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Alien: Covenant – A Review

Let me start this review by stating that Alien is perhaps my favorite film of all time, and Ridley Scott is my favorite director, so there was a decent chance I would come out my viewing of… 1,993 more words


Building my new Computer, Part 2a: The Operating System War of 2016

Hardware assembly was easy peasy, but the quest to install an operating system devolved into two days of furrowed brows and steam belching from my ears. 1,658 more words

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How to Tell if You're in a Belle & Sebastian Song

You have zero interest in getting married unless it would help save a nice girl you met at a party from having to go back to Ukraine. 309 more words

Building my new Computer, Part 1d: Final parts list

The trigger. I pulled it. Yesterday, I saw the last item on my list get back in stock, and I don’t realistically expect graphics card prices to fall significantly in the next two weeks either, so I ordered everything. 936 more words

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Building my new Computer, Part 1c: Boredom, Benchmarks, (Example) Builds

This is working out fine. As I mentioned last time, my plan right now is to wait for GTX 1070 graphics cards to hit the market, choose one, and buy all my parts. 2,439 more words

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Guest Post: Simon Berman and Problem Glyphs

When last I blogged on this hallowed page, Aeryn had invited me to promote my then-current project The Book of Starry Wisdom. I know for a fact a number of Rejectomancy readers backed the Kickstarter, so let me first say thank you! 1,859 more words

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