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Tips to Buying Wisely in the Real Estate Market

In the real estate market, the saying rings true, ‘Make good choices today so you don’t have regrets tomorrow’.  Buying a home with your eyes or your heart doesn’t always add up financially in the long run.   407 more words

Quotes To Ponder

“To be content with what we possess is the greatest and most secure of riches.”


Since I am really sick to death of “Russian collusion”, Trump, the media, and Dem hysteria, some days I’m just going to post quotes.  

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Thank you Billy

Today, at the Church on the Arroyo, God blessed us with a performance of ‘Amazing Grace’ from Billy Scaife.

Thank you Billy – both for your talent and your tireless work for the Church, may God bless you.

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Talking to ordinary people

“My country is the world and my religion is to do good.”  – Thomas Paine

Here’s another quote I had typed on a piece of my “cute” stationery in the 70s, which was in my beat-up quote notebook.  

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What's in a name?

Sometime back the British navy conducted an online poll to pick a name for a polar research vessel under construction. The hands down winning name was “Boaty McBoatface”. 167 more words

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The value of a Goodwill book?

My kids were teenagers in the late 90s, so I got exposure to “reality TV” with garbage like MTV’s Real World.  I hated it!  There were others they watched too and I was a harsh critic, even back then.   868 more words

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Alfred R. Wallace and the importance of networking

Alfred Russel Wallace, despite being unknown to most, was the one to first come up with the theory of natural selection. Wallace didn’t have an easy start, with poverty forcing him to leave school at age 13. 406 more words