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Duck Snorts & Worm Burners

I’m going to take a little break from rejection today (we’ll hit the hard stuff again first thing Monday morning) and talk about two of my favorite subjects: baseball and weird slang. 776 more words

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Don't Throw Cats At Shakespeare: Reenie & Aless Hit The Faire

So on Saturday, Aless and I hit what we decided was “the absolute apex of our dorkiness,” put on some gowns and headed up Tuxedo, New York for The New York Renaissance Faire. 214 more words

Awesome Things That Happened To Me

General Nerdery: Jurassic World Wish List

Although this blog is primarily about writing and the business of writing, it also belongs to a giant nerd, and giant nerds like nothing more than to pontificate about their favorite nerdy subjects. 1,423 more words

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Participation in /r/ShittyAskSience Record Paper

So a while ago this wonderful thread popped up on ShittyAskScience over on reddit. Well how could I not participate to such a vital proposition for the scientific community? 183 more words


'90s Sci-fi: SLIDERS Episode 3 - Last Days

Before the sci-fi classic Armageddon, (he said, sarcastically) there was Sliders…and probably a few dozen other movies/tv shows with a similar premise. Quinn and friends slide to an Earth that is hours away from getting obliterated by an asteroid larger than the one that killed the dinosaurs. 348 more words

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'90s Sci-Fi: SLIDERS Episode 2 - Fever

The key to good drama is conflict. This is why you can’t have a show about sliding to alternate dimensions take place on an Earth where oil is everywhere and everyone is rich. 391 more words

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'90s Sci-Fi - SLIDERS

Everyone knows that, with a few exceptions, the ’90s were not a great decade for science-fiction. Like Heavy Metal, and monster movie/slasher hybrids, the genre had grown a bit stale. 1,159 more words

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