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OJ on the Rocks

it’s not hard to get good orange juice these days.

There is still some variation in quality. If you order fresh squeezed orange juice, it is sometimes not that fresh. 374 more words

Roger W. Smith

Should I Repair My Car or Buy A New One?

As your car ages, it will no doubt need more repair work. So the question often becomes should you get a new car or continue to repair you current one?   514 more words

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The Water Hole

Silent is one of the best adjectives for describing the experience of looking at the sky on those especially pellucid nights when the moon and clouds are absent.  248 more words

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Boil water advisory

Following repairs to the main water line along Marshall Hutts, the East Rio Hondo Water Supply Corporation has issued a boil water advisory for all residents in Arroyo City. 38 more words

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America's Best Hope

Here’s a run-down of this Hillary versus Trump match-up.

I have been saying since last Fall that Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy was in play – Bernie the kook on the left, Trump the kook on the right, with the path up the middle cleared for Hillary to march to the White House.   511 more words


Ten years of Core2Duo

Ten years ago, Conroe Core2Duo was released, superceding the P4 NetBurst architecture. This marked a change from the megahertz chasing era into the trend of more instructions-per-cycle (IPC) and efficiency. 682 more words

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28 July 2016

This week Austin showed me this “Fiji Apple.”   I’d never heard of a Fiji apple before..

He also brought a leaf, and was all enthusiastic about the Parallel Venation – which shows that it is a plant from a very primitive, old line – like cinnamon.   279 more words

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