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I’ve contemplated closing this blog down this past year many times.  Or getting it all printed out as a book to give to Jess on her 18th or something like that.   786 more words

General Parenting

Baby Playtime: How Much is Enough?

New moms often ask, “How much should I play with baby?”  The simple answer is, “As much as you wish to.”  Babies love faces and the best time to interact with those they love is face-to-face contact times such as bath times, diaper changes, and feeding times. 243 more words

General Parenting

Our Top 10 Children’s Story Books in English

My children love their books, whether it be reading alone looking at the pictures, or me or my husband reading aloud to them, or more recently my eldest reading to his little brother. 603 more words

Bilingual Parenting

Bedtime stories – A thing of the past?

Once upon a time bedtime stories were a way for families to bond at the end of the day, snuggled up reading together before going to sleep. 708 more words

General Parenting

6 Easy Ways to Improve your Child's Vocabulary

Building your child’s vocabulary is important not only for bilingual children but for all children so that they develop the language skills necessary to succeed in school and beyond. 861 more words

Raising Bilingual Children

Be Your Kids' Parent

We believe that there is no one “perfect” way to be a parent. The standard on this site is to make a goal every day to try to be intentional with your parenting. 760 more words

Mother's Day Postscript: Four Tweaks to help you Enjoy Your Teenage Daughter

Close your eyes and picture that sweet, little bundle of a girl you had twelve, thirteen, fifteen years ago—that tiny little thing you used to hold, oh, so close and hug and kiss a million times a day and she—not only let you—she soaked it up. 1,854 more words

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