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Respectful Cell Phone Contract


A Contract for Digital Health and Safety between Parent and Child



  • I agree to always ask you for help, explanation, advice and information regarding anything I can’t handle myself on the cell-phone, Internet and computer/video gaming platform.
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Consequences or Problem-Solving?

In parenting classes, I often get asked the following question:

When I give my 11 year-old daughter a consequence, she insists that I am being mean to her. 409 more words

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5 Things I Do With My 2/3 Year Old Every Day

Spending time with your kids is important. As parents, we often get busy and distracted and spending quality time with our little ones can be difficult. 919 more words


Unschooling To University Book is Ready to Launch - Help us Kickstarter It!

Help us get the word out! We are promoting the concept, research and implementation of SELF-DIRECTED EDUCATION (both in and out of school).  I’ve had to wait until we had our third university graduate. 73 more words

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My Parenting Hack That Made Me Feel Like a Genius

Have you ever had one of those moments when you did something, or finished something and just wanted to pound yourself on the chest and declare yourself king of the jungle? 457 more words


Dads Matter!

This is one of my favourite videos that show the brain science behind why Dad’s matter just as much, but differently, in the parenting relationship. 8 more words

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Screen Time Mitigates Summer Learning Loss

This meme has been floating around my groups and I have to say that I totally disagree with it. First, I am the worst model of this. 338 more words

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