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Internal comms includes listening

In most organisations I’ve worked in people say “We need to be better at communicating”—that is, communicating internally to their own staff. And in almost all these situations it’s by people who want to know what’s going on elsewhere in the organisation (maybe at the top level) or those who want to explain that. 387 more words

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Alfred Chandler: Business History

It’s just a few people who could claim to have invented an academic discipline, but one who could, with some justice, is Alfred D Chandler. He was a historian who studied business, and in so doing, he inferred large historical patterns that still inform our thinking. 726 more words

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Kristy Sundjaja

Position: Chief of Staff and Global Head of People

Current Firm: LivePerson

After three and a half years at a government non-profit organization focusing on improving the city’s economic prospects; and you returned to the corporate world as Chief of Staff at LivePerson. 4,880 more words


Give trust... and guidance

Many organisations I work with talk about the importance of trust. In particular there’s a general desire to trust teams to get on with the job. 263 more words

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Rosemary Stewart: Practical Management

Rosemary Stewart studied management extensively, in the UK. Rather than revolutionary, her ideas serve to underpin the day-to-day challenges real managers face in the real world. 549 more words

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It’s Nine (9) to  Six (6) job and the routine of the things makes me feel more of a machine and less of a human. This may be true for most of us. 378 more words


Say "No".

One of the important aspects in today’s organization culture, is ‘doing the extra mile’. The individuals, who are able to ‘walk the extra mile’, or ‘do the extra mile’ are looked upon as role models. 348 more words