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Triplets, Cat, and True Love

We have triplet children and dual cats — three nineteen-year-old college freshmen who adore the pair of ten-year-old cats my wife and I tend to at home. 259 more words

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For the Soon-to-be Obsolete Mom Who “Leaned Out”

So you leaned out—not in. Now what?

For some time now, you’ve been a full-time mom—A.K.A. a cooking, errand-running, laundry-doing, schedule-making, care-taking, house-yard-and-pet-managing chauffeur. Or maybe you’ve been a… 1,505 more words

Cultural Context

Teaching Isn't Always Easy, Or Ease It?

We all encounter adults struggling with children virtually every day: frustrated moms with kids grabbing Fruitless Loopies on the cereal aisle…dad at Target on Saturday with twins in tow, his wife at home exhausted and finally able to take three sips in a row of her own grape juice…tired teachers with tiresome students…a mother dalmatian with a hundred and one hyper-spotted pups trying to roast her roost. 195 more words

General Parenting

Beginning Anew Again

Beginning to blog again is like having our triplet children home visiting: we sent all three off to three separate liberal arts colleges this past August — it was oddly like sending them off to school when they were four! 230 more words

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The Full-time Wife

Since becoming an FTM, I figured that it was about time I stepped up to the plate and become an FTW at the same time. Yes, that’s right. 571 more words

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Still have hard days

Life with my little peanut is full of joy and wonder and as I’ve said before she fills me with so much love that I always find reasons to smile. 347 more words

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Well cheerio 2014

It’s half ten on Hogmanay. I am sitting in bed, Jessica is asleep next door. I am happy and content. I did not get asked anywhere for the bells or invite myself anywhere either, and this doesn’t bother me at all. 330 more words

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