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Driver's licence no small matter in rural Ontario

I’d like to conduct a bit of a survey.

So, here are my survey questions:

Do you have an Ontario Driver’s Licence?

Do you live in an urban area with access to reasonably good taxi or public transit service, or friends and family to help you get to appointments, do your shopping, run errands, or just get out? 958 more words

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Banker's Hours! Say What?

As many of us know by now, there’s practically no such thing as “banker’s hours” in our typical work day/work week. We’ll be lucky enough if we work on a very traditional 9 to 5 schedule. 488 more words

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Stains be gone . . . Spray 'n Wash is Back!

One of the toughest parts of dealing with laundry is dealing with stains. Whether you’ve spilled, splashed, dropped or sprayed food or drink on your clothing, it is a pain to get those stains out especially once they’ve settled into the fabric. 469 more words

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Another Cry In The Wilderness

An American wake-up call

Watching how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton operate, with their enemies lists, where he issues veiled threats, channeling Mussolini’s ghost for his strongman image and she unleashes Clinton sewer rats to attack her political enemies and silence them, the following video should be watched by every American, to warn… 1,268 more words


Peripatesis: E-Governance; Lighting Up The Dark; Regulating Superintelligences.

Nestled in the cold reaches of Northern Europe, Estonia is doing some very interesting things with the concept of ‘e-governance‘. Their small population, short modern history, and smattering of relatively young government officials make experimenting with Sovereignty easier than it would be in, say, The United States. 663 more words

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tears into light, a poem

if my voice was an angel voice
i’d sing you into ecstasy
if my hand was a healing hand
i’d touch you into grace

would that i could measure poems… 59 more words

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