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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is not a new term any more. It has been extensively been used in the organizations. Simply put, what it means, is creating an conducive environment, where the employee is able to give ‘the best’ of the abilities. 50 more words


The Team

This image is one of the most used image to explain team building in many workshop sessions. It has also been used in the social media a lot and is easy to explain . 572 more words

Human Resources

A Few Thoughts About Winning

…So I have made a career out of existing in the top-right quadrant of the Thomas-Killman conflict resolution spectrum (see image below). Given two (or more) competing objectives – no matter how far apart – I figure out a way to bring everyone together and leave (mostly) happy about the end resolution… whatever it may be. 294 more words


The Myth of Objectivity

We either like something or dislike. Sometimes we struggle to find the reason for it. But, if confronted, we give justifications.Walking down the road or doing window shopping, looking at people we do form opinions about them. 439 more words


Career Growth

People dealing with exit management and talent acquisition often come across the term CAREER GROWTH. Executives leave and join organizations for Career growth. I am no different to that. 503 more words


What is the benefit of getting an MBA?

Thomas Cooley says an MBA gives your career an edge.

Question: What is the benefit of getting an MBA?

Thomas Cooley:  Well, there are lots of benefits of getting a business education, but typically, the people who choose to get an MBA do so because it gives an extra boost to their careers, but also because they want to have a deeper background and insight about management.  696 more words


Message Overload

Each day when I reach office and open my email, I can see many unread messages. I loose all my energy immediately. So many to respond to. 422 more words