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Object of the month: Futility


Two collided bullets from the Battle of Gallipoli (1915-1916)



Showtime in the Kremlin: Movie Night with Stalin

Movie Night. Everybody does it. Everybody loves it.  Whether it comes as a quiet interlude with a significant other, an established tradition with family, or a spontaneous decision to simply break the daily monotony, we all have our own version.  830 more words

Cold War

Depression Years

I know from Dad’s journals that he had a difficult time financially, but I don’t remember ever being hungry or feeling deprived.

Grandpa Abbott had a large market garden next to our house. 1,210 more words

Childhood Memories


Driving a car in earlier days on mostly dirt or gravel roads was hard on rubber tires. Even though you carried a spare tire, you also carried equipment for emergencies. 769 more words

General History

The Grand Enterprise of Six Tribes in 1845

In 1845, before the waves of settlers had come to the Oregon Territory, a confederation of six Oregon tribes worked together to begin to expand their resources and wealth. 1,537 more words

Oregon Tribes

Dish Washing

Dish washing meant heating at least two large teakettles of water; that is, filling the kettle twice. If we were in a house with running water, filling the kettle was a snap. 417 more words

Miscellaneous Memories

Table Coverings

Kitchen tables and work areas were often made of pine, scrubbed white. Some work counters were covered with linoleum, not of the sturdy quality we have now. 369 more words

Miscellaneous Memories