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Summer Special Offer

Have you seen our latest special offer, its been on Facebook and Twitter. Not a fan of Social Media that’s okay that’s why we have email and posts direct from our website to your email address. 104 more words

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Arrival in Calais

We have arrived safely in Calais. We will update the blog in the morning. Night night.

General News

Got DCcduino? Want drivers? I's got.

If you’ve got a DCcduino or some other Arduino clone and can’t get it to communicate with any computer, heed the following words:

A DCcduino looks like an Arduino, but it’s not a fucking Arduino because it speaks Chinkese and so can’t communicate with whatever Spanklish-speaking computer you may have tried using for the purpose of communicating with the piece of shit. 137 more words

General News

Mental health services to be developed for victims of FGM

FGM (female genital mutilation) victims are to receive specialised support from mental health services in the UK.

The government have said that healthcare professionals will be trained to treat FGM’s psychological impact on women. 100 more words


Why do BIC pens have a hole in the lid?

There is an important reason for the hole at the top a BIC pen lid and it is not about preventing the ink drying on the nib. 147 more words