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'Sects Sunday 07/09/2017

*It’s a Seinfeld and Back to the Future II parody rolled into one! I wanted to do this one last Sunday, but due to the coloring work I had going on all week I didn’t get time to draw the DeLorean until today… and the cartoon was nothing without the cool car! :)

Comic Strip

The month so far

17 June….midway through the month. Last month saw a crazy 53 models added to the collection (Monthly Acquisitions May 2017). This month, so far, has been more restrained, with just 8 models (although, with a couple of weeks left, anything can happen). 376 more words


Made in USA

I have been collecting model cars for a long time but only recently have I found any models actually “Made in USA”. I have a lot of… 179 more words


General Lee Speaks: Had it Figured Out

“Will this, as General Lee predicted, prove ‘the certain precursor of ruin which has overwhelmed all that preceded it..? Wait.

Indeed it will. …

1,450 more words

Bo and Luke would kill to have this 2,300 horse General Lee

It looks like those Duke boys are up to no good again, except this time they seem to have an upgrade.

The folks over at Calvo Motorsports brought their General Lee inspired Dodge Viper down to Caddo Mill’s Airport for the first Pump Gas Invitational ever. 44 more words


Why Do We Care About The Confederate Flag?

I just read a news report about Warner Brothers and how they’re taking the Confederate flag off the top of the General Lee.  This surprised me on many levels, not the least of which being that they were spending money on digital editing… 577 more words

Notes On The Collapse

Taking Down The Myth: On the Removal of the Robert E. Lee Memorial

The statue of Robert E. Lee was recently removed in Louisiana, a state whose population is one-third African-American. While many cheered, there was a predictable backlash. 1,616 more words