian reservation lands were taken from the reservations and allotted to Americans seeking their piece of land, with the promises of opportunity. 2,234 more words

Romanticizing Native Americans in Oregon

I have been a presenter on Native history for the past 15 years in all manner of settings. I have spoken with students of all ages, teachers, professionals, federal and state employees and elderly folks. 1,873 more words

Desicratin' the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

There is a noted light-handed treatment of the militants on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, by local and federal law enforcement. As mentioned in innumerable articles on the Internet and in national media, they are breaking innumerable federal laws. 755 more words

Six Years After, the Impact of My Dissertation

My 2009 dissertation Termination of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde: Community, Politics, Identity was completed at the Department of Anthropology, University of Oregon after about six years of work. 968 more words

Preserve Oral History, While You Can

Oral history is one of the most important arrows in the historian’s quiver. Source documents, photographs, databases and the like offer their own advantages, but audio and/or video interviews deliver information not available with other types of media. 490 more words


Color Splash Your Photo Library

Some of the most memorable images in our archive are old black-and-white photographs that were hand tinted to add color to parts of or the entire photo. 404 more words