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The Holidays, Uncut

So here we are again. The central heating is on, the woolly cardigans are out and X-Factor has started. The summer we’d all been waiting for is done. 718 more words

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Some Ways To Help an Angry Toddler

Toddlers are so unpredictable.  You never know what is going to set them off.

One day she loves hot dogs and the next day she does NOT like hot dogs. 2,113 more words

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Life With A Toddler

This morning my toddler snuggled up to me in bed and said it was time for breakfast. We talked about what she wanted for breakfast. Rice Krispies and mangoes. 934 more words

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Someone missing mummy

so we had another night here of Jessica refusing to sleep. I did the usual bedtime routine, at the usual time and she just shouted on me. 202 more words

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Two years on

I can’t believe it was two years ago that my life changed and everyone who knows me life changed too. All because one little weakling scaredy cat made a decision. 380 more words


So with the beginning of June comes the end of another school year. This year has been particularly challenging with the birth of our new baby boy and trying to combine both older kids’ events and sports with the endless tasks of taking care of a newborn/baby. 485 more words

Love You Forever

I have had three mothers in my life. The first mother was my own grandmother. She took care of me from the age of 2 until almost 14 years old. 628 more words