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Major General Michael Harrison on Service

Retired Former Major General Michael Harrison of the United States Army served for thirty four years on behalf of the citizens of this country. Few careers in the military endure for over three decades as his did and he has never taken that for granted. 217 more words

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Former Major General Michael Harrison – Getting to Work

Former Major General Michael Harrison retired from the United States Army in October of 2014. He does not consider this period of his life retirement; he prefers to say that he is in a Transition phase as he is prepares for service in another capacity. 181 more words

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The Oracle Report, February 4, 2015

Full Moon Phase:  realization, fulfillment

Moon in Leo

Ruling Wisdom Goddess:  Matangi

Skill:  “sweep” your personal energetic field

Positive Imprint:  clearing the air, unclogging, healing and healing solutions, like-minded people finding each other, organizing, decision-making skills, quests, sincerity, transferring knowledge and information… 747 more words


Giving a General a ride…Part Two...

Hey Y’all,

The funny thing about weather men is that they are very often right. In fact, they can very accurately forecast the weather at an 100% rate when they just take the time to look out the window. 1,803 more words


Former Major General Michael Harrison - Achieving Academic Success

Often, students are encouraged to stay focused and work hard in order to achieve academic success. In addition, learning how to study, undertake assignments and being a team player also help a student undertake the routine requirements of schoolwork. 210 more words

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Former Major General Michael Harrison: Giving a Commencement Speech

As a decorated retired officer of the United States Army, Former Major General Michael Harrison embraced his role as a leader and mentored many young people, both within and outside the Army. 228 more words

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PressTV: West seeks to destabilize Muslim countries: Commentator

Clearly, we are not meant to see the people of the world as one, UNIFIED people, who simply don’t believe in war! ~J

Fri Jan 9, 2015 2:31PM… 297 more words