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Going to Church Doesn't Make You A Better Person (automatically)

“Holier than thou.” 

“So heavenly focused, you’re no earthly good.”

I have seen these concepts personified. It is distressing. I have seen and heard of one’s belief in their own moral superiority to justify their wrong behavior; interfering with the parent child relationship, persuading others to not help the “sinner,” and literally causing a scene at church.

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Divorce, The End of an Error...

The Winner is…

Sometimes divorces are necessary. Sometimes you need one for your safety; physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or for the safety of your children. Sometimes we marry for the wrong reasons and sometimes we marry the wrong person with the best of intentions. 70 more words


You Do NOT Have a Right to an (appointed) Attorney...in a Divorce

The 6th Amendment to the Constitution guarantees you the right to an attorney and a speedy trial, but this is concerning Criminal prosecutions…NOT divorce.

In divorce cases and most Family Law cases you do NOT have the right to a court appointed attorney. 79 more words


16 questions used to ID domestic abuse victims likely to be killed

Research has found that men who choked their partners were 10 times more likely to eventually kill them.

A CBS News article reported that the Oklahoma City Police Department is among the forces using the… 349 more words


Don't Write on Exhibits/Photographs

Q:  Is this a true and accurate copy?

A: No. I don’t know whose writing this is…I don’t know what those circles mean…

Attorney: Objection. It’s obviously not a true copy, as the original does not have writing and circles on it.

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Back-to-School time.

Summer is ending. School bells are ringing…

With back-to-school comes the end of the summer schedule, loose routines and late bed times. Along with the return to school comes “Meet the teacher,” “Back-to-School Night,” & “Meet the… 169 more words