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1909 Township of York Directory

Some of the streets included Applegrove Avenue (now part of Dundas St E), Ashdale, Bellefair, Berkley Ave., Birch Avenue (now Silverbirch Avenue), Burgess, Cassells, Coxwell Ave., DuVernet, Erie Terrace (now Craven Road), Fern Ave., Gerrard Street, Gibson Ave., Hambly Ave, Hiawatha Rd., Hubert, Kenilworth Cres., Kingston Road, Lee Ave., Oak Ave. 135 more words

General History

To Improve the Status of Our First Citizens: The Irony and Fraud of Tribal Termination

“To improve the status of our first citizens”

Oregon Governor Douglas McKay, July 14, 1950


McKay’s comment, is meant to be a statement of assurance and commitment to the tribes from the Oregon State government. 8,670 more words

Meacham 1871- Mill development and the rights of Whites and Indians at Grand Ronde

Albert Meacham has proven on many occasions to have been concerned about the tribes of Oregon. The Indian Superintendent for Oregon seems genuinely to be concerned about the welfare of the people at Grand Ronde,  and worked to develop the resources on the reservation. 2,424 more words

Oregon Tribes

When Treaty Annuities End - Federal Austerity in 1876

In the Oregon Territory of 1853-1855, the United States set about writing and negotiating treaties with the Oregon tribes.The first treaties were made with the tribes in western Oregon. 1,157 more words

Manifest Destiny is not the Only Story: The Value of Inclusionary History

Contemporary education in social sciences amounts to teaching of the principles of Manifest Destiny. In a recent student essay from a University they stated, “set curriculums of history protect and glorify the rise of the US, it hurts true Natives to the land and increases the already growing stereotypes that they face in society.” Very Insightful! 2,099 more words

Charge it to my Account in the Next World- The Nathaniel Wyeth Venture

Nathaniel Wyeth  was an early American explorer and investor in a salmon fishing and fur trade industry in the Oregon Territory. Wyeth  built as many as four forts in the West, including Fort William on Wappatoo Island (Sauvie Island), Oregon Territory, and Fort Hall on the Lewis River (Snake river)  in what is Idaho today. 2,847 more words

Colonization in Native Country 2016: Standing Rock Encampment

Manifest Manners- Manifest Manners are the course of dominance, the racialist notions and misnomers sustained in archives and lexicons as “authentic” representations of Indian cultures. Manifest manners court the destinies of monotheism, cultural determinism, objectivism, and the structural conceits of savagism and civilization. 1,212 more words