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Hey Mr Weatherill- nuclear waste disposal is not an "industry"- it's just a toxic dump

Claire Catt, Your Say site, 20 Oct 2016  Weatherill is stating today in the Advertiser he is asking the community ‘its views on the establishment of a nuclear waste disposal industry in SA’. 57 more words

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Nuclear Royal Commission not clear on toxicity. Corruption in the nuclear waste industry

Jeffrey Frommelt, Your Say site,   21 Oct 2016

Medical nuclear waste? 45 kg is just over 2litres.

Billions of dollars? Most countries are shutting down their nuclear reactors because of risk of another Chernobyl or Fukashima and the toxicity of byproducts. 198 more words

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Young Victorians want renewable energy to replace Hazelwood power station

Next generation pushes for green energy to renew Hazelwood power station, ABC News, By Helen Brown, 23 Oct 16,  The Latrobe Valley is home to three coal mines and four power stations, but now the 75,000 residents in the area are facing serious questions about their future. 296 more words

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Uncomfortable questions on Your Say site, for nuclear-loving South Australian government

Jeffrey Frommelt, Your Say site, 21 Oct 2016  After 911, all hazardous facilities need to withstand a 787 fully fueled at full throttle diving as a minimum. 316 more words

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Library opening hours extended in the lead-up to exams

With the exam period looming, Gold Coast and Nathan Libraries are keeping their doors open to provide extended library access. Books, study spots, late-night cram sessions – we’ve got you. 101 more words

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FCT anuncia atraso na divulgação dos resultados de bolsas individuais

A FCT acaba de anúnciar um atraso no concurso de bolsas individuais de doutoramento e pós-doutoramento de 2016, cujo prazo para divulgação dos resultados passa agora a ser o final de Fevereiro de 20167. 8 more words

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