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Love You Forever

I have had three mothers in my life. The first mother was my own grandmother. She took care of me from the age of 2 until almost 14 years old. 628 more words

Knicker-Bocker Glory

I had procrastinated long enough. Summer, winter. Ready, not ready.  It didn’t matter. There was never going to be a good time. Hickory dickory dock. The tick tock of the clock was beginning to rattle my cage.  1,247 more words

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A Beautiful But Eventful Outing and How I Said YES...On Accident

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. We went to a nearby wildlife refuge with some other homeschooling preschool families. It was a fun time and a beautiful day full of sunshine and smiles. 852 more words

I Said YES

Making memories

Back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks holiday and I’m starting to feel anxious and slightly panicky. Not so much about work, although it will be extremely busy next couple of days, I know work will get done. 339 more words

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Chit chat

So on Easter Sunday I had my very first proper conversation with my beloved daughter. I was getting her hair ready for Easter and she was sitting on my lap, watching me in the mirror. 84 more words

General Parenting

Quick cheering up

It’s amazing how quickly my day can be turned around. Putting Jessica to bed and just as I went to close the door I heard a wee voice saying ‘MaMum’ so I looked over and blew her a kiss and told her I loved her then that little voice said “NaNight” and cuddled into Becky. 12 more words

General Parenting

Labels Aren't for People....or Parenting

I was thinking today about the ways my parenting “technique” (loosely applied here, I am no expert), has changed and the many times I fell into the categorization glitch. 719 more words