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Hillary Can't Be Trusted

Hillary Can’t Be Trusted

Donna Brazile just announced to the world that Hillary wasn’t playing fair during the 2016 election. She controlled the DNC before she was the candidate. 529 more words

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Where’s the Beef?

We finally have indictments. Manafort and his partner are charged with playing games with money with some Russian involvement but it all happened before 2016. … 283 more words

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Grand Jury and Indictments

The Mueller investigation has convinced a Grand Jury to indict someone for something, this information was leaked by the Mueller team. They specifically want everyone to know that they accomplished something but they don’t want us to know what they accomplished yet. 707 more words

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Trump is a Turning Point

History is going to record President Trump as a turning point in this country. President Trump is a force for what’s right and for what most of us believe. 463 more words

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NFL and Trump

NFL Protests and President Trump

Too many people in this country today can’t see what’s in front of them. Millionaire athletes making a social protest during the National Anthem has angered President Trump. 1,093 more words

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NFL Protests

Protests and the NFL

Starting last season football players started to protest during the National Anthem. They have every right to do this, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression exists for all of us. 721 more words

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All of a sudden President Trump isn’t an Idiot, or a Racist, or a Misogynist?

Suddenly some in the media, not all just some, are grudgingly admitting that President Trump is adequately dealing with the crises in Texas and Florida. President Trump went to the scene and displayed strong leadership, he was there, he saw for himself the actions taken on the ground, he participated, even if it was primarily as a photo op, in the distribution of food and supplies and he brought a sense of competence to the government’s aid to those in need. 593 more words

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