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Opportunity Knocks

TWO OF CUPS “is excited to read for its annual chapbook contest between April 15th and June 15th. One winning manuscript will be chosen by 2015 winner, Raegen Pietrucha. 1,124 more words

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Can't think of a good title for this!

Parts of Camberley look very rural and unspoilt – evidently, they’re not!


An opportunity to build better cultural relations lost

I have a clear memory of sitting across from the late Chief James Mason in his office at the Saugeen First Nation Band Office at Chippawa Hill more than 30 years ago. 1,050 more words

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I Can't Help But Love The Humor In It All - - -

I saw a sign that said:

“President Kennedy put a man on the moon; President Obama put a man in the Ladies’ Room!

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Winter Line Stories

Here’s a background summary for my new book project. Long way to the finish line, but I’m enjoying learning the history behind all these stories. Latest news and drafts will be availabl…

Source: Winter Line Stories

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Obama Made A Speech At Hiroshima, Japan:

Yes, The President went to Hiroshima and made a speech about atomic weapons.  The Lame Stream Media and the Liberal Punditasses are making a big iconic thing about it.   141 more words

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Begala rails against "scorched earth"

Sometimes a headline just hits on the truth in ways it was never intended to.  Clinton spinmeister extraordinaire, Paul Begala penned a piece at CNN: 606 more words