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Chafin Band Reservation and Village 1855

The Chafin (Chifin, Chafan)  Band of Kalapuya Indians lived in and around the Eugene-Springfield  to the Coburg area.  Their main village was likely on the Willamette River at the base of the Coburg Hills. 486 more words

Temporary Reservation and Removal of the Molalla Band of Indians 1855-1856

The Molalla Indians were several tribes that lived in the foothills of the Cascade Range in the Willamette Valley. They ranged throughout the Cascades gathering berries and hunting in the mountainous environments. 1,493 more words

Morse Street: By The Numbers

Morse Street opens and first house built Globe July 24 1883

Morse Street

John Brickenden lived on Morse Street. Toronto Star March 11, 1899 The Brickendens were well known butchers, carriage makers and builders. 1,021 more words

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Reservation for the Chemapho Band of Calapooias 1855

In March 1855, the tribes in the Willamette Valley needed to be resettled onto temporary reservations until they could be removed to a permanent reservation. Palmer, the Indian Superintendent for Oregon, did not know how long resettlement would take and so planned for as much as four years until the event happened. 889 more words

The Louis' Band of Santiam Indians Reservation 1855

In March of 1855, Joel Palmer was working on securing  temporary reservations to locate the various bands of Kalapuya Indians in the Willamette Valley. The promises of the Willamette Valley treaty of January 22 1855, were that the tribes would ceded their lands to the United States for some money, for services, and for a permanent reservation to live out their days. 1,357 more words

The Tekopa Band of Calapooias Reservation 1855

In 1855, the Kalapuyans of the Willamette Valley signed a treaty with Joel Palmer at his land claim in Dayton. This treaty ceded the whole of the Willamette Valley to the United States. 990 more words

Craven Road: By The Numbers

Erie Terrace was renamed Craven Road officially in 1924. There were houses on the street from the spring of 1906 onwards, but the Directory canvassers did not cover them. 1,409 more words

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