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Tune up for Swindon Community Choir

As my regular listeners know, the guest blog posts on Born again Swindonian often occur as a result of interactions on social media. This post though is the exception that proves the rule as I met Mandy, it’s author, via… 842 more words

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There Be Monsters

“In like a lion, out like a lamb,” that’s what they say about March.

To the extent that expression applies to the weather this month and to this blog, I think 2014 may be the exception that proves the rule!   908 more words

Concussion In Sport

sportingjim reblogged this on Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine Blog and commented:

As I prepare for the 2015 OSU Sports Medicine Concussion Symposium (I am in front of my computer working on my Powerpoint Presentation), I am reminded of the post I penned exactly a year ago and am re-blogging today. Attending the 2014 symposium I shared my thoughts (see below) about the future of contact sports in our new world of concussion concern. The intervening year has seen a veritable slew of new research and new thought on the attendant problems.  In our March 2015 CJSM, for instance, we have an editorial by Iain Murray on the need for a 'culture change' in sports concussion and several pieces of original research, including a study on the detection of concussion using cranial accelerometry. I am looking forward to what co-panelists in the symposium have to say, including Stan Herring, who wears among many other hats that of co-author of the Zurich 4th International Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport.  I am thankful to my friend Jim Borchers, the course co-director and Team physician for the Ohio State Buckeyes, for the chance to talk as well.   I'll be sure to post the high points of the symposium, both here on the blog and on Twitter @CJSMonline

Starting your entrepreneurial journey – some food for thought

In my view, easier availability of early-stage capital than ever before, public celebration & adulation of entrepreneurial heroes, a well-deserved respect for entrepreneurism and also society’s willingness to accept failures in entrepreneurial ventures make it easier for younger people to consider entrepreneurship as a career. 1,013 more words

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Postcard: Hugpile

Found on Google Images upon searching for “Hug Pile”

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Hillary's Spring Housecleaning...

And now from Politico:
Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton wiped her server clean

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/03/gowdy-clinton-wiped-her-server-clean-116472.html#ixzz3VdZ4G96M

Okay, maybe Rep. Gowdy needs to hire Edward Snowden to find the missing emails, because Clapper sure won’t…


Research Shows Decline in Retirement Confidence among Baby Boomers

Researchers recently found that the Baby Boomers generation is showing a lack of confidence regarding retirement plans. They noted that this trend started in 2011 when they began tracking this group’s views and expectations. 413 more words

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