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Off-Reservation Histories: Native Peoples of Western Oregon

Once the tribes were placed at the Grand Ronde Indian Reservation the Indian agents worked to keep everyone there. It was thought that the reservations would keep the Indians and Whites separate and thus avoid conflicts. 2,594 more words

Round-up and Removal of Indians in 2013: Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana, USA

In an apparent repeat of history, at least 31 Native people from Wolf Point, Montana, were rounded-up, arrested and removed to the town of Poplar, the apparent contemporary town site of the original Indian Agency of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. 1,686 more words

Caltrops and wooden stakes at Hastings?

With King Harold having seen the elite Norman cavalry in battle during his continental visit on the Breton campaign of 1064 alongside William’s army, did the battle-experienced earl prepare anti-cavalry traps in front of the English line at Hastings? 187 more words

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After the Battle of Stamford Bridge, 1066...

After the bloodbath at Stamford Bridge- what would you do in Harold’s shoes…

Should you send messengers to those loyal Welsh princes (brothers Bleððyn and… 857 more words

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First Newcomers: Soto on the Columbia

In an apparent twist of history, it was not the Americans who were first among the group of civilized Christian nations that settled in Oregon. In about 1725 a Spanish trading ship, perhaps a galleon, wrecked on the coast, in the vicinity of the Columbia River Estuary. 2,035 more words

Dentalia Shell Money: Hi-qua, Alika-chik

Dentalia shells, a mollusk, is collected from the sea floor off of Vancouver Island and is used by native peoples in a broad region of North America.  584 more words

Wisconsin's Last Covered Bridge is 140 Years Young

When the wooden covered bridge was built over Cedar Creek in 1876, memories of the Civil War were still fresh and the main modes of transportation were horses and oxen pulling buggies or wagons. 514 more words