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Stormtalon's Lair: This ain't WoW.

I finally took part in one of the first two dungeon instances in Wildstar.  Matter of fact, I have run Stormtalon’s Lair 5 times now though I have yet to do the other starter dungeon, The Ruins of Kel Vorteth.   1,030 more words

World Of Warcraft

CC: The bane of MMO PvP everywhere

If you have played MMO PvP at all over the years then you know how big of a problem CC has been to developers.  There is nothing worse than losing control of your character.   804 more words

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UI Mods, Information and Combat in MMOs

Today word got out that Zenimax was changing what information UI modders had access to when making mods in the Elder Scrolls Online.  To whit: 820 more words

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Blogroll Cleanup and such

Having been gone for well over a year, my blog roll links were very outdated.  I have gone through and removed any blog link that has not had a post for a long while.   58 more words

General MMO Commentary

Its been a loooong time......

Well, I am back.  Its been well over a year since I last posted but I am ready to start blogging again.  So, what happened to me in the past year? 338 more words

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What Happened to the Greats?

With the news that Blizzard was cutting PvP in Diablo 3 from launch, my respect for the company went down yet another notch.  What happened to this formerly great studio?   356 more words

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I Can Smell the Desperation....

Yesterday Blizzard expanded their ‘Scroll of Resurrection’ program and by expand it I mean they buffed it to old Ret Pally proportions.  What once was just a standard ‘Welcome Back’ type program, now gives the former player seven days of free playtime, one character boosted automagically to 80, free realm transfers, free faction transfers and a  171 more words

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