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Chit chat

So on Easter Sunday I had my very first proper conversation with my beloved daughter. I was getting her hair ready for Easter and she was sitting on my lap, watching me in the mirror. 84 more words

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Quick cheering up

It’s amazing how quickly my day can be turned around. Putting Jessica to bed and just as I went to close the door I heard a wee voice saying ‘MaMum’ so I looked over and blew her a kiss and told her I loved her then that little voice said “NaNight” and cuddled into Becky. 12 more words

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Labels Aren't for People....or Parenting

I was thinking today about the ways my parenting “technique” (loosely applied here, I am no expert), has changed and the many times I fell into the categorization glitch. 719 more words

Don't hate your Thighs, Baby!

I almost rolled my eyes at the PC police. Granted, as a member of three at-one-time-or-another oppressed groups, I tend to applaud the PC police. When something is politically incorrect, that means it has the power to hurt someone. 445 more words

Cultural Context

Spring is a complex thing. Part of a natural process, one-fourth of nature’s annual cycle…A time for children to leave the indoors and rediscover the outdoors, as long as we their parents let them…A theme in art and literature…A time for children to abandon their digital screens and dig in the dirt, as long as we let them outdoors…An image of renewal…A time for children to….Well, there’s a theme there, as long as we let there be one. 122 more words

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Staying Sane Amid all the Crazy

Parenting is hard! ┬áThere are days that I lay down in bed after a tough day thinking, “Well, I guess we’ll just have to try again tomorrow.” 972 more words

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Triplets, Cat, and True Love

We have triplet children and dual cats — three nineteen-year-old college freshmen who adore the pair of ten-year-old cats my wife and I tend to at home. 259 more words

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