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Feminist Arrested

I found this video particularly amusing.


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Clownworld News: 22 May 2018

Starting that magic countdown until Harry hit with frivolous criminal accusation of rape or sexual harassment.

Eagerly awaiting the new merit badges for fisting and anal sex. 42 more words

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NAWALT and Other Scams

Someone calling himself Jeff Strand has recently been trolling Dalrock’s comment section. His schtick is old, though he is a bit better at it than most of those who have come before. 878 more words

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Depression Is

I am utterly exhausted.

It turns out that masking your emotions and keeping up a good impression is an immense amount of work. I am not equipped to continue to act as though I am not completely and utterly lost. 651 more words

The Wisdom of Robert Mugabe

I was bored today, so I took a half-hour and made some Robert Mugabe memes. Spread some of these around, if you think they’re poignant or amusing. 51 more words

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The Letter of Thomas Markle Jr.

Down below, Earl tipped me off to the fact that Meghan Markle’s brother wrote Prince Harry a letter, urging him to reconsider his insane proposal to marry a self-described feminist. 487 more words

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The Skank-Ho Princess

Unlike many on the alt-right, I do not LARP as a monarchist, and I make no secret of my apathy toward the royal family. I think Canadians should have dumped this dysfunctional crew of layabouts long ago. 395 more words

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