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The first known people in Ireland

The first known people in Ireland

Niall C.E.J. O’Brien

This article searches for the outline of Irish prehistory and the elusive first known people to live in Ireland. 1,744 more words


Did The Grand Ronde Tribes Get Paid for all Their Ceded Lands?

Between 1853 and 1855 the federal government negotiated treaties with the Tribes who came to the Grand Ronde Indian Reservation. These tribes were promised what amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars in money, services, security and a permanent reservation forever. 986 more words

Oregon Indians

The Trail of Broken Histories

The exhibit “Their Hearts are in this Land: Native Resilience In Western Oregon” at Lane County Historical Society will be up for the remainder of the year. 851 more words

Oregon Indians

The House of European History

Aaand we’re back. Some of you may well have heard the news that the European Parliament opened a new museum, dedicated to the history of capital-E Europe, and I discovered rather to my surprise that it’s about five minutes away from where I live, in Parc Léopold, where I’m accustomed to go for a walk if staring at my sofa is somehow fails to provide me with inspiration. 604 more words


Repealing National Monuments? Why Tribal People Should Care!

Mr. Trump has ordered a review of many National Monuments that are protected under the Antiquities Act of 1906. The law was enacted in 1906 to prevent looting of Indian artifacts from archaeological sites. 2,138 more words

The Land is Our Heart: Protect the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

The Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument spans more than 66,000 acres of forest lands in southern Oregon and Northern California. These are the traditional homelands of the Takelmans, Athapaskans, Shastans, and Klamath peoples. 844 more words

Equability of the Willamette Valley Treaty

Three days after signing the Willamette Valley Treaty (January 20, 1855) with the tribes of the Willamette Valley and Columbia River, Joel Palmer Superintendent of Indian Affairs for Oregon,  sent the treaty to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Manypenny. 1,403 more words