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Space Hazzard

This wonderful classic space Dodge Charger* is the collaborative work of Kristi and Cody at Custom Bricks and C3Brix respectively. Kristi has been hard at work knocking up some most excellent decals to decorate Cody’s Charger design. 64 more words


Snow, Sledding and Fear Mongering

This weekend Jax took part in a winter right of passage.  His first time out in the snow in his little toboggan. The first sledding experience of a child’s life is one of the most exciting events of growing up. 475 more words

Watch This Russian Policeman Commandeer A Random Car To Give Hot Pursuit

What we see in this video is allegedly a policeman in Russia pulling a Frank Drebin and commandeering a random vehicle passing by to give chase to a reckless driver. 97 more words

Web Culture

New 1980s Themed Pizza Restaurant Features Life-Sized Michael Jackson Replica And Other Cool Stuff

Sources: Coloradoan | Edited By – All Things Michael

From behind bright pink Ray Bans, Alex Morgan gets nostalgic about his new Fort Collins pizza place and decade-themed museum. 381 more words

Michael Jackson

Mascots and the War Between the States

We all know the important roles horses and mules played during the Civil War. They were essential to the mobility of armies. They pulled artillery caissons, carried officers, served as couriers, and of course, transported the cavalry. 186 more words

Highway Stories

America is going by in a blur.

I’ve hit Civil War overload. It has become all-consuming and I am now missing other aspects, important aspects, of the trip as I travel south. 978 more words

Brian Moore

April 22, 1865

Saturday, April 22, 1865   cool and pleasant   I went to the spring and done some washing   also cut young pines and set them in rows in our Co streets   we have now as nice a camp as there is any need of   Rebs are getting very plenty around here   coming from both Lees and Johnstons armies    all appear anxious to get hold of a mule or horse and it seems to make but little difference how dilapidated the condition of the animal is so he can walk   many of the boys in grey who a month ago were in arms against us are now daily loitering through our camps picking up old saddles or bits of harness fixing to work for their living