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A Pastor's Worst Day

Every once in a while I try to share some down-to-earth insight into the pastorate, or ministry in general. Granted, my perspective is limited, being I have only pastored smaller, bi-vocational churches; therefore, I can’t speak for all my brothers who lead larger congregations (200+). 714 more words

General Observations

The Old Guy ... Looking To Recover Soon ..


I am out of the hospital and now in a home/physical Therapy facility.  Sorry, No More Posts Until I Get Better.

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It All Started With, "Let's Go Get Breakfast!"

I have been accused of giving too many details and making my stories too long, so I will spare you many of the details and try to make this story short.   631 more words

General Observations

Right in the Childhood: Nostalgia and the Inevitable March of Time

Nostalgia is a funny thing.

These are the words I opened my essay for a course with. It was in response to an article we had been required to read, in which the author defined several types of nostalgia and explained the differences. 1,198 more words


Don't Be Intimidated

Some of you might be feeling discouraged, afraid, worn out, or intimidated by the Enemy and his minions. I hope this helps.

Don’t be intimidated… 465 more words

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The World Was Better When There Were Saturday-Morning Cartoons

It is Saturday morning, and believe it or not, I don’t even know what time it is. I know it is later than 6 a.m. because there is sunshine outside, our two little dogs have already made their pleas to go potty, and Katie – who is on her last day of college fall break – has already asked me, “Whatcha doin’ today, Daddy?” 485 more words

General Observations

Trying to Understand the Undead

The goulish day is nearly upon us, so time for a rerun of a favorite, timely post. :-)


This time of year gets on my nerves, and one of the biggest reasons is the proliferation of horror movies.

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General Observations