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The Most Persistent Attempt to Exterminate the Tribes, Beginning with the Yontocket Massacre 1853

As related in my previous essay about the Chetko Massacre, there was a massacre of the Tolowa in 1853. The Palmer account suggest the previous massacre was the work of the same 8 or 9 men who destroyed the two… 1,134 more words

Massacre at the Chetko Villages, 1853

The following is a direct transcription of a report from Joel Palmer of the Chetco Massacre of 1853. This is a well-known massacre on the southern Oregon Coast, and referenced in many of the ethnographies and Native histories of the area. 1,617 more words

Why Drink Water When You Can Drink Beer! Brewing and Juicing in Salem

Today, we all are enjoying the surge of microbreweries and beer production on Oregon. Its one of the industries known to have developed in the Northwest, and microbreweries are a part of the culture of all towns in Oregon. 1,899 more words

Lost Cattle and Ox Hides: Starvation on the Coast Reservation 1856-60

Among the most amazing realizations I have had as a Native of the tribes of Oregon and scholar of tribal history is how pervasive starvation was once the tribes got the reservations. 1,843 more words

Oregon Tribes

Kalapuyan Eyewitnesses to the Megaflood in the Willamette Valley

Native oral history is based in actual historic events of their tribal past. For the Kalapuyans this is also true. SomeĀ  15,000 to 12,000 years ago a series of megafloods occurred (upwards of 40 in some theories) in western Oregon. 1,682 more words

Opening the Coast Reservation: the Oyster Harvest Rush 1863-1866

In 1864, Oregon Indian Superintendent, J. Perit Huntington, was in charge of Indian affairs for Oregon. Huntington was concerned about a recent movement of Americans onto the Coast Reservation. 1,267 more words

Negotiating Colonization in Eastern Oregon: Nez Perce Speeches

*Note- these speeches were transcribed from reports in the M234 microfilms for the Washington Superintendency. They occur near the end of the Cayuse War when it appears that the Army assumed that The Nez Perce were hiding members of the Cayuses, relatives of the Nez Perces. 4,002 more words