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Why Do We Care About The Confederate Flag?

I just read a news report about Warner Brothers and how they’re taking the Confederate flag off the top of the General Lee.  This surprised me on many levels, not the least of which being that they were spending money on digital editing… 577 more words

Notes On The Collapse

Taking Down The Myth: On the Removal of the Robert E. Lee Memorial

The statue of Robert E. Lee was recently removed in Louisiana, a state whose population is one-third African-American. While many cheered, there was a predictable backlash. 1,616 more words


Three Things Thursday - 04/13/2017

Inspired by Nerd in the Brain


A New Fence….

The wife wanted a new fence, so we got a fence.  It’s not a true Spring unless we go into more debt building a new fence to keep the dog in the yard. 155 more words

Three Things Thursday

General Lee Dodge Charger Replica Jumps in Detroit

Ouch. That was our first reaction after we saw the video up above, in which stunt driver Raymond Kohn goes full-on Bo and Luke Duke in a specially prepared Dodge Charger right in the middle of Downtown Detroit. 87 more words


Things that Keep Me Up at Night--And Civil War Trivia

This kept me up last night and is doing so now. I’ve been reading Civil War accounts for the past few weeks—the campaigns, the battles, the men with no names who fought in them and the men with well-known names who made their decisions (it’s always seemed to me and seems so still, that almost all the decisions made during that war were bad but for a striking few) and I arrived at Gettysburg, which led me down a wormhole of differing scenarios, each one leading to a parallel universe as a result of that outcome. 598 more words

Education & Learning

What the Civil War did to Texas

Texas joined the Confederates in March 1861 after seeing Abraham Lincoln elected without a single vote from the Southern States, and thus allied itself with the Deep South and its interests. 527 more words


Artist On A Rock

When some of us headed up Stone Mountain for the first time on our recent adventurous weekend, Mattie, seven, suddenly remembered she wanted her drawing materials. 864 more words