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I'm Not Ready

For some much of my life I felt like time stood still. I couldn’t get through situations or circumstances fast enough. I couldn’t move on quick enough. 700 more words


The end of an era

Yesterday I left my job of six and a half years.

Leaving so soon wasn’t really part of my plan. I had intended to (hopefully) secure a place at university, then work until the summer, having a short break before starting uni. 876 more words

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Why Most Businesses Suck

So here’s how business, any business, is supposed to work. A consumer has a need. A business goes “Oh, I can fill that need,” and then does so. 1,914 more words

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Birthday cake, Taboo and Dog Saliva Downward Dog

It’s amazing how quickly time flies! And it’s true what they say: the older you get the quicker time passes. I cannot believe that 12 years ago I gave birth to my daughter. 719 more words

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News In Brief

Just taking a look at different stories that have hit the news

#1. http://www.christianpost.com/news/david-platt-apologizes-for-division-caused-by-support-of-islamic-societys-right-to-build-mosque-175218/

David Platt, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board, apologized Wednesday for the division caused by the organization’s decision to join an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief to support a New Jersey Islamic society’s right to build a mosque.

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Writing My First Blog Post

It’s rather hilarious how long it took me to get to this exact spot, writing these words. I came up with EVERY excuse to not. I have a few days off from all of my day-to-day work and I’ve committed that time to creating this blog, meditating, running and yoga. 386 more words


#1879 - Some Stories This Week


Time Flew!!

About three weeks ago, my parents and brother arrived in Europe to attend my PhD defense and graduation. While they were here, they did some travelling around Europe as well (which… 487 more words

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