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I'm making sourdough with my vaginal yeast

Content warning: This post discusses food and contains embedded tweets containing misogynistic and disablist language.

UPDATE: Want to know how it all turned out? I baked it and ate it. 2,052 more words


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This is fascinating - can't wait to see how the bread turns out

My Front Porch

I have just decided to make an addition to my tar paper shack. It is a front porch. Isn’t that novel?  Few of the luxury homes in my town have spacious front porches. 1,118 more words

Do you like me?

Hey guys today I’m gonna be talking about this boy in my English class who sits in front of me.

He’s always talking to me and shown signs that he likes me. 189 more words


This Time of Year

There’s a solace in nearing the end of the year. With every leaf that falls, we shed another trouble or worry from the time length we leave behind. 31 more words


There's Nothing I Want More...

This morning, I turned on a YouTube play list and began working on a project that needs to be done soon. I got distracted though by the music and I thought that I would write about it. 459 more words

General Life

Move it or Lose it!

“Patience is a virtue.” I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean, exactly, but I’ll bet you $1000 it was written by a painfully slow person; the kind of carefree hippie that meanders down the middle of a busy sidewalk, content to stare into the sky and enjoy the day like an idiot when everyone else has somewhere to be. 1,144 more words

General Life

Call me Harley

Not so long ago (specifically, November 19, 2015) the name ‘Harley’ became officially mine.

It was all carried out in the space of about two minutes at a two-story building which had the look of a schoolhouse and was situated about six blocks from where I’m currently living. 679 more words