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Building my new Computer, Part 1b: Warpaint, Wattage, and Waiting

Just a short update on the computer planning things that have been going on. I can’t do much right now except wait for june 10th, when the GTX 1070 graphics cards start hitting the market. 763 more words

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Building my new Computer, Part 1a: Motherboards, Method, and mean Timing

Hey folks! As promised last week, I’m going to keep you updated on any progress I’m making. Writing this down made me really productive, feeling like I have an obligation to solve the things I’m not yet clear about. 1,997 more words

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Building my new Computer, Part 1: Preliminaries, Preparation, and Planning

Hello dear reader. I know I wrote about building computers just two blog posts ago, but things did happen in the mean time. I’m now in the concrete planning phase of building a new computer for myself, sometime July-ish. 2,092 more words

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Daredevil Season Two: A Spoiler-Light Review

In the past, I’ve warned that I might occasionally use this blog as a vehicle to showcase my other interests, especially those of the nerdish variety. 1,501 more words

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Top Ten Hollywood Films of 2015

It’s that time of the year again.  Hope you liked my list of the top ten indie films.  And now, for the Hollywood output: 813 more words

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Rose Blackthorn – “Worthy Vessel” Interview

I recently spoke with kickass horror writer Rose Blackthorn about her latest release “Worthy Vessel,” a novelette published by Skull Island eXpeditions/Privateer Press and set in their Iron Kingdoms universe. 1,253 more words


The Book of Starry Wisdom

If you have a look at the “about me” page, you’ll see I promised to use this blog as a shameless promotional vehicle. Of course, I meant for it to be a shameless promotional vehicle for… 1,053 more words