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Trick or treat!

A cartoon I did for Momtastic about the different Trick-or-Treaters who might appear at your door…


The best laid plans....

This past weekend I had set my hopes on Oktoberfest and then wandering through the Hakata toumyo (paper lantern viewing) and put my new camera through its night time paces, but Mother Nature had other ideas. 414 more words

General Life

A Quick Hello

Just to get this out of the way, I’m not quitting this blog. I have no intentions, nor have I had any intentions to quit, but life has been WHIRLWIND as of late, and I find myself at night collapsing into a blob of exhaustion, all the events of the day and the endless to-do lists swirling in my head, and one of my last thoughts as I disappear into dreamless sleep is, “Oh dear, my poor neglected blog.” 279 more words

General Life

Confession #231: Air Canada is onto something

In the event of an emergency, always secure your mask before helping others.

I recently spent a memorable weekend renting an Airbnb home in Niagra-on-the-lake with a group of amazing women. 411 more words

Growing Up

How Long Should A Sermon Be?

I am someone who was brought up on 40-50 minute sermons. For me 20 minute sermons are short and in the past I have often found that 20 minute sermons are either lacking in the quality of biblical teaching or application I am used to, in a way that makes the message seem rather theoretical, liberal, or – at it’s worst – feel good and self help orientated. 1,231 more words

General Life

Danger in the car!

Bad news.

We found a spider in the car.

An enormous spider.

Kate, then 10 years old, was in the passenger seat. She hadn’t spotted it yet, but I could see the spider crawling by her window. 457 more words

My Family

Not Just Words

Every year my wife and I participate in a yearly convention put on for kids in the area. It’s part comic con, part geek fest, but mostly just entertaining and fun. 498 more words

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