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My deal with coffee

It’s National Coffee Day in the U.S.!

My deal with coffee is that I drink the same big mug of coffee all day long — and I’m not done until is 100% gone. 26 more words

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Love for a bread maker

Everyone loves fresh bread and rolls.

It’s warm happiness that makes you smile.

What I don’t enjoy? All the work to make bread or rolls. That’s where my wonderful machine comes in to save the day. 117 more words

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Heads, Tails and Bodily Harm

It was 2009, and we were hanging out in the backyard. I asked Claire, who was then three years old, if she knew what a coin flip was. 362 more words


#1808 - One Month


One month went by very fast.

Yesterday morning, my parents went back to Indonesia after visiting me in Europe during my sabbatical month. They arrived a few days before… 573 more words

Zilko's Life

How much for that?

When my 10-year-old wants to buy something, she suddenly sees EVERY helpful gesture as a way to earn money. And we have exchanges like this.


9 lovely views from Seattle

I had the privilege of visiting Seattle for the first time this past week. It was for a food journalism conference, which is just about the greatest work-related reason to travel. 807 more words

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Lord, Lord

This post is in conjunction with out previous God bless post where we talked about how can we expect God to bless anyone when they do not correctly follow God’s commands. 305 more words