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Why Oh Why Am I Always Running Late?!

Am I the only one who just can’t seem to figure out how much extra time to give myself to get somewhere with kids?  I really hope it’s not just me.   1,133 more words

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Smothering Mumday

Have you gone a-mothering today? Chances are you haven’t. And never will. Unless of course, you are a Catholic or Protestant Christian, who has returned to the church in which you were baptised, for a commemorative Laetare Sunday service? 442 more words

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We put up the tree tonight. And danced, together for the first time ever!! I was holding Jess and she said “down.” Then took both my hands and started to swing her hips. 107 more words

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Screen Free Play Ideas for Children of All Ages

Bored children?  Need some ideas for getting children away from screens?  Here are some tips for all ages:

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Co-Sleeping: Is It For You?

A normal act around the world, co-sleeping  (also called “bed sharing”) has come to be a bit of a controversial topic in Western society.  Some believe that co-sleeping stems from laziness, but that is not true in the slightest! 457 more words

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The Benefits of Establishing a Routine for Baby

Humans thrive in routine. We like schedules. We like control. And with routine and schedules, we can control parts of our lives. This can be applied to raising a child, and will benefit the both of you greatly. 312 more words

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