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Quick Sanity Solutions: Easy Sensory Play

I’m sure I’m not the only mom who just can’t even sometimes. Sometimes I just need a magical, quick fix to hold a two year-old’s attention for at least 10 minutes. 317 more words


Choices: The good, the bad and the not-so-helpful.

Hello, WordPress world! It’s been awhile, I realize.

Though I’ve been accumulating a nice pile of blog topics and tidbits, somehow I have skipped over the part of actually blogging. 516 more words


Baby Shower Games New Parents Actually Need

I kind of hate baby shower games. None of them truly prepare you for parenthood. When I go to a shower that I suspect will have loads of games, I strategically arrive almost two hours late so as to avoid them. 466 more words

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Parents of kids with FASD more stressed than parents of kids with autism

At least that’s what the researchers are saying. A team from Canada interviewed dozens of parents in a study on the matter, choosing parents of autistic kids as a baseline because of their status as the most stressed parents of all. 722 more words


My Drug Addicted Baby and Her Superpowers

I snuck into my two-year old’s room to watch her sleep. There she was, nestled under her weighted blanket, and three other normal blankets, all of which help her sleep through the night. 781 more words

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An Open Letter to the Friends We Invite for Dinner

We really like you. That’s why we invited you to dinner at our house. If you asked around even just a little, you know that we’ve only done this three times in the past year. 715 more words

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Respectful Cell Phone Contract


A Contract for Digital Health and Safety between Parent and Child



  • I agree to always ask you for help, explanation, advice and information regarding anything I can’t handle myself on the cell-phone, Internet and computer/video gaming platform.
  • 165 more words
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