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Has Hillary's security clearance been revoked yet?

Since the news of Hillary Clinton’s private email server came to light, her narrative has evolved to cover her designer pant suit clad butt.  Let me just be blunt and to the point, she a deceitful, bold-faced liar!  778 more words


When a hero comes along

Here’s a short post, which was a comment by Minta Marie Morze, that deserves more prominent visibility:

The most important and implacable truth about maintaining civilization and raising gentlemen and ladies is that it has to be taught—it has to be a heritage that is specifically and individually passed on generation to generation, and specifically and openly valued.

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Into the Woods: The Relativity of #Writing Success

If any of you follow my Twitter feed, you’ll know I spent a highly enjoyable weekend in a small wooden pod in the middle of a forest. 1,020 more words


Real Strength

I like what Sydney Harris, the late American journalist, had to say:

“People who are proud of being brutally frank rarely admit they are more gratified by the brutality than by the frankness.” 502 more words

Salee Reese

Why We Care About Marriage (Part 4)


It is what we all desire in the depths of our existence. Every longing we experience finds its fulfillment in heaven. Every joy in this life is but a sign of what is to come in eternity.  936 more words

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The "girl power" club in America reaches puberty

For a completely different take on the Donald Trump vs Megyn Kelly dust up, G. Murphy Donovan penned an amazingly blunt assessment of “tampon politics”, … 327 more words